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Decentralizing Development through Vanity Voting

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Whether you call it decentralizing development, community-driven development or democratizing development, the result is the same: putting development into the hands of the community and moving it away from centralized development.

With that in mind, I have designed a novel, decentralized voting system which allows anyone in the community to propose ideas for development, vote and audit poll results, thereby shifting power from centralized developers to the community as a whole.

I think the Bitcoin sCrypt community is ideal for this experiment because of the commitment of its users and their interest in improving the Bitcoin protocol, rather than simply pumping and dumping the coin (as the term is used nowadays).

If we, as a community, move forward on this idea one of the first votes could be on officially selecting the logo for Bitcoin sCrypt.

Subsequent votes could cover issues such as (i) whether to add certain features to the client, (ii) changing the mining algo to remain ASIC-resistent, (iii) changing the difficulty retarget formula to address the wildly ranging fluctuating network hashrate estimates, (iv) adding zerocoin anonymity and/or (v) deciding other developmental issues.

And with that I present Easy Vanity Voting.

Below, please find a summary of the Easy Vanity Voting system along with a proof-of-concept example demonstrating this system in action. A more detailed explanation of the Easy Vanity Voting system can be found in my second post below.

As always, I look forward to your comments, questions and criticisms.



* Special thanks to artiface for his recent feedback and for volunteering to work on developing a blockchain vote-explorer.





Easy Vanity Voting


A simple, trustless, decentralized (p2p), proof-of-stake voting system achieved through voter generated vanity Bitcoin addresses.



· Decentralized (p2p)

· Zero-trust (users retain complete control over 100% of their coins)

· Anyone can create a poll, vote and audit results.

· Theoretically, anyone could even implement the vote results (so long as any modified code was released open-source with binaries compiled using verifiable gitian builds).

· Based on Bitcoin blockchain

· Psuedo-anonymous

· Transparent

· Non-binding

· Auditable

· Adjustable to resist double-spends (double-votes)

· One-bitcoin-one-vote (as opposed to one-person-one-vote)

· Compatible with proxy voting pools

· Possibly, compatible with cumulative voting (to protect minority voting rights)

· Possibly, compatible with a modified form of instant run-offs

· Easy Vanity Voting functionality could be added to the client if this idea took hold

· Utilizes open-source command-line vanity address generator

o https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Vanitygen


Summary of System:

Easy Vanity Voting is a decentralized voting system that allows anyone to propose, cast and audit votes using end-user generated vanity addresses, where total votes cast equals total coins sent to each voter's self-controlled "vanity-voting address."


1. Any member from the community can propose a question along with possible answer choices.

2. Each answer choice is associated with a unique 6-letter “voting-address prefix.”

3. The question, possible answer choices (w/ corresponding “voting-address prefixes) and a blockheight-deadline (+ n confirmations) are publicly posted.

4. Before voting, each voting coinholder creates a unique, self-controlled “vanity-voting address” where the first 6-bits of said generated address match the posted 6-letter “voting-address prefix” corresponding to their desired vote choice.

5. During the voting period, each voting coinholder sends as many coins as they can/want to their self-controlled “vanity-voting address” until the blockheight-deadline (+ n confirmations) has passed.

6. One-Bitcoin equals one-vote.

7. At the blockheight-deadline (+ n confirmations), address balances for all addresses matching the applicable “voting-address prefixes” and meeting confirmation requirements are tallied and compared.

8. The answer choice with address balances exceeding 50% of total coins cast as votes is deemed the winner.

9. In the event no answer choice has address balances exceeding 50% of total coins cast as votes, a subsequent run-off election can be held between the top two vote choices.





Easy Vanity Voting Example


· An Easy Vanity Voting question has 3 parts: (1) the question, (2) potential answer choices and (3) Blockheight deadline (+ n confirmation).
· In this example we have 31 users using 100 coins to vote on a question 11 with 6 possible answers (100 coins were used to have round numbers).

Question 11: What type of mining equipment should the proof-of-work mining algorithm focus on?

