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Cryptex24.com > Buy, Sell, Exchange > BTC, Btc-e, Bitstamp, eCoin, PM, PayPal, Webmoney,WU,MG, RIA >>>

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Who are we?

Cryptex24 is a service for working with e-money and cryptocurrencies. We offer the widest range of opportunities for buying/selling/exchanging most popular payment and crypto system as well as attractive conditions and convenience of cooperation.


What do we offer?

Our main services are selling, buying and exchanging of cryptocurrencies and e-money. Today we offer the following types of operations:

Bitcoin sell & buy. You can use Wester Union, MoneyGram, Unistream, Contact  etc;

Bitcoin exchange for PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PayPal, WebMoney ,Paxum.

Recharging and withdrawal at popular exchange platforms BTC-E, BTER.

E-money selling, buying, exchange (WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Paxum).

Choosing us you will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies and e-money at favorable rates without wasting time for long waiting.


What are the advantages of Cryptex24?

We have tried to implement intuitive interface and the simplest process of order placement. At the same time our service has the highest level of reliability guaranteeing safety of operations and personal data.


What about individual offer?

We have individual approach to a customer always staying in touch with him. Please, contact us and we will prepare a profitable offer for you.


How to find us?

Our adress - cryptex24.com

Skype - cryptex24com

ICQ - 678-706-590


Currency exchange and withdrawal with Cryptex24 is quick, reliable and convenient!

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New tariffs are better!

We improved our rates - our new tariffs are better for you!


Best price for buying Bitcoin:

WebMoney WMZ > Bitcoin -  3%

WebMoney WMR > Bitcoin - 3%

PerfectMoney > Bitcoin - 2%

EgoPay > Bitcoin - 5%

WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream  > Bitcoin -  2%


Best price for buying BTC-E USD:

WebMoney WMZ > BTC-E USD  - 2%

WebMoney WMR > BTC-E USD - 7%

PerfectMoney > BTC-E USD  - 2%

EgoPay > BTC-E USD - 5%

WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream  > BTC-E USD  - 3%


Best price for sale of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin > PerfectMoney  - 2%

Bitcoin > WebMoney WMZ - 4%

Bitcoin > WebMoney WMR - 1.5 %

Bitcoin > PayPal - 3%

Bitcoin > WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream  - 4%


Best price for sale of BTC-E USD:

BTC-E USD > PerfectMoney  -2%

BTC-E USD > WebMoney WMZ    -2%

BTC-E USD > WebMoney WMR -2%

BTC-E USD > EgoPay - 0%

BTC-E USD > PayPal  - 3%

BTC-E USD > WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream - 3%


>>> CRYPTEX24.COM <<<


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Dear customers!


We are pleased to announce that we started accepting RIA transfers . 



RIA is one of the leading and reliable money transfer system with a worldwide agent network of more than 240,000 locations in more than 130 countries.

Fund your Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Webmoney account easily with RIA transfer system only for 1% fee. We also lowered our minimal fee to 15 USD.


Please remember that we also use such popular money transfer systems like Western Union, MoneyGram, Unistream

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Our fee:


Bitcoin (BTC) -> Western Union (USD)  3%

Bitcoin (BTC) -> MoneyGram   (USD)  3%

Bitcoin (BTC) -> Unistream  (USD)  3%


BTC-E  -> Western Union (USD)  3%

BTC-E -> MoneyGram   (USD)  3%

BTC-E -> Unistream  (USD)  3%

Edited by Cryptex24

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Deposit and withdraw from eCoin.eu with Cryptex24!


Dear customers!


We are happy to announce that we added eCoin USD Voucher Codes to Cryptex24. Since now you can deposit or withdraw from your eСoin.eu account using popular systems like Western Union, MoeyGram, RIA, Unistream etc.


Please contact our support team via email or Online Chat if you have any questions, and we will be glad to answer on all of them.

Edited by Cryptex24

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Dear customers!
We would like to inform you about new discounts for buying Perfect Money with WUMGUnistream and RIA.
Western Union to Perfect Money 2%
Money Gram, RIA or Unistream to Perfect Money 1,5%
Also you can buy BitcoinBtc-e codesEcoinWebmoney etc. with our service.

Edited by Cryptex24

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