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Luckycoin giveaway 2: Celebrating Luckycoin block 88888!

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Happiness      or     Just Lack of Happiness





                                    "Lucky" Developers I have a question to You.


Everyone has a Lucky wallet, where is mine. Where is my Lucky wallet?


If this not there from now on I will have no more luck?


I hopethat someone will be gracious and I will receive a severe rebuff. If not my time wasted, and your soul sold out


"And my creativity like blood in the sand." Brzostek Szymon 25 January 2018



if I'm right I greet and it's hot


However, if I would be wrong. Let the voice of the people decide





                           I want not a little recompense, that on 25 January , 2018 at 0:00 I could not download the Wallet Application for OS X software. I am going to home appliances for a desktop computer with Windows reinstalled, because the developers "The best Coin in the Word" = LuckyCoin have forgotten upload file in the DropBox version for MAC.

        I warmly greet, I am waiting impatiently and I am awaiting explanations as well as compensation.


Brzostek Szymon







 LuckyCoin on the global currency!


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