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(BOB) comes to JUSTIFY your sins; to UNMASK the Conspiracy,

and to get us back the SLACK they stole away!

7-mining.png 6-forum.png 5-faucet.png 4-source.png 3-windows.png 2-mac.png 1-linux.png
When two or three are gathered in my name, and I am not there; do you not feel my hands in your pockets?

Driven to the brink of sanity by The Conspiracy’s false

reality and the pressure of a crumbling Economy?


Do you feel like there’s just no Slack? 
    Do you want something for nothing?
         Then this may just be for you.


Dobbscoin is:

  • A Defacto SCRYPT BitCoin
  • The Currency of the Econocalypse,
  • The ONLY crypto-currency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers, and
  • The most Slackful alt.coin by far.


WHAT IS SLACK?     -     If you have to ask, you can never know.
     Everyone is born with Original Slack — but The Conspiracy has most of it now.   
         They don’t even know what it is, but that hasn’t stopped THEM from siphoning off what little you have left.


Slack means something different to everyone.  True Slack could be considered..  "Something for Nothing".

To me, Slack is doing as little as possible, yet mysteriously benefiting at the same time.



Robert Dorian / BtcBob   [email protected]
Forums: http://www.dobbscoin.info/smf

  • BitCoin (SCRYPT) Clone.
  • 60 Second Blocks (1 Minutes)
  • 5 BOBS Per Block
  • Difficulty retarget :"DobbsShield " (every block)
  • Block halving rate 210000 Blocks (Every 4Years)
  • Maximum coins: 21,000,000 (21 Mil.)


  • Windows / MacOS / Source Code (tar.gz & zip)




  • P2P Port: 19985
  • RPC Port: 19984





  •  Running DobbsShield a DigiShield Block Target difficulty.
    • DobbsShield protects Dobbscoin against from TheConspiracy and helps ensure greater confidence by allowing our difficulty to rise and fall almost perfectly in sync with increases or decreases in the net hash of the coin.
  •  OpenSSL has been upgraded to 1.0.1g, just to be safe - even tho the Bitcoin source we're based on was not vulnerable to The Conspiracy's HeartBleed backdoor.
  •  A complete rework of the IMAGE & ICON set, cos that's super important for a crypto-currency paying homage to a Texas UFO SEX Cult.
  •  Functional TESTNET.
  •  Hardcoded seed/test-net node info.





Dobbscoin (BOB) : The Currency of the Econocalypse.
The only cryptocurrency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers.
LOVE THAT "BOB" - GET SLACK (dobbscoin.info)

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I downloaded the github source code last night...

(Im on Linux)


I had to download the 'makefile' for the 'leveldb' folder from the bitcoin src code on github

because it was missing and kept getting "NO RULE TO MAKE LEVELDB.A" errors trying to compile.


The leveldb makefile from bitcoin src code fixed that and I compiled dobbscoind sucessfully.


Adding the ADDNODES= listed above, the wallet syncs & works. I have solo mined several blocks.


So this coin does work, the blockchain does sync, and it is definitely mineable!

I believe there should be some pools availible soon for BOB ( I contacted some pools & requested they add it! )



Before there was the "99%" "ANONYMOUS", there was BOB DOBBS, the Master of Slack!

I hope the community accepts BOB and gets involved - I love the idea of a scrypt coin "BOB"!


Block reward is 50 Coins, and since coin just came out ( literally ) the difficulty level is low, and there

are not many blocks in the blockchain yet!  This mines NO HEAVY PREMINING!!!!!!


BOB is not premined, and really looks like a GREAT new scrypt coin!


(Build wallet from the github source code.... You might need the leveldb 'makefile' from bitcoin src code

  until the developer updates the github code )


Anyways, working GREAT for me!  No issues with SYNC, PEERS, or MINING!


:-)    Get Slack!

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I'm donating some BOB back to you "BitCoinBob".

Sorry you have CPU mining ( SLACK! )


I have GPU mined some sucessfully, and sending you some!





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Isn't it true.. Yes, CPU mining is a sad state of affairs.

Thank you for your kind donation.


I would love to try something else, but my hardware was built before X-Day, so I will have to await the pleasure saucers with what Slack I can take back as time allows. I spend my available time reading lines of code from files I'm lost within, trying to learn how things are working for a future project. I'm currently mining only a single block a day ;)


The github has a collection of zip archives now, including the source files if you wish to compile it yourself:



See initial thread post for updated website, block explorer and pool info.

