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Element 120

The 'isle of stability'


I did the date-math on the UNO production schedule. During the 5 1/2 year period October 2014, through March 2020, there will only be 6,238 more UNO produced!



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Holding Gold/Silver in tandem with UNO is the big idea.
Just imagine if the major UNO holders (Top 500) also can back their holdings with metals.

UNO bank baby ... in essence a distributed vault



How many coins trade against all the majors?

What's the banker money of choice?

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There are a ton memes in the BCT thread, lost in 330 pages of history. It would be a big job, but we should dig them up and copy the lins. It would be fun to have them all in one place.


A few of them are even funny!

Unobtanium - the rare, fair cryptocurrency. Long term hodl. 250k Uno max. Low inflation. In it's 3rd year. This is a coin you want to hold. http://unobtanium.uno
Bitmessage me: BM-NBr8A6WCzJteqKvPH8VU1rc1dBUdmx5L

Reliable Altcoin Node Service offered at cost: Ask me about UNO;s Node Project and how your altcoin can benefit.

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UNO is not the same as UNB.

UNB max coins 80 Million total
UNB current coins 2.1 Million total
It will take a long time to mine out.  A very long time.

UNo max coins 0.250 Million total
UNo current coins 0.193 Million total
Uno will take 100s of years to mine out too, but is nearly 80% mined out right now.  The remaining coins act like a sustain reward but will continue to half the reward greatly for the next couple of years.

The difference is in the rate of inflation.  UNB will double and then double again and again and again the coin supply.
UNO can not even double in 300 years.

My read is that UNB is an even worse algo model than BTC or LTC.  Great for SHA miners as a long-term source of revenue, but will likely drift to Terra Coin capital range over time.  $6million then now $20k ... ouch.
Why? Constant high inflation is a drag on price support.  

"two of UNB's claims to fame -- IRC support and their auction site"
Yes nice.  Happy to work with UNB's community to improve the auction site especially if the include UNO price listings.

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