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multisig HD wallet



I've put together a version of Copay for Unobtanium:


This can be found here:


For more information about what copay is:


Basically, a multisig HD wallet.

Please note that this is dependent on extended key definitions being defined:


Is is completely usable currently. If the key definitions change I will notify everyone here.

Feedback is welcome.
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Cool looking physical Uno coins in a 10 un denomination or higher


A multi-pool where I can mine more profitable Scrypt coins with these cheap scrypt asics and auto convert into Uno would be great.


Merge mining of Un to increase profitability for miners.


Android wallet



September 18, 2014

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Do you struggle with decision making?  When choices are nearly equal,  it can be difficult to make a decision. And if your friends are like mine, there is no one you trust to give you good advice.  

I used to be like you.  But now I make better decisions since I've discovered Cryptapus' 50% dice game.

Just install the UNO Android wallet from Google Play store. The next time you need to make a tough decision, don't flip a coin. Ask Cryptapus instead!   Here's how it works.

Say your question out loud.  Next, send a fair amount of UNO to the 50% dice game. Wait a minute while Cryptapus considers your question.

If Cryptapus thinks, "Yes, you should," then he'll send you a reward.
If he thinks,  "NO, you dumb ass. Turn and run!" then he'll keep your money as a tip for preventing you from making a dangerous mistake, possibly saving your life or fortune.

Its as easy as that. And it WORKS!  The 50% dice game has changed my life. I no longer procrastinate and worry about tough decisions.  And the UNO Android wallet lets me take Cryptapus with me wherever I go, so I never have to worry about making a decision alone.

Thanks, Cryptapus!

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