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[ANN][GRC] Gridcoin Research : A secure blockchain developed on the philosophy of benefiting humanity.

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Why mine when you can research?


Advancing science, mathematics, technology, and understanding the world around us.

A secure blockchain developed on the philosophy of benefiting humanity.



Proof-of-Work algorithms have been criticized for wasting energy on meaningless equations in the mining process and for centralizing transaction processing by encouraging a specialized hardware arms race. Gridcoin introduces a Proof-of-Research algorithm that gives computers something productive to do. Instead of racing to solve meaningless equations, Gridcoin miners Researchers work on problems such as finding cures to diseases, mapping genomes, or climate studies, and are compensated for the work they do. 


Gridcoin rewards you for doing real work. Our goal is to divert computing power from wasteful hashing to productive computing, creating a supercomputing cluster that supports all kinds of scientific investigation and technology development. Access to supercomputers has traditionally been restricted to large research universities and corporations. By creating a large network of computing devices, complex computations once out of reach for most researchers are now possible. The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC), an open computing platform that supports all kinds of hardware and adapts as technology changes, has been providing distributed supercomputing since 2002, but until now the network was limited to those willing to contribute their resources on a volunteer basis. A few cryptocurrencies have attempted to create a compensation mechanism to increase participation in research, such as Ripple, Curecoin, and Research Support Coin, but these have used a centralized model for determining reward distribution and selecting research topics. Gridcoin lets you decide what to research, and pays you for your research.


Gridcoin is built on top of BOINC and is not limited to any one program, algorithm, or type of hardware. BOINC supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. You don't need special hardware to participate and earn rewards for your contributions to research — the computer you use for a few hours every day can contribute to CPU-based scientific projects when you aren't using it, and you won’t waste electricity competing with GPUs or ASICs for rewards. Those with special GPU mining rigs can also participate in projects designed specifically for parallel computations and you don't have to worry about losing your ROI to the next generation of ASICs. There are currently over 30 different projects available, each with its own hardware needs; some need CPUs, some need GPUs, and some need sensors. The diversity of hardware supported makes it possible to contribute to the network with almost any device, making it more secure and minimizing the centralization of mining power. 


The reward system is designed to pay you in the same way as a pay-per-share mining pool, so you are rewarded fairly based on the work you do — not by how fast you can solve a block. The devices you can use to contribute to scientific research through BOINC include CPU, GPU, Android, R-Pi, and ASICs, with more being added all the time. 


We ask for the community to join us as volunteers, developers, investors, and evangelists seeking to enable a fundamentally different paradigm for the blockchain and the benefits to humanity it can produce.



Real world results


World Community Grid

World Community Grid distributes millions of small data-based computer-based experiments to thousands of volunteers' devices. It gathers the results and sends them back to researchers, who interrogate the data for patterns, getting them closer to those world-changing results - faster. Since it began, volunteers have helped scientists to complete thousands of years' work in a few short years. World Community Grid has enabled scientific breakthroughs in cancer treatment and solar energy research. Our research partners have published over 35 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journal based on research conducted on World Community Grid, advancing knowledge in health, poverty and sustainability.


Determining the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases. By running the Rosetta program on your computer while you don't need it you will help us speed up and extend our research in ways we couldn't possibly attempt without your help. You will also be helping our efforts at designing new proteins to fight diseases such as HIV, Malaria, Cancer, and Alzheimer's. View disease related work: http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/rah_medical_relevance.php


The project intends to study how protein structure determines protein function, predict a protein's structure from its amino acid sequence, investigate how proteins interact with each other and understand how malfunctioning proteins can cause sickness. The resulting knowledge can then be used in the development of medical treatments.


30+ more projects covering areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics, Materials, Space Exploration and much, much more!



