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P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

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We've got a phoenixcon  p2pool for europe, you can use while icarus is  down.  1% fee.


This one is for FTC. No PXC daemon and P2Pool running on this node.


Scanning [65536 ports] 
Discovered open port 22/tcp on 
Discovered open port 19327/tcp on 
SYN Stealth Scan Timing: About 43.73% done; ETC: 20:33 (0:00:40 remaining) 
Discovered open port 19339/tcp on 
Discovered open port 9336/tcp on 
Completed SYN Stealth Scan at 20:33, 73.83s elapsed (65536 total ports) 
Nmap scan report for 
Host is up (0.042s latency). 
Not shown: 65471 closed ports, 61 filtered ports 
22/tcp open ssh 
9336/tcp open unknown 
19327/tcp open unknown 
19339/tcp open unknown 

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Difficulty strangeness? Anyone else notice the strange direction things took the last 4-5 days. Last week thursday, 2/13/2014 the difficulty of phoenix coin not only took a HUGE jump up to 2.xx but it has only slowly been coming back down to 1.44 2/17/2014. This in itself was not only strange but the few pools (Including d2) that I use almost EVERYONE has bailed on. Wondering what (if anything) is going on. I had to admit bailing on mining this one while it was still crazy difficulty. Are there newer pools that have popped up that people are moving over to?

Someone mined PXC continuously with a couple hundred MH/s to drive the difficulty from 1.2 to 2.4 and jumped off. Many other miners have also left the network at this point. Not sure if it was an attack or a coin hopping pool with a broken configuration. Only 10MH/s to 20MH/s of the loyal miners remained and it took 2 days to get the difficulty back to normal. No other negative consequences noticed. Our ACP protection works well. Such coin hopping behaviour will be addressed in the next protocol update.

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There might be issues with atlas.phoenixcoin.org as the hosting provider has reported I/O related difficulties, updated and restarted the hypervisor with all virtual machines. Add prometheus.phoenixcoin.org as a back-up just in case.

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Hi there !


Do you happen to have the networks.py and bitcoin/networks.py settings for p2pool ? I would like to add PXC to my p2poolserver.

There is a GitHub link in the 1st post.

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The Atlas node will be moved from Atlantic Metro to Inforelay on the 25-Mar-2014. There may be a few hours of downtime while the hardware is moved and set up. Still in New York though.

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Well, it was impressive to see ~220MH/s in the PXC P2Pool alone today. Although there are many rejects due to the block limiter (50% DOA+orphan), it's good to know our P2Pool can operate with such a hash power. I see them trying to time travel into the future, but the current 10 minute allowance doesn't make it very productive.

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Intermittent disconnection of atlas/prometheus?


After many weeks of successful  mining at atlas.phoenixcoin.org, I am now seeing a lot of disconnections. Sometimes the disconnection is reported in a red warning at the top of the Web page for atlas. More recently, the Web page has no error report, but phoenixcoin-qt reports "Couldn't communicate with the server. Retrying in 30 seconds." During the disconnection, all of my shares are rejected. Sometimes the disconnections corrects spontaneously. Toggling mining off and on again appears to reset the connection.


I am running phoenixcoin-qt from phoenixcoin-lin-amd64- and minerd from cpuminer 2.4 on Ubuntu Saucy.


I had similar experiences on prometheus.phoenixcoin.org, but I observed a long latency (over 110 ms) to the server, and try to stick with atlas. I discovered a third node in the pool at multicoin.eu, but I also get a latency >110 ms there.




Mike O'Donnell


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