Dobbscoin (BOB) : The Currency of the Econocalypse.
The only cryptocurrency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers.
LOVE THAT "BOB" - GET SLACK (dobbscoin.info)

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Yes!   We need a pool for "BOB"

I'm trying to see if minar.cc will start one ( IDK )


BTW makabress, let's send some BOB back to "BitCoinBob" ( the developer )

He has CPU miner and barely getting 1 block a day!!!!


Let's show him some appreciation and help him support this awesome new coin!

I am going to send him at leat 10,000 BOB ( maybe more! )


He needs to get a url for BLOCKCHAIN EXPLORER too. ( and an Official Website going ASAP! )

I'm checking into seeing how difficult it'd be to mod ANDROID LITECOIN wallet into ANDROID DOBBSCOIN wallet!


An android wallet app would definitely be cool ( unfortunately, I am not a programmer - but can edit a little code )

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Those #$%@ers @ "bitcointalk" are really something else!!!!

They seriously LACK SLACK ( and HUMOR too! )

They love THEIR "clone" coins, but try to "bash" BOB.


1 dude posted a picture of a bear ( "just say NO") and promoted "BATCOINS"!  wtf?

So, he is ok with Batman, but not BOB?


Gee, maybe I'll make a WonderWomanCoin, SupermanCoin -- heck, a coin for every " DC" Justice League Hero!

Oh, and don't forget "MARVEL"!  Fantastic4coins!   LoL!


Those guys would probably eat coins with names like those up and rant and rave about them!

They also think I'm trolling and used "coin-io" to pump-n-dump another sh-tcoin!
When really, i'm just one of the first GPU miners to jump on this coin, and have
nothing to do with the development of it! I'm just your average miner & alt-coin collector.
I don't program or even know how to make an alt-coin, lol!

Get a load of these whiners & crybabys! LMAO! Whinning F-ggots! OMG!

https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=408969.0 ( announcement of BOB & "GIVEAWAY" )

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It's comical how haters just gotta hate, rather than shut their pink ass mouths the fuck up.
Re: BitCoinTalk DobbsCoin (BOB) - Haters..

Private 'niche alt.coins are fun.
For the record, it is a coingen.io alt.coin, but that doesn't make it any less worthy.
Oh noe.. a robot made it.. Yea, Robo Motherfucking "Bob" -nizzo.

- So the fuck what.

It's not like anyone expects fucking alt.coins to be accepted at Starbucks.
There's currently over 200 gay ass alt.coins on com-http.us alone..
How many of them have Slack.. ONE.

Take it or leave it. It exists because I wanted to learn how it works.
I'll take it apart and read the fuck out of it, because it's motherfucking "BOB".

 B 2 the O to the B motherfucker. If ya don't like that, ya got no Slack.

Go mine mooncoins faggots. Sheit.

ps. Yes, I got a shit ton of them from you, thank you for the precious DobbsCoins
It's liek, the only alt.coin worthy of a true Yeti

Dobbscoin (BOB) : The Currency of the Econocalypse.
The only cryptocurrency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers.
LOVE THAT "BOB" - GET SLACK (dobbscoin.info)

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Id rather robo-coin vs. Their greedy premined

Scamming "lemme get filthy rich, screw you all" coins!!!


Premining scammers bitchin' about computer generated coins...

(But alot of theirs coin-io too - they just change the block times & rewards & claim they "made" it all by themselves!)


Computer does a better job than erring humans!


But fools will remain fools...


While us slackers have our slackness!


Well, they can have their "precious" premined

TinkerbellFairyFartCoins!!! MF's !!!!


Only those of us who posess slack can appreciate "BOB" ! Those who lack slack are doomed as drone slaves to the global new world order of one world government facist regiem. "F" that!

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Word has it that the Xist Mothership's vending machines take DobbsCOIN EXCLUSIVELLY. 

- And while the only way to get FROP with crypto WILL ALWAYS be DOGE Coins...

The SEX Goddess' are giving DobbsCOINS 10 times the face time they'll give ya for SXC. 

Dobbscoin (BOB) : The Currency of the Econocalypse.
The only cryptocurrency accepted on the Pleasure Saucers.
LOVE THAT "BOB" - GET SLACK (dobbscoin.info)

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Difficulty level has jumped up!


We need a POOL!!!!!


Maybe you can create a P2POOL for BOB????


Miners use their receive address as the username, and password can be anything but blank!

