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Welcome to  
The Book Store

We've been at it since 2001


Books mailed anywhere inside the USA with tracking. Miners use some of your digital and buy yourself some great reads.

We will take a combo of payment forms this includes shipping inside the USA with USPS traking (sorry we wont mail oustide the USA  embarrassed.gif Pm me your info (mailing address with what books you want. Then let us know how you are going to pay so we can verify before we ship out your items.


All internet orders such as Amazon and ebay are paid before shipping is sent and we will do the same thing.


Up for Grabs mailed to you in the USA payment in (crypto includes US mail with confirmation)

1 book with shipping crypto $6.98 or order 2 for $10.00 (heck mail a gift to a friend) or get 3 for just $11.11 or get a care package of your choosing of genre for $15.95

Remember this does come with USPS tracking! 


Navy Seals Blacklight by Mike Murray pb (6a)
Games of State Op Center a thriller by Tom Clancy
The Witches of Wenshar a Scifi Fantasy novel by Barbara Hambly
Shadows of Steel a Thriller by Dale Brown
DarkWell Forgotten realms Fantasy by Douglas Niles
Turn up the Heat a mystery by the Conant sisters
EarthFall V4 Orson Scott Card
Angel Station a Science Fiction Novel by Walter Jon Williams
White Death by Clive Cussler
Icebound by Dean Koontz
Survival of the fittest by Jonathan Kellerman
The Awful Abbey A dectective mystery by Dorothy Kliewer
The Gift by Danielle Steel (Bought with Betacoin) 
Alias Infiltration by Breen Frazier
Snagged by Carol Higgins Clark
Alias Sister Spy by Laura Roberts
The Cat who went up the creek by Lilian Jackson Braun

The bank of Fear a Thriller by David Ignatius
Key Witness a courtroom Suspense novel by J.F. Freedman
Phoenix Rising a Suspense thriller by John J Nance
SlayRide a mystery by Dick Francis
The Last Hostage a thriller by John J Nance
Stolen a mystery by Jordan GrayCrystal Singer a Scifi Fantasy by Anne McCaffrey
Happy are those who Mourn by Andrew M Greeley Detective Mystery
Storming Heaven a military adventure thriller by Dale Brown 
Sudoku 215 puzzles from beginner to Expert by Marcel Danesi (s3/b3)

FireStarter by Stephen King (xyz1)
The losers a Fantasy by David Eddings
Ultimate low carb Plan 
The Black unicorn A fantasy by Terry Brooks
The Blood Hunters a Horror Suspense by Katherine Ramsland (vampires)
The Cat who said Cheese by Lilian Jackson Braun Mystery
Innocent in Death JD Robb/Nora Roberts Romantic Suspense
Hot Item a romance by Carly phillips
Rules of Command a Military Thriller by C.A. Mobley
Thinner by Stephen King
Patriot Games by Tom Clancy Thriller Military CIA
Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts


I go by the USD Price when your order here for your orders: http://coinmarketcap.com/

We have 1000's of books in our store I just listed a few. 


Thanks for shopping my bookstore inside our cryptocointalk book store  grin.gif (even thou were a real placesmiley.gif


(edited) How to Pay: We ask you to not USE BTC or LTC so we can support the alt currencies 


Megacoin : MRJKgUgAdewEf6h7ahZuk3d3Sp2tkg5Y1m
WorldCoin: WkSgEchimKSggq7F234xyTKWzNzMZ44WLp
TagCoin: TGcuwxKKtH7sMt4eYeiPYjSVEjPecQ574r
Orbitcoin: oNPVbjyDdjGGrUxer5qqTtYhHQxMCe8wwN
ARG: AbaXsZDg887xW23pnNN6bZo32TNMYiPk2D
BTE: 8SdsVwuRbouJwi4N2h9w9gG7tVfRPUpFtg
Craftcoin: QKGesMw9Ast4Cg5TLvJiAWe91rCJ5pTeWi
Quark QZrpysayYKRJ24moMfQcmwzXPsz7J1Em4Q
PrimeCoin AFynzRLifCajshm91vnRUEdCkKm8s81cj7
Datacoin DHYYgDQRv7KWEftn71yksFgm2QQThUhPqt
CIN Cinnamoncoins CTZ56KAdcga15guVc2AoD2zfFTqkrrjVCc
betacoin: BQ9ZB6jYi71YfoZuLKZuatdTKoU51w8JSa
PhilosopherStone: 9objKkUrFfaMjD3vsCstRJsJTmoVFcPubM
ELC: ESkigB3j7CtCdPh1Zunp1pks8La5bfGmvF
Hobonickels: F3FVMiNBiysddABc7YgDaoiVFHb3btkZae
Norbits: E33YFrp9CcK7mD7bMqRcwaCe1nigNQbQKD
CopperLark: CNGFdJgLC9VsaG6zsYeNakpE2B68sT7kSj
DEM: NM9jB4zTudWWQWwZ8VrrU1GUJwx4kJgohH

PPC: PTPnSGeUnVW2YjvG3anbMr6ywoQqoySuYr

CAT: 9drwtQv2trYAmn2VcNMzgQbh5FQfQVuEjw

most currencies accepted just ask

If you have something else to trade we might take it also just ask
No COL, IFC, Pennies/Crypto Cent accepted at this time 
payments for books can be made in multiple currencies or just onegrin.gif Thanks for shopping.

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More books listed for sale thru crypto: (xyz4)


Tropic of Creation Science Fiction by Kay Kenyon 

Golden Dream Science Fiction by Ardath Mayhar

May your days be merry and Bright Christmas Stories by Women

Summer People a novel by Marge Piercy

Wings of a Dove Historical Romance by Elaine Barbieri

The Way things ought to be by Rush Limbaugh

Hear me Die a  Mystery by E.L LArkin

The Last Detective by Robert Crais

Dark Paradise by Tami Hoag

Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon

Complete World Bartender Guide " The standard Reference to more than 2,400 Drinks"

The Zero Game by Brad Meltzer


(We will accept BTC if that is the only currency you have for payment of books also but prefer the alts)

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In Honor of Catcoin here is some great CAT books. :) We take Catcoins, most all/other crypto, Dwolla, and Paypal. Comes with USPS tracking for proof of arrival USA orders only (sorry other cats) 


Cat and Mouse by James Patterson paperback xyz4


The Cat Who Moved a Mountain by Lilian Jackson Braun (1992, Hardcover) a15


The Cat Who Went into the Closet 15 by Lilian Jackson Braun (1994, Paperback)Lilian Jackson Braun (Paperback, 1994) g0


The Valentine Cat by Clyde Robert Bulla (1995, Paperback) k1 (kids book for kindergarden to 4th grade)


The Rules for Cats : 4,000 Year-Old Secrets for Controlling Your Owner: an Unauthorized Parody by Bradford Telford and Michael Cader (1997, Hardcover) L123


The Cat That Wasn't There by Stella Whitelaw (1992, Paperback) xyz4


Cat Scratch Fever by Tara K. Harper (1994, Paperback) B8


The Cat Who Came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory (1995, Paperback, D9


The Cat Who Went Underground by Lilian Jackson Braun (1989, Hardcover) ayz17

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