· 1Q11AA – CPU's
· 1Q11BB – Abaci's
· 1Q11CC – FPGA’s
· 1Q11DD – GPU’s
· 1Q11EE – ASIC's
· 1Q11ZZ – None of the above or Protest vote

Blockheight deadline: 72800 + 30 confirmations





Easy Vanity Voting Results

By visiting http://votes.btcs.pw and entering the Voting question prefix (1Q11), block-height deadline (72800) and the required number of confirmations (30), we get the following results:

· 1Q11AA Addresses (“CPU's”)

o 4 addresses contain 5% of total coins voted


§ 01.00 BTC 1Q11AA7TJr2k24F59EfcYYQFUvmuuNreiu

§ 00.50 BTC 1Q11AABZuFtkd7Xm9CELB363bqemRsyiVB

§ 02.50 BTC 1Q11AAJqmvSBC41wqAZmreU1QnWN6W69m9

§ 01.00 BTC 1Q11AAhhaxp3Sv1CcQJHcTEeCodngVpExi


· 1Q11BB Addresses (“Abaci's”)

o 3 addresses contain 1.1% of total coins voted


§ 00.10 BTC 1Q11BB9xjfyqsfchkRxyBGxheaT81bGA26


§ 00.80 BTC 1Q11BBtz8aCtUX8bek3T6RGjWcfP9My5FV


· 1Q11CC Addresses (“FPGA's”)

o 6 addresses contain 5.75% of total coins voted


§ 02.00 BTC 1Q11CC2Co1Ng2F42NET5WL26NkKGt2WRZB

§ 01.00 BTC 1Q11CCEBoU3Hc2Q9fe3kaf1VQjhjN3WfEX

§ 00.25 BTC 1Q11CCWxcRhWLAhjbdaHXnXDdxX1GnAGvq

§ 01.00 BTC 1Q11CCZa6quv3woAf8HmvcQTs7LZbWLSLq

§ 01.00 BTC 1Q11CCbdeqrb8GJeL14vQsbYyQ4iHJZJZr

§ 00.50 BTC 1Q11CCwubn6xDisbUqE5pcRjntk8oNMbT3


· 1Q11DD Addresses (“GPU’s”)

o 6 addresses contain 51% of total coins voted


§ 02.10 BTC 1Q11DD9tM4BpYF1cLLxn39D1hUuXca9acQ

§ 07.20 BTC 1Q11DDSsT2Wt7t3hkoSL8jT83U2qzaZUL8

§ 10.40 BTC 1Q11DDcD6YfJKSy1PHpzseTS7XxkNUKWGP

§ 01.30 BTC 1Q11DDhPtFF5a5n9MgqcxbBQYWcJZk9N77

§ 15.00 BTC 1Q11DDv5fMun6M2ESJ66WjaUjCvokvyYbu

§ 15.00 BTC 1Q11DDvs3k5ZS5SAe2KxtZNPHVDfHEeX98


· 1Q11EE Addresses (“ASIC's”)

o 4 addresses contain 9.9% of total coins voted


§ 03.00 BTC 1Q11EET2S33rWskCX1eD8nNWgvHPAhYfYJ

§ 03.00 BTC 1Q11EEX4bjnoE8rJjSr9HSaMx7VNbtBaKY

§ 00.90 BTC 1Q11EEw9yXmeKJSBHUb8h6BWXcSAVbrUmr

§ 03.00 BTC 1Q11EEyj8LHmmZcfbP8c3eopUaveP6jDTi


· 1Q11ZZ Addresses (“None of the above or Protest vote”)

o 8 addresses contain 27.25% of total coins voted


§ 15.00 BTC 1Q11ZZ5E7UYFg39BTJSRFrsnhVWGFwEtH9

§ 00.40 BTC 1Q11ZZJkihRp5nJBsxRnkUmgoP7zX3vrLQ

§ 00.10 BTC 1Q11ZZQRtSbSQmFPwWMASCEtxtnp43u18j

§ 00.90 BTC 1Q11ZZZ6UrzwwnxNa4YvA9jTTjWgdWEYrx

§ 09.25 BTC 1Q11ZZenC9UfpbhSnFZjuimGbduBRmJsE9

§ 00.25 BTC 1Q11ZZoA3KFSx8twAxjZLi2cdjN2PDfw3i

§ 00.60 BTC 1Q11ZZsd5EEnKQJJk2JcEyAvjh8DTQ2WMh

§ 00.75 BTC 1Q11ZZsvC1CFyMXy7Tu5DYnpz2BsjLLqcL



Thus, we have the following results:

Question 11 Results: What type of mining equipment should the proof-of-work mining algorithm focus on?

[05.00%]      1Q11AA – CPU's
[01.10%]      1Q11BB – Abaci’s
[05.75%]      1Q11CC – FPGA’s
[51.00%]      1Q11DD – GPU’s <--------- Winner
[09.90%]      1Q11EE – ASIC’s
[27.25%]      1Q11ZZ – None of the above or Protest vote

[blockheight deadline: 72800 + 30 confirmations]





Accordingly, 31 users voted on Question 11 with answer choice DD (GPU’s) winning by receiving 51% of total votes cast.


© 2014 Smokeasy.

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Here is a more detailed explanation of Smokeasy’s Easy Vanity Voting




A simple, trustless, decentralized (p2p), proof-of-stake voting system with polling achieved by utilizing voter generated vanity Bitcoin addresses.


