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HTMLCOIN Community

Dear Htmlcoiners,

RE: Online & Technical Support Team

As we prepare for the swapping we will be hiring on the following talent:

Block Explorer - Technical Support Specialist
API - Technical Support Specialist

Website - Technical Support Specialist
Lite Wallet -Technical Support Specialist

QT Wallet -Technical Support Specialist
Android Wallet -Technical Support Specialist

IOS Wallet -Technical Support Specialist
Online Wallet -Technical Support Specialist

Pools -Technical Support Specialist
Ports -Technical Support Specialist

Nodes -Technical Support Specialist
Github -Technical Support Specialist

Kindly submit your application at "[email protected]"

The applicant must sign the voluntary form and the NDA.

We will also need your Linkedin account for verification.

Thank you for all your support!

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HTMLCOIN Community


HTMLCOIN Swapping Update

Dear Htmlcoin Holders,

We would like to provide you with an update for HTMLCOIN, which includes the pending coin

Worldwide, there are only a handful of crypto projects that have the technological capabilities of
our new hybrid blockchain. While each offers a special and unique feature to help propel the
industry to the next level, we believe that HTMLCOIN is the one with the right technology to make
a lasting impact. Furthermore, we have the most engaged and vibrant global community, of
which you are a member!

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy talking to all of you, businesses, communities, and
project developers that want to participate in the HTMLCOIN program. We have been excited to
discover that HTMLCOIN, and all that we are doing and plan to do, appeal to so many people
from so many backgrounds and cultures. As we drive the HTMLCOIN project from ambition to
reality, we are inspired and energized by all that we hear.

For us, the most important factors for a healthy cryptocurrency and blockchain are:

1) The stability and security of the currency and the blockchain network
2) An engaged and active community
3) A cryptocurrency and blockchain with real-world utility
4) A commitment to change and innovation

We have now discussed our hybrid blockchain developments extensively and everyone has
concluded that once HMTLCOIN has finished all stages of its swap, we will have a very real
opportunity to build something that can deliver the levels of adoption and transformation we all
know distributed ledger technology is capable of.

We will be administering our swap in four stages, resulting in a smooth and gradual transition that
will mitigate any disruptions to current users and developers. It will further allow us to phase in
the more advanced and complex features of HTMLCOIN over the following months in a seamless
and non-disruptive manner. 

Swapping Ratios

Number of Days Equivalents
1-60 1 old coin : 1 new coin
61-90 2 old coins : 1 new coin
91-105 3 old coins : 1 new coin
106 - later 0 old coin : 0 new coin

Preparation for Swapping Phase 1 (Soft Swap)

As you know, we are upgrading to a state-of-the-art hybrid coin which combines Bitcoin core base
with an Ethereum smart contracting layer in a POW/POS hybrid. The core swap will establish the
new blockchain, which includes the security and neoscrypt algorithm that we agreed upon in June
2017. In the coming weeks, we will publish the timeline, wallet, mining (POW), and staking (POS)
details as well as automatic exchange and manual swap details. We have now decided the manual
swap will last for 105 days with a 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 swap window to ensure all HTML5 holders have
the opportunity to receive their new HTMLCOINs.

Roadmap and Pipeline:

Currently, the HTMLCOIN project is funded and supported by volunteer donations. But over the
past weeks, as we have rolled out our roadmap and pipeline, the level of enthusiasm for the
multiple developments we are discussing has made it clear to us that we will be unable to realize
our potential through crowdfunding. For this reason, we will be updating our pre-mine plans to
make sure that funds are available for us to engage a larger team of developers and professionals
who can not only deliver quickly but who can participate in the global crypto conversation to
represent the needs of our community in the development of this transformational technology.

Also, we want to add that none of these developments would have been possible without all the
positive contributions from you, the community. Keep the positive flow going and share it with
others. We are very excited with all the that is taking place. Together, we have a bright future ahead

Please remember that you can always contact our core team members and share your questions,
ideas, and concerns. We are happy to hear from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions.
It’s not always easy for us to respond to everything, but we promise we will try.

We are listening.

All the best!

HTMLCOIN Core team

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HTMLCOIN Community

Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

Dear HTMLCOIN holders,

RE: Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

With pride, we announce important updates regarding the HTMLCOIN swapping process and the strengthening of our team.

As we have previously discussed, we have a number of early adopter partners who are developing their projects based on the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and over the last few days we have held a number of meetings with them which have resulted in some exciting new developments.

In short, we have agreed to collaborate with our partners developer teams to help us with the  the delivery of a FULLY FEATURED PHASE 2 Smart Contracting platform earlier than originally planned December 17, 2017.

