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Earn your own DRK coins by mining at the multipool. Not only that, you can earn DRK using your old ASIC hardware on SHA256 and SCRYPT coins!


DarkCoin by xpool - DRK Multipool





PROP reward system

DRK Payouts

Scrypt & SHA256 & X11 Algo's

DDoS Protected

High Performance Backend

Simple setup and usage

0% Fees while in BETA


To mine:



How does it work?

xpool offers 3 different sets of coins to mine. SHA256, Scrypt and X11. Each algorithm runs on a shift. Currently there is no set interval as there needs to be enough found and confirmed blocks to make trading worthwhile on the exchanges. We don't want to finish a shift only to find out, the exchanges are going to eat up the payout in fees or limit the withdraw with a large minimum. The confirmed coins are traded throughout the duration of the shift automatically to maximize the profits from exchanging them into DRK. Once enough confirmed blocked are accumulated, the shift is moved into "Trading" status while all the exchanged coins are calculated into DRK and then queued for payment. Once all the coins are confirmed as successfully traded and exchanged, the DRK payments are sent.

As the pool picks up more hashing speed and sufficient DRK can be picked up from the exchanges, the shifts will be set to a schedule and payouts more frequent and less worry about the exchanges. This is a growing phase so the more hash support the better.
If a DRK block is found, there's no exchanging or loss of fees as it can simply be moved into the X11 payout queue.

The advantage of the pool is that you can utilize your older ASIC equipment to earn you the more desired DarkCoin.

Cheers and Happy Hashing!

Donations welcome!

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RC5 is officially available for download!


This is a large update to the stability of Darksend, including:

- Enforcement of masternode payments
- Vastly improved effectiveness of the anonymity provided by Darksend (due to the audit of Kristov)
- Improved speed of Darksend
- Prepared code for open sourcing
- Added Darksend overview screen so users can see what's happening


This is the last release candidate we'll have. Open sourcing will happen in one week! After this, we'll have the community name releases and be doing a 2-3 month release schedule.


For all changes, please see the changelog:


What's next for Darkcoin?


Next we're going to start working on a demo version of Instant Transactions (https://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/InstantTX.pdf). It's going to take a lot of work to lay the foundation, soon
after we'll be calling for some testnet users to try it out and report back.


Other improvements in the works include fixing DOS hardening for the Masternode network and Darksend.


Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies.


Support:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/support/

Rules:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/guidelines/

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Cryto Mining Pools.com


Crypto Mining Pools is aiming to develop next-gen crypto-currency pooled mining services and are being succeded.





Crypto currency mining pools is hosted on worlds fastest cloud  dedicated servers and high performance is guaranteed.We only have profitable coins for mining so no worries!!!


Why wasting time? Lets start mining and get rich


Which algorithms do we support ?   :huh: 


  • Scrypt
  • Scrypt-n
  • Sha256
  • X11


  • Auroracoin ( AUR )
  • Megacoin ( MEG )
  • Mincoin ( MNC )
  • Monacoin (MONA )
  • Nyancoin ( NYAN )
  • Potcoin ( POT)

​  Scrypt-n:


  • Saincoin ( SPA )

​          Only one scrypt-n coin?   :angry: .We are sorry for that we are planning to add more later





  • Joulecoin ( XJO )
  • Mazacoin ( MZC )
  • Peercoin ( PPC )
  • Wankcoin ( WKC )



  •  Cannabiscoin ( CANN )
  • Dashcoin ( DASH )
  • Startcoin ( START )
  • Urocoin ( URO )


Why should we mine in your pool (on your mind)    :angry: ?


  • Worlds fastest cloud servers
  • 0 % pool fee
  • Automated ayout every 60 seconds
  • Easy to use web design
  • New generation of mining
  • Fast block finding
  • Blockfinder Bonus
  • No hassle for registering


Why are you wasting time? More time you waste,  more difficulty increases in the block chain So Lets start mining and get rich !!!!!!!!

Cheers and happy mining.


Hey where is the link



ah ha here it is





If You need any help visit the link below and select your favourite coin or algorithm



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Genesis Mining Added DASH-coin to there Mining coins!

The total Hash-rate will go up for sure now Genesis Mining is supporting this coin.

X11 Cloudmining, This is a Huge Thing guys!


By using the promo code MOON you will get an extra 3% discount on every purchase, the code is valid for both all cloud mining hash-rate at Genesis Mining. So if you still haven’t checked the service out, then you might want to do so with the new lower prices that are more attractive for getting into cloud mining.


Edited by Lisa de Boer

Genesis Mining is happy to offer a discount code to all customers, simply enter discount code MOON at checkout.


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