Detailed Explanation:


o   Any member from the community can propose a poll which contains: (i) a question, (ii) possible answer choices, which are each associated with a unique 6-letter “voting address prefix” and (iii) a blockheight-deadline (+ n confirmations).

o   Anyone can post a voting question so long as sufficient notice is provided.

§  The community determines if sufficient notice is provided, as results are non-binding.

o   The “voting-address prefix” uses the format “1Qxxyy”

§  xx = voting question identification number (i.e., 11, 37, 69, etc…)

§  yy = voting question answer choice (i.e., AA, BB, CC, etc…)

·         The number zero (0) cannot be used as a Base58Check encoded Bitcoin address so 0-10 and multiples of 10 are unavailable as Question ID numbers.

·         The uppercase letters I and O cannot be used as Base58Check encoded Bitcoin addresses so II and OO are unavailable as answer choice options.

·         The ZZ answer choice can be used as a default "None of the above or Protest vote"

§  Examples:

·         1Q11AA7TJr2k24F59EfcYYQFUvmuuNreiu” would represent Question 11, answer choice AA for a particular voter.

·         1Q11BB9xjfyqsfchkRxyBGxheaT81bGA26” would represent Question 11, answer choice BB for a particular voter.

o   The blockheight deadline is the deadline to submit votes

§  n confirmations” is the amount of confirmations required after the deadline for a vote to count and is required to resist double-spend (double-vote) attacks.

§  User can move their coins to other addresses as soon as the blockheight deadline (+ n confirmations) has been reached.

o   Using the command-line Bitcoin Vanity address generator, each end-user voter creates their own “vanity-voting address” where the first 6 bits of such address contain a 6-letter “voting address prefix” corresponding to the answer choice they want to vote for.

o   This private key of this voter generated “vanity-voting address” is subsequently imported into the voters personal wallet file before casting the vote.

o   Generating this “vanity-voting address” takes between 5-20 minutes on a midrange laptop (as of 01-2014).

o   Open-source command-line generator: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Vanitygen

o   To cast votes, the voter sends as many coins as they want/own to their personal “vanity-voting address.”

o   Anyone can vote while still retaining complete control over their coins.

o   Rather than one-person-one-vote, this system embraces one-Bitcoin-one-vote which shifts voting power to those with a bigger stake in the outcome.

o   At the predetermined blockheight-deadline (+ n confirmations), the balances for all “vanity-voting addresses” with “voting address prefixes” that correspond to each answer choice are tallied and compared.

o   Only balances at the blockheight-deadline with the required n confirmations count.

o   The voting question and answer choices could be added to the block-chain prior to the vote by sending a one-way payment to a hex address describing said votes. 

o   The answer choice containing more than 50% of total cast votes (as measured by coin balances) is declared the winner. 

o   In the event no answer choice receives more than 50%, a subsequent run-off election is held between the top two answer choices.




"Easy Vanity Voting" by Smokeasy 
is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
International License

© 2014 Smokeasy.

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I love this.  this is a great idea and well implemented.  I love that it truly makes the development of this coin able to be decentralized, in the hands of the community.  it is transparent, and easily verifiable, and simple to use.  


This is a great innovation for this coin, the kind we need to prove this is the coin of the future.   Keep up the great work!

BTC : 1NDDKjiY9NHohmfGkQCUMWf2uvnzt9Eue2

LTC : LL2src3VXiCAd6z4PjYGFW4XrTp1aCNnmW

BTCS: 12WmT8gQBivvTDNNGv7qHCzWFYoWzxtDi9

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Great job Smokeasy! Keep up the good work and keep us posted with ideas that we might see it implemented in future. This coin development is ahead most of the alt coins out there. Great innovation with this Easy Vanity Voting.

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I think that our first test of this proposed Easy Vanity Voting system will be a vote to finally decide upon the Bitcoin sCrypt logo in a few weeks.


There have been suggestions to create a logo design contest with a reward (held in escrow) for the winner determined by coinholder votes.


More details to follow but just wanted to give you guys a heads up.





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Logo design contest with a reward is probably the best approach choosing a new Bitcoin sCrypt logo. We can setup an escrow wallet to hold the rewards and members can donate coins as well for this effort.

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Yea, I like this voting rig




Votes are composite of who 'really' is interested I could buy BTCS and vote


or mine it heavily and be big voter


I like aspects of this because math prohibits 'unlimited' votes from being creation


Also, votes are restricted to as many as people want to participate, or vote in a trustless environment


Each vote is noticed and counts




Are we going to have a decentralized forum for reals?

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