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P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

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P2Pool for Phoenixcoin has been launched for testing yesterday and open for anyone since today!


Now the PXC miners have a flexible DDoS resistant solution in addition to big traditional pools and solo mining. Choose a P2Pool node near your location and enjoy low latencies, 0% fees and 2% block finder's reward. You may also set up a P2Pool node of your own.


PXC NeoScrypt P2Pools online:


atlas.phoenixcoin.org (InfoRelay Online Systems, New York, NY, the USA)

menoetius.phoenixcoin.org (QuadraNet, Los Angeles, CA, the USA)

prometheus.phoenixcoin.org (NFOrce Entertainment, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


Stratum and Getwork supported. No registration required. Payouts are sent automatically once a block is found.



Configuration example for CPUminer:


minerd -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp://atlas.phoenixcoin.org:10554 -u <address> -p x


<address> is your PXC address; password can be any or none



All blocks found by our P2Pool network can be found at PtoPXC8MmB5VwfHFNhVTynATLSHLzq5MgF


If you're interested in setting up a P2Pool node, the source code is on GitHub: ghostlander/p2pool-neoscrypt



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The network has been working well, with nearly 5.5MH/s at the moment blocks are being found very regularly, and even CPU mining is yielding coins.


Thanks for your help in getting this up and running ghostlander, fun project!

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I've heard people saying that P2Pool isn't efficient compared to big pools. Well, P2Pool with Stratum isn't very accurate in displaying hash rates. For example, my 5.4MH/s yield somewhere between 4.3MH/s to 4.9MH/s according to the P2Pool statistics. However the percentage of stales is very low, pings and latencies are decent and everything seems fine. If to take earnings into account, 5MH/s of local hash power (~10% off due to hardware maintenance, electricity and connection related issues, etc.) over the past 15 days have made me 50K PXC. That's 3.3K a day or 670 PXC per daily MH/s. Average difficulty was ~1.5 (1.98 high, 0.98 low). Seems fine. It would be very informative if anyone mining PXC continuously at a big pool for the last week or two could share his statistics to compare actual earnings per MH/s.


One more thing about efficiency. P2Pool makes use of variable share difficulty. It gets higher with more hash power coming to P2Pool, and it also improves efficiency for miners.

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kris_davison, on 07 Feb 2014 - 8:47 PM, said:

Not sure who is operating these p2pools but I think the Icarus one might be down? I think my miner died around 8am today. I've moved to Prometheus which looks fine.

I operate Atlas and Prometheus, Stefan (spynappels) operates Icarus. Although both my VPS used for P2Pool are identical, Atlas seems to be more reliable.

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Difficulty strangeness? Anyone else notice the strange direction things took the last 4-5 days. Last week thursday, 2/13/2014 the difficulty of phoenix coin not only took a HUGE jump up to 2.xx but it has only slowly been coming back down to 1.44 2/17/2014. This in itself was not only strange but the few pools (Including d2) that I use almost EVERYONE has bailed on. Wondering what (if anything) is going on. I had to admit bailing on mining this one while it was still crazy difficulty. Are there newer pools that have popped up that people are moving over to?


Where would I be able to find the full Network Hash rate? Some coins have it right on their webpage.

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phoenixcoind getmininginfo


    "blocks" : 239491,

    "currentblocksize" : 1000,

    "currentblocktx" : 0,

    "difficulty" : 1.44185074,

    "errors" : "",

    "generate" : false,

    "genproclimit" : -1,

    "hashespersec" : 0,

    "networkhashps" : 22172222,

    "pooledtx" : 0,

    "testnet" : false



The network rate is 22,1 Mhash/s

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