Algorithm: Distributed Proof-of-Research, Reward based on Research contribution to BOINC secured via Proof-of-Stake

Block time:90 Seconds

0% pre-mine: Longest distribution schedule for any Proof-of-Stake based coin with an 18 month initial distribution based on Gridcoin Classic

Initial Supply: 340,569,880 

Inflation: Inflation target of approximately 6.5% per annum after November 2015, 1.5% interest from Proof-of-Stake, target of 18.25 million coins per year from Distributed Proof-of-Research




Official website





Special Features - In Beta Production

    RSA - Research Savings Account, rewards can accrue for 14 days and will not be lost if your client is down

    Voting - On block chain voting from command line or WalletQT with visualizations and analytics in Wallet

    Neural Network - Decentralized consensus to determine reward amount, no centralized credit checking AKA: DPoR

    Smart Contracts - Basic contract execution and recording on the blockchain

    New User Setup Wizard - Settings for new users made easy in WalletQT

    Network Traffic - Visualization of network traffic in WalletQT

    Azure SQL - SQL Analytics in WalletQT

    Gridcoin Apps - Optional Apps that can interact directly with the Gridcoin WalletQT

    Live Ticker - In WalletQT scrolling ticker showing current market price of GRC, customizable for other market tickers

    Block Chain Rebuilder - Ability to download and bootstrap existing block chain with one command in the wallet making for getting into sync with the network quickly

    WalletQT Upgrader - Ability to upgrade the wallet with a single command (windows only)

    BOINC hash - Cryptographic proof work was completed by an individual that can not be faked


Special Features - In Development or Alpha Production

    Research Age - Extending the RSA indefinitely into the past, supporting an unlimited number of researchers

    Ticket System - reporting system for bugs, improvements, customer service requests etc. in QT

    GFS - Gridcoin File System, system for sharing and storing encrypted, signed and virus scanned files 

    Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAC/DAO) - Decision making using machine rules and consensus voting for management of the Gridcoin Foundation





***Note: If you are setting the wallet up to mine research setup BOINC first***

[Gridcoin Nation Tutorials] http://grcnation.com/

English BOINC Installation Guide: http://grcnation.com/en/boinc-installation/

English Gridcoin Installation Guide: http://grcnation.com/en/gridcoin-installation/

Deutscher BOINC Installieren: http://grcnation.com/boinc-installieren/

Deutscher Gridcoin Installieren: http://grcnation.com/gridcoin-installieren/



#gridcoin on Freenode or https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net:6667/#gridcoin- drips to 10 random members every 3 hours

         *nickname must be registered

         *sometimes the channel rains, sometimes it pours, join us for great conversation and free GRC

#gridcoin-games on Freenode or https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net:6667/#gridcoin-games- free games that pay GRC just for playing



Multipool mining with Gridcoin as payout option: https://coinking.io/


BOINC Resources

BOINC Account Manager (BAM) setup guide: http://boincstats.com/en/bam/

Network RAC Report / Active Whitelist: http://gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?whitelist

Project hardware/ software compatibility: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/Current_BOINC_Whitelist