For us, the most important considerations in our decisions for this have always been:

1) The stability and security of the currency

2) A satisfied, engaged, and inclusive community

3) A blockchain with real world applications

During our discussions it became clear that once all the developer features of our blockchain platform are available, our partners will be able to establish an early market advantage, something which is critical in the tech industry we are engaging with.  We cannot deny them this, and have taken the decision to accept their help, re-plan and accelerate to a full feature delivery with a complete smart contracting platform before November 20, 2017.

By completing the delivery and  swap within this time frame, we believe our partners will be able to finalize and bring forward announcements regarding their own white papers, funding activities, and pre-sales.

This is a great leap forward for us all, enabling the original plan of a 2-speed 160 day swap to move to a  complete full-featured platform within the next 40 days, including wallets, explorer’s, developer tools, EVM capabilities and other ancillaries! We hope this news leaves you as excited as it does us!

Our own developers are now working across the larger team of our new partners, and in response to your request for more visibility we will present progress updates on our GITHUB site with regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, video updates with the team and more devs across social media sites.

What we are doing is groundbreaking for a community project, and committing to a swap dates has always been a challenge.  You have heard Simon discussing the technical challenges on our FB Live and on Telegram, we believe sharing the schedule and progress on GITHUB as we move forward will give you the opportunity to see the swap date approaching and make your own decisions as an individual and with your community and friends.

We are positively surprised by all the help that has been offered to us and are looking forward to the future with great excitement. We want to add that none of this would have been possible without all the wonderful contributions from you, our community. Keep the positive energy flowing and share it with others. Ahead of us is a bright future where we will be able to admire what we have all created.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We would be happy to hear from you. And if you would like to contribute to the project, then we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer via [email protected]

We are listening!

All the best!

HTMLCOIN Core team

Source: https://htmlcoin.com/official-announcement/

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HTMLCOIN Community

We are pleased to announce that our White Paper will be released in the upcoming days. 

Thank you all for your support.


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HTMLCOIN Community

Dear Htmlcoin Family,


Today marks an important day in the history of Htmlcoin. The “little coin that could” that debuted in early 2014 has now made its way up to the top of the “mountain” and is ready to speed with all its might down the other side and on into the future. With a burgeoning and ever-expanding world-wide community, uniquely innovative business plans, and a newly developed blockchain platform that brings the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum together, Htmlcoin proudly announces the release of its white paper.


The Htmlcoin white paper details the evolution of the coin from its early stages as merely a cryptocurrency to its present state as an independent blockchain platform with the ability to host multiple tokens and initiatives. The technology is thoroughly explained and the business plans are laid out. Htmlcoin is prepared to become one of the true innovators in the crypto world.


The community is what drives the Htmlcoin train forward. This white paper is a reflection of that community. It exemplifies how a group of volunteers from all corners of the globe can come together with passion, commitment, and vision to make something great. Htmlcoin is that something. With huge thanks to the entire Htmlcoin community for their dedication, hard work, and expertise, we are excited to share our vision with the world. We are proud to release the Htmlcoin white paper.




Amando R. Boncales, MS Ed, MA, PhDc.
CEO & Founder
The Htmlcoin Foundation


White Paper: https://htmlcoincom-pfxdtfqnnxx.stackpathdns.com/inc/uploads/2017/10/Htmlcoin-White-Paper-V.5-For-Public-Release.pdf

Source: https://htmlcoin.com/whitepaper/

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I Can Haz Crypto

Hey guys, im having issues with the wallet? can any one assist!?


downloaded the wallet, installed and when it tries to open i get that message... 



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HTMLCOIN Community

Security Best Practices – Keeping Your Htmlcoins Safe


The Htmlcoin dev team will not tolerate ANY unofficial software on any of our social sites, no matter how helpful or innocuous it seems. GITHUB is the only place to get your Htmlcoin software. Unofficial tools, such as the price hacking tool that infected other crypto community in October 2017 causing some of its members to lose all of their coins, can carry viruses that could jeopardize the security of the Htmlcoin network.


In order to help reduce the chances of a virus infecting our community, we will delete any post or link with a download of an executable file or application (including mobile apps) across all communities, including Reddit, Telegram, Slack and elsewhere. This includes price trackers, market analysis apps, portfolio trackers, and even development tools. The only source of Htmlcoin tools will be our GITHUB site. If you are to download third party tools for your own private use, please only do from reputable app stores and sites, and be advised that you do so at your own risk.


What Can You Do?


After the swap, a lot of us will be moving our Htmlcoins from an exchange to a wallet and staking. With this in mind, we would like to remind everyone that our recommendation is ALWAYS to store your wallets as safely as possible, even on a separate computer (a raspberry pi can be used) from your normal everyday machine if possible.


Keep all anti-virus software up to date, run scans regularly, and follow the rules of common sense and good hygiene in what you run on your computer and the sites you visit.