P2POOL pays out DIRECTLY to miners in the pool every time pool finds a block, so you don't

need payout scripts or a database of accounts for people to mine in your pool!

( The payouts are embedded into the found block as transactions! So everyone gets paid directly! )


Original Source code for P2POOL is here:   https://github.com/forrestv/p2pool


Modded Source code for other ALT-COINS: https://github.com/narken/p2pool-altcoins


*** You will need to create some kind of CONFIGURATION file for dobbscoin for P2POOL to use "BOB"

     You may need to google HOW TO CONFIGURE P2POOL FOR OTHER ALT COINS or something like that

     Or maybe you can look at the LITECOIN cfg file as a reference ( or other scrypt coin )



here's some links to HOW TO SETUP a P2POOL to use a reference:


(1) http://terracoin.org/p2pool_howto.txt

(2) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=182027.0


*** Get a pool setup "BitCoinBob" and SLACKERS will come!

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Yep.  We need a POOL!!!!!


Im running GPU scrypt hashrate 1Mhs ...


Getting like 1 out of 20 blocks now ....


Looks like maybe some 4Mhs or faster miner(s) getting almost all the blocks now quickly.


Next thing ya' know, those damn ASIC-SCRYPT miners will suck blocks dry!


( Yes, there are some 5 to 25Mhs Scrypt ASIC miners out there, slaughtering pools now! )

( and the ASIC is new & very expensive --- Very rich People mining who want Bill Gate's $$$$$$ )

( If I had ALOT of f_cking $$$, I'd wouldn't be mining at all!!!!!  Rich F_ggots always wanting MORE & MORE ...

 NEVER satisfied.   F_ckers who want it ALL.   I hate jerk$ like that! LMAO! )


Donate some back to the developer! ( Don't be GREEDY ! Give back some slack! )

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Hi BitCoinBoB!


I got P2POOL working on my LAN with "BOB" !!!!


P2POOL v13.x


( it has a web interface you can add to your website!!!  see p2pool.org for example of how it looks )





Linux Instructions:




sudo python setup.py install




in the P2POOL folder, add this to network.py  ( after the terracoin code ):


        SHARE_PERIOD=10, # seconds
        CHAIN_LENGTH=24*60*60//10, # shares
        REAL_CHAIN_LENGTH=24*60*60//10, # shares
        TARGET_LOOKBEHIND=200, # shares
        SPREAD=12, # blocks
        MAX_TARGET=2**256//2**20 - 1,
        BOOTSTRAP_ADDRS=".split(' ')",
        VERSION_CHECK=lambda v: True,



*NOTE: the PREFIX is correct,  but the IDENTIFYER is wrong ( it's litecoin ) - you might need to change it




In the P2POOL/BITCOIN folder


add this to it's network.py file:

        RPC_CHECK=defer.inlineCallbacks(lambda bitcoind: defer.returnValue(
            'dobbscoinaddress' in (yield bitcoind.rpc_help()) and
            not (yield bitcoind.rpc_getinfo())['testnet']
        SUBSIDY_FUNC=lambda height: 50*100000000 >> (height + 1)//840000,
        POW_FUNC=lambda data: pack.IntType(256).unpack(__import__('ltc_scrypt').getPoWHash(data)),
        BLOCK_PERIOD=150, # s
        CONF_FILE_FUNC=lambda: os.path.join(os.path.join(os.environ['APPDATA'], 'dobbscoin') if platform.system() == 'Windows' else os.path.expanduser('~/Library/Application Support/dobbscoin/') if platform.system() == 'Darwin' else os.path.expanduser('~/.dobbscoin'), 'dobbscoin.conf'),
        SANE_TARGET_RANGE=(2**256//1000000000 - 1, 2**256//1000 - 1),




in the main folder, type this to start pool:


./run_p2pool.py --net dobbscoin -a yourreceiveaddress --bitcoind-address --bitcoind-p2p-port 19987 --bitcoind-rpc-port 19885 --give-author 0.0 --w 19989 -f 1.0 rpcusername rpcpassword


( put in your bob address and the rpcuser/password of your dobbscoin.conf , change the to your internet IP, forward router ports if needed too )


you can mine on port 19989 ( username in miner = your bob address, password = x ) to test it.



I actually got it working on localhost & mined from another computer on LAN to test it -- so it worked solo pool on my lan!!!!


You might need to tweak a few settings, but I did get it to actually work!


Hope this is useful to you!


Hope you can get an official pool running soon!

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