Block Explorers



Other Resources/Further Information

Gridcoin-Classic Burn: http://pool.gridcoin.us/Login.aspx

Free Startup Coins: http://uscore.net/

German Site/Tutorials: http://grcnation.com/


Forums/social media



GRC Magnitude: http://grcmagnitude.com




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Gridcoin Research 
Leisure Upgrade
- Removed one line of repetetive logging
- Added generic data storage system to block chain
- Added RPC commands : 'execute addkey', 'execute memorizekeys', 'execute listdata'
  Real World Examples:
  a. Storing a price for a smart contract (permanently in the chain):
     (Note that anyone can add generic data to the chain for 1grc - the proceeds go to the foundation node - each add charges a 1 grc fee)
     (If the data will be used by the coin for business purposes it will be done in a different manner - IE not through the public RPC - with the private key pair for security).
   Storing a price in the chain:  
  execute addkey add price grc .0000046
     (Note that this price can be updated with another command):
  execute addkey add price grc .0000045
     However, the last price in the highest block always contains the current state of the data.
     You may delete the value like this:
  execute addkey delete price grc .0000045
  The syntax for the command is:
  execute addkey [add or delete] [key type] [key name] [key value]
  (Data is stored permanently in the chain and is never physically erased).
  Note:  In this release you must manually execute a command to load the data values into the coin before you can list them in the rpc (in later versions this will be done automatically):
  execute memorizekeys
  To see the data for a specific data type:
  execute listdata [key type]
  So, to see the price above since it belongs to the "price" key type:
  execute memorizekeys
  execute listdata price
  Note: You can store data in any key type
  To see current whitelisted projects (Only dummy keys exist):
  execute listdata project
  Now a simple all in one example for those confused:
  execute addkey add price grc .0000046
  (wait for block to be accepted in tx list otherwise price is not changed)
  execute memorizekeys
  execute listdata price
  (This last command shows the price you changed... etc.)
  For RTM, the projects can be whitelisted or blacklisted using the following commands.  Note that an admin must have the boinc project admin key stored in the config file to modify system data:
  execute addkey add project milkyway 1
  (This adds milkyway to the whitelist; we will only need to modify the non case sensitive boinc project name - we can do away with the http:// URL)
  execute addkey delete project milkyway 1
  (This removes milkyway from the whitelist).
  Note that after a key is added you have to wait until the block is accepted by the network before you can do an "execute memorizekeys" in order for the values to be available.
- UPNP: Marix fixed some issues with UPNP and QR code generation.
- Dr Grid : ToolTips: we had a contribution to make the hover over tooltips on the overview look better, and change the font color for tooltips.
- Contribution: Timestamp for CSV mangitude report (list magnitudecsv)
- Marix: Change detectplatform and remove some files in Build process
- IceD: Change some Boost suffixes
- Marix : Change to Leder's upgrader
- Caraka:  Improved toolbar icon.

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Just a high level update for the day before I bury myself with code:


- Please dont get the idea gridcoin finance is dead.  The issue is some other priorities sped ahead of it and required changes to its web host and architecture.  The .NET Dll project (Global Developer) is forcing me to change P2P authentication over to a session key that stays on your machine as a cookie, your password (that you create in register) is never transmitted to the boinc p2p server sql its only hashed (hint hint...), and the state of the session is stored in the p2p sql server as Authenticated:0 or 1.  One other issue is the co-dev Im working with in DC (brilliant person who is writing 30 frame per second p2p rdp sharing over html5) requires a dedicated port to be used for the app sharing. This disrupted my hosting of finance.gridcoin.us.  Im working on splitting the ports and re-hosting it on a new server.  So once all this is done, Ill bring it back, and I do intend to make the interface for contributors by the end of the year and get it actually trading possibly with real money as long as we meet the regulatory hurdles.  RTM is checking on those for DACs.

- Pallas, Ill definitely reach out to you to see what project you want to work on.  Im just backlogged again trying to get out the testnet whitelist project, merge in the github changes to catch them up, and integrate this new session stuff into Gridcoin.

- Support.gridcoin.us:  This is held up for the same reason.  I have to integrate the latest changes with authentication.  Technically it should remove the lag and be snappy.  Im also writing a "watchdog" to make sure the codevs code does not die.  Its got an issue that freezes up in the middle of the night.  I did send support emails and they are working on 5 bugs that I reported.  Im responsible for writing part of this product for them, and this is slowing down the entire project to a point.

- Tickets:  Once I get the new auth window to show in the coin, tickets will work with security.  I also have to set up the security function so that once a ticket is assigned to you, no one can push it off of you or close it except you.  Also, the handle and the username will be secured by the hash.

- GRCNation sent me an entire version of boinc, reverse engineered in c#.  Its pretty interesting.  It may offer a valuable purpose eventually for us to add some more features.

- In Coin Voting:  This is sort of a fun project that Id like to add in along with the automatic notices and its pretty close to being tackled once I go through the tickets again.