In addition, if you think your machine may have been compromised, even if your wallet is encrypted, you should move all of your coins to a newly generated wallet on a secure computer. Encryption is slow to break, but it is possible with weak passwords, and if the virus also installed a keylogger onto your computer, hackers could acquire logs that include your password.


Remember, while your wallet is running there is always the risk that it could be infected by Android or iOS exploits that allow a hacker to read your data, so please be as diligent and responsible as you can in keeping your devices virus free and your wallets safe. There is no such thing as being too paranoid when thinking about the security of your PC, Mac, or mobile wallet.

Thank you, and please keep security in mind when storing your Htmlcoins.

The Htmlcoin Foundation

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HTMLCOIN Community

Dear Htmlcoin Team, 
Good day!
When we launched Htmlcoin in 2014, we envisioned a large global Htmlcoin community. Now, in 2017, we not only have that growing global community, but we have it built upon a foundation of diversity. Diversity is our strength.
I am proud of our community’s diversity and grateful for the dedication of every team member. I am very excited about the speed in which we are moving forward. 
Our executives and team players are working hard to make things happen. Our marketing people, in particular, are moving heaven and earth to spread the good news about the many applications of our Htmlcoin blockchain technology.
About to take place in the next few weeks is the long-awaited swap, which also signifies the beginning of the unveiling of the new innovative Htmlcoin blockchain platform. Our community is really beginning to ignite, and the upcoming weeks and months will be an exciting time as our blockchain platform moves into full functionality.


I am inspired by our community’s commitment and dedication, and I have full confidence in what we can accomplish as a strong and cohesive team.  

Remember, my door is always open to everyone, and if I can help please let me know. ([email protected]).


See our Htmlcoin and Html Blockchain video: https://youtu.be/atpjXd8N714


Amando R. Boncales, MSED, MA, PhDc.
CEO & Founder

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I bought some Htmlcoin on bleutrade.com but I'm unable to transfer it out and into my wallet.  Do you know if they do the swap or do I need to contact them about this?


Found the info I needed here


Edited by sharpshot
update (see edit history)

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HTMLCOIN Community


Dear Htmlcoiners,


Good Morning from Chicago!


Today, the 20th of November at 12 noon Chicago Time, the “HTMLCOIN will be swapping to the new HTMLCOIN blockchain platform. The symbol will change from “HTML5” to “HTML.”

The new platform brings the project up to date with a full feature modern blockchain. Details on the new platform and project are included in our whitepaper at www.htmlcoin.com/whitepaper


These are the added and enhanced Roadmap Features of the Platform include:
1. Uses both the Bitcoin core (0.14) and Ether Client (CPP) codebase allowing Ether Virtual Machines to run on the more secure/stable Bitcoin UTXO model
2. QTUM compatibility layer which allows smart contracts, multiple tokens, and EVM to run on UTXO, as well as easy porting of existing Ethereum and Solidity Smart Contracts
3. Proof Of Work (POW 1%) and Blackcoin’s Proof Of Stake 3.0 (POS 1%) to ensure efficiency and security
4. Enhanced Hash Rate Compensation adjusts every 120 blocks with short, medium, and long block time samples make fairer and faster 60s
5. Oracles built on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine allow off-chain settlement of Smart Contracts with authorized data feeds like weather or stock prices
Real Time Checkpointing protects the history of the chain from being changed by 51% attacks by broadcasting block height and hash of the main chain.
7. Simple Payment Verification SPV allows Android or iOS mobile wallet to authenticate a transaction or Smart Contract without downloading the entire blockchain (planned q1 2018)


HTMLCOIN is a community-driven project to deliver a high feature smart contract/EVM/DAPP compatible platform which will be used to bring meaningful and broad adoption of blockchain technologies. Through our global community of 20,000+ members, we plan on providing people with the tools, support, and resources to make this happen. Htmlcoin is about empowering people and creating opportunities. Ultimately, we envision a “humanized” blockchain rather than something only accessible to a technological elite


Swap updates
If your holdings are on exchanges (
Yobit, Bleutrade, Coingather), swap from HTML5 to HTML will be automatic. If your holdings are in a local wallet you can swap with the self-swapping webform available later on 20th November. Don’t panic, self swapping at 1:1 will be available for 60 days before the ratio reduces to 2:1 (days 61-90) and 3:1 (days 91-105), the swap offer closes on day 105. The new QT Wallet will be made available from the HTMLCOIN GIT repository on 20th November prior to the swap completes.


The HTMLCOIN project is building a new blockchain as a utility for the coins/tokens on it, which are a store of value and a medium of exchange, the value of the coins is something dictated by the markets and not the Foundation. Put simply, all the coins are out there and have been mined/forged/minted, and you are selling them to each other for what you think they are worth.

The HTