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[ANN] [POOL Revolution] [VARDIFF] Coinmine.pw [Simple and Effective]

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Welcome to new multi coin pool.

0% fee set during beta test period !

Pool uses self-made software and its Beta testing phase now.
But everything should work fine. :)


Fast and stable work

I have about 10 years experience as programmer and web-security. Server
software was optimized
for maximum security and security and performance.

Maximum uptime

Server works at stable Xeon server with minimum additional services.
Network bandwidth 1Gbit with direct connection to main EU upstreams.
Sure, service will have problems with under big DDOS-attacks.
But I have many experience with DDOS-protection and do my best to minimize it's effect if occuped.

Maximum security

Service works as dedicated server and don't have installed any control panels.
So, it's just nothing to hack. ;)
Server pool even don't have any admin control panel. All monitoring and service
provided with direct access to databases.
All pool code checked for security vulnerability and your coins is safe while you have
you password and PIN secured.
2-Step Authentication will be added soon as a option.
But best security is regularly withdraw you funds.

Simple interface and only needed information

My main goal is provide quality mining service for users.
And it's possible only with smooth and simple mining process.
So, I don't overweight user interface with blinking graphics and interactivity.
But you still get important information, like
your balance, pool's mined blocks, coin profitability and your mining reward.
Also you always get all information about your mining rewards, fees and
paid withdrawals with TxID information.

Many mined coins

You can mine several coins at one place. Now it's not so many coins,
but later will be added much more. I think 30-50 coin's not a problem.
Ready for your suggestions!

One registration for any mined coins

You register only one account for all coins mined. Registration is wery simple. I don't use any e-mail confirmations.
Also you can register one worker with any name for all coins.
We have worker with name '1' and it's not a problem.
Of course you can register several workers for your rigs for example.
You can filter mining transactions by worker name to get some additional information.

PPL(Time)S - Pay for shares last 10 minutes.

Classic pool software what uses most pools was developed for bitcoin with 10 minutes block time.
So it use rounds (time between blocks) to calculate your block reward.
For many new currencies next block usually can be found in several seconds.
And if you don't hurry send any shares during this time you get nothing for founded block.

My pool don't use last block time to determine last shares. It uses 10 minute window
to determine reward proportions. Counts all shares last 10 minutes for particular coin pool,
when your shares for same time and credit your part of the block equal your counted shares value
(depends on your workers difficulty of course).

Fast coin change

When you switch to another coin inside pool you get your full hash power for new coin.
Counts all shares sent (to another pool) last 10 minutes.

Mining transactions history grouping

In mining transactions window you can accumulate your mined values by hours or days.
So if you mined some coin several days (for example) you can easy check how much
you get for every day or hour.

Profitability information

You can check mined coins profitability on index page.
Profitability based on Cryptsy median weighted close price current day (High + Low + 2*Close)/4.
API is available.

Stratum protocol

Pool use ONLY Stratum protocol as most environment friendly. ;)

VAR DIFFiculty

All pools support variable difficulty for every worker optimized for current Coin.
So you'll get optimal ratio between speed and network bandwidth.
Also with 10 min share window no reasons to send any (useless) shares
to get every block. Much better try to work some longer and got chance to
find really useful share what solves the block.

Block founder BONUS

Block founder don't pay mining fees! Where is no reason
to pay some bonuses for found block. Because another users get less funds.
Find block it's not a achievement. It's probability.
But it's good deal for pool, se you don't pay any fees.

Automatic payouts starts every 5 minutes

Enter your payout ratio and account, set your workers on and forget about
our site. Joking. ;D

No payout fees!

I don't charge any payout fees. Most Alt coins don't require any fees
for payments so where are no reason to charge it from you.
If some fees happen it will be paid from mining fee.


  • Implement auto-switching algorithms with several conditions.
  • 2-Step Authentication will be added soon as a option.
  • Provide one mining PORT for all workers and manual switch from website interface for every worker (possibility switch to "AUTO"). (Much coding needed :( )
  • API for manage and monitor your workers.
  • Add more servers if it will be profitable.
  • Will be happy to implement your suggestions (if it's real : :) )

You can mine now (your suggestions to add more coins, please):

  • AnonCoin    
  • BBQCoin
  • CHNCoin      
  • COINO        
  • DigiByte    
  • EarthCoin    
  • ElephantCoin
  • EZCoin      
  • FlorinCoin  
  • GlobalCoin  
  • InfiniteCoin
  • KarmaCoin
  • KittehCoin  
  • KlondikeCoin
  • LeafCoin    
  • LottoCoin    
  • MemeCoin    
  • MinCoin
  • NobleCoin    
  • NyanCoin
  • PenguinCoin
  • RapidCoin
  • ReddCoin
  • SexCoin      
  • SmartCoin    
  • Spots        
  • USDeCoin   

Will be happy if you'll point some miners here. :)

Write your suggestions about new coins and pool futures here!

PS: I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Czech Republic. Will be happy if you'll point to some spelling errors on my website. : :)
PPS: I'm programmer, not "knight of the brush" so will be happy if some one can paint some logo for pool : :)

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Created beta version of Unique MultiPort pool!

Now our server can control coins, you mine, based at worker name. If you'll point your miner to the address stratum+tcp://eu.coinmine.pw:1111 you'll get ability to switch coins, you mine, with our website user interface!

Check worker settings button in your account. More to come!


Now I have absolute control about coin's you mine. Your coin will be changed instantly without disconnects, reconnects or some crap.

And now It's possible to monitor any coin parameter and change your own worker based on this !

Every worker is Unique for us!


Will be added soon (several days):


Create your own coin sets for every worker.

Setup your preferred difficulty.

Easy API to switch workers.



Write your suggestions! What parameters you want to monitor to switch coins?

It's all possible now at CoinMine.PW! Pool revolution is HERE!

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USD prices added for every supported coin (based at BTC-e LTC price)! Now you can get estimate USD price of your mined values.

Also, you can get USD prices with API: http://www.coinmine.pw/api.php?method=coinprofit


Estimated profit calculator added! You can find it at particular pool information pages.

For example: http://www.coinmine.pw/poolinfo.php?coinid=13 (right column)

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  • 2014-02-24 : NyanCoin (NYAN) added!

2014-02-26 : Estimate BTC values added to Addresses and Your Profits pages.

2014-02-24 : RapidCoin (RPD) added!

2014-02-23 : MinCoin (MNC) and BBQCoin (BQC) added!

2014-02-18 : ReddCoin (RDD) and PenguinCoin (PENG) added!

2014-02-12 : Now you can see [Auto] switching workers at pool information page!.

2014-02-12 : KittehCoin (MEOW) and GlobalCoin (GLC) added!.

2014-02-12 : Dashboard now always show actual information about pool's hashrate and active workers.

2014-02-12 : New layout for addresses page. You can add notes for your wallets. For example exchanger's name.

2014-02-11 : SmartCoin added!

2014-02-08 : DigiByte added!

2014-02-08 : Now you can switch workers and toggle AUTO from Dashboard!

2014-02-08 : COINO added!

2014-02-07 : USDeCoin added! Several improvements to server software.

2014-02-04 : KlondikeCoin added!

2014-02-04 : Workers page fixed. Not shows some workers before. Please check coins you mine and set it again if it not shown. I have change manual coin choose logic.

2014-02-04 : AnonCoin added!

2014-02-04 : Now (If you don't care about per-worker statiscics) you can connect all your rigs with the same Worker name. All your stats will be accumulated.

2014-02-03 : Added Last 24 hours hashrate graphic at Workers page.

2014-02-02 : Twitter account was suspended... Don't know why, trying to get some information.

2014-02-01 : Created Twitter account! Follow us and get latest news first!

2014-02-01 : LeafCoin Added! But Difficulty is very high!

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