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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Added Gridcoin Persisted Data System to the coin (Live in TestNet)
- Added the UPNP changes from github
TestNet Instructions:
Upgrade GridcoinResearch to
cd %appdata%\gridcoinresearch
Alter your gridcoinresearch.conf:
Ensure these lines exist in the config:
rpcport=9334 (or any port you want to scrypt mine against)
Once edited copy the gridcoinresearch.conf into %appdata%\gridcoinresearch\testnet
To Start the program:
cd c:\program files (x86)\gridcoinresearch
gridcoinresearch -testnet
Note that the window name will also contain [testnet]
Configure your scrypt miner to mine against, with your rpcuser and rpcpassword
Start the miner
(we scrypt mine until block 2050 then transition to POR)
In TestNet, I made the rewards +1000 per block - otherwise they are the same as Prod.
Added the ability for the coin to recognize new projects or blacklists or remappings automatically within 5 minutes of a change to the coin while running.
(Every 5 blocks, the coin pulls in any key changes added within the last 5 blocks).
Im running 300kh/s or so scrypt miner in testnet now and Ill do my best to leave it running on grid3 until we are finished.
So far Ive added these projects to the whitelist:
"Project" : "[email protected]",
"Project" : "bitcoin utopia",
"Project" : "collatz conjecture",
"Project" : "malariacontrol.net",
"Project" : "[email protected]",
"Project" : "[email protected]",
"Project" : "simap",
"Project" : "theskynet pogs",
Test the list cpids, list projects, list magnitude, list rsa, and verify magnitude levels equalize and projects are valid.
We will also have to test blacklisting a project (pretending that it became rogue etc) and we will also need to test the Project Re-Map feature - this is when Netsoft uses a different name than the boinc project name.
And anything else you all can think of !


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Added Gridcoin Persisted Data System to the coin (Live in TestNet)
- Added the UPNP changes from github
To participate in the testnet thread please go here:


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I just pushed out a minor update for v3.3.9.9/23.35/352 - this update improves the ticket system.


- Added Portal Login page

- Added Logoff button

- Added first phase of business logic so you cannot take control of a ticket unless it is assigned to you - but you can enter new tickets and assign it to a person if it is a new ticket


- Portal credentials are now compatible with support.gridcoin.us 


(Still need to add an account Edit page and a Password Change procedure - not finished)


Upgraded support.gridcoin.us to the latest version (should be 200% faster now) - more work still needs done to keep the service running 100% of the time but go ahead and pound on it and tell me if it breaks.




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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
** This release is designed for TestNet but will work in Prod **
- Enabled cryptolottery (unlimited scalability feature) in TESTNET
- In Phase I: We automatically assess every CPID with valid projects as owed 500grc every block (so that block validator will allow the payments); we pay up to 50 recipients per block
  (Received amount is capped by max block subsidy)
  Test the receipt of the funds
  Test the remote funds blue mining pick icon
  Test the magnitude report, verify recipients Total "Paid" increases after every remote payment
  In Phase I a few more testers would be helpful; however in Phase II when we disable the unlimited payments in Testnet, we will need more participation to test thoroughly.


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Removed all extraneous Gridcoin Classic functions from Research codebase
- Removed 90% of dead code (NOTE: I did not get around to removing zerocoin's libs yet; will work on that in phase II)
- Started phase I of cleanup - this will take longer than expected
- Added Gridcoin Galaza Game to the Advanced menu (Note: this is primarily to release the code into opensource) - play it from the menu
- Tested the coin in Prod successfully (safe to upgrade)


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Pulled in Dr. Grids changes:  Removed zero coin library and various other things
- Tested on windows : OK

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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
New User Wizard - Beta Release
- Added new user wizard beta release (NOTE: This is intended for testing/refinement.  It will automatically launch later after we work out remaining additional features).
  The new user wizard DOES have the ability to automatically install BOINC if Boinc is not installed.
  It will save the four user settings in the config file automatically and pull the values back in each time the user enters the wizard.
  It will automatically detect if a project is already attached (wont create a duplicate project).
  If the project is Not attached, it will create a new web account, add the user in Team Gridcoin automatically, save the web account, and download the account public key.
  (Gridcoin will NOT delete any BOINC program data, so do not fear deleting the boinc Application dir and testing).
  Then it will attach the project to Boinc and to Gridcoin.
  Please Test on a new machine without boinc end-to-end.
  To launch: Click Advanced | New User Wizard.


