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Cost per Transaction



Bitcoin Cost per Transaction    $8.21
(was as high as $80)
straight from the horses mouth

[reward+fees/time] x SpotPrice$ = Network Co$t /time
per Transaction = Network Co$t /#transactions

#transactions = 88740 per Day
and still costs $8 to send 2 cents ... the HODLer of bitcoin pays btw

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DRAG >> [#coins minted per month] x $price =$drag
nova          33247   0.420981   13996
world           3435422   0.006068   20846
feather   3513600   0.011648   40926
btm           439200   0.093305   40979
prime           781776   0.058029   45365
DRK           35136   1.5           52704
NAME   209142.8571   0.5   104571
peer          344815   0.348025   120004
DOGE   1416420000   0.000145   205380
LTC          878400   1.75   1,537,200
BTC          109800   250   27,450,000

UNO          457.5   2.3   1052.25

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Don't sell #UNO in 2015. Sell what #UNO can do!

Beat Hyper Inflation

0.25 UN = the New Quarter
0.10 UN = the New Dime
0.05 UN = the New Nickle
0.01 UN = the New Penny

1 Uno = the new dollar = 1 kg UN

rapidly approaching the value of a good old fashion silver dollar

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