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Added Total Network Magnitude and Avg Network Magnitude to "list network"
- Added a MagnitudePaymentUnit.  This is the Max GRC emitted per day divided by total network magnitude.  
  The coin still pays the same GRC reward amount UNLESS rewards exceed the magnitude unit (IE Your Magnitude * MagnitudePaymentUnit).
  In that case, the user receives the network magnitude payment unit * magnitude.  
- This is a leisure upgrade until fully tested them we can turn the feature on in prod.
- Added magnitude unit to list rsa.  
- Added feature to make it easier for new users to come on board (Minimum block spacing of 30 mins for POS users).  We already have a minimum of 2 hours for the POR side.
- Removed Testnet constant fake pay per block (500) to simulate real world conditions.
- Merged in The Charlatain and LaanWJ changes (remove setting in Options and remove empty lines in code)


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
Note:  Due to the complexity of DPOR, the feature is broken into phases.  In Phase I, we will need to reconcile the DPOR rac to match prod, thus it would be prudent for us to test this version
together in prod (we are running DPOR side-by-side the legacy system to maintain complete network compatibility).  I think testnet will be too small and error prone to complete this exercise.  Instructions below:
- Incremented minor version to force upgrade in testnet to resolve Quez & Robs problem (this will NOT force a mandatory upgrade).  I believe the issue is fixed (strictly testnet).
- Added smart contract expiration date
- Added ability to query Project URL RAC by team, and World Community Grid Team RAC.  Added DNS to the coin (to access Boinc URLs by DNS address).
- Added ability to tally magnitude by on-file smart contracts 
- Added DPOR magnitude to list magnitudecsv (last column).  Lets use this to compare the DPOR Magnitude to the Magnitude.  We will need to reconcile this in prod and get the entire network RAC
to match before we can rely on the smart contracts.  
- Added DPOR magnitude to list rsa.
- Added a service to allow a DPOR node to submit a smart contract for an unsynchronized project once per day.  Note you will be charged .25grc when this is done.  We can work on reimbursement in the POR reward soon.
- Added list opencontracts to run the Open Contracts report.  This report shows the contract name, expiration date, and contents.  We will need to run this and find boinc projects with missing CPIDs, 
  when we know network credits already exist in list network for the project.  
  Most likely, the URL given to RTM to whitelist the project was wrong.  Note, CM supplied a list of URLs with TeamIDs in the google workbook:
  (CM can you please make it r/w so we can edit it?)  A couple of the team IDs are incorrect and that is the reason some contracts are empty in this report.  
  Lets add the missing URLs (I already added Bitcoin Utopia) and correct the team IDs on the projects in list opencontracts with empty cpid list.  RTM can then add that row to the whitelist.
  For any contract that is missing, navigate to this URL:
  But replace the boinc.bakerlab.org with the URL of the project.  Find the XML "id" for the project, and submit it to the forum so RTM can re-whitelist that project.
  If anyone needs to know what projects are whitelisted in DPOR as compared to legacy, 'list network' shows legacy whitelisted projects, 
  while "execute listdata project" shows the DPOR whitelisted projects.
  Any project missing from that list will need added with our correct Team ID.
- If your DPOR magnitude does not equal your legacy magnitude, post your cpid on the forum and we will run the netsoft user report and find which project needs whitelisted.
  Im working on making the report available as an RPC command with a CPID parameter, and then we can compare Netsoft RAC vs DPOR rac line by line (didnt quite finish it yet).
- Once we fix the missing projects the DPOR magnitude should be very close to the legacy magnitude for everyone in list magnitudecsv.  Once that occurs we can move to Phase II to start enabling DPOS.


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Disabled new DPOR contract synchronization
- Lowered fee from .25grc to .05grc for a smart contract


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Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
- Removed fees charged for generating a DPOR contract once per day
- Ensured we are honoring wallet locks
- Restricted contract creation to POR nodes only
- Limit new contracts to one per 12 hours per node to avoid nuisance contract creation
- Added execute rac CPID (this command will pull in the netsoft rac report, the DPOR rac report, and show the RAC side by side to find where the issues are in DPOR)
- Removed a Huge amount of logging
The primary reason I am releasing this version is had a huge amount of logging in it, so please upgrade if you want to cut down the log size.
We can primarily test this in testnet.  But I will need some help in reconciling the DPOR rac per cpid.
You can type "execute rac YourCpid" and you should receive a report that shows the differences in project rac comparing DPOR to Netsoft.  That would be a good place for us to start.
Ignore any RAC for a project that is less than 100 as DPOR does not record RAC below 100.  But for any other discrepency the project will either need whitelisted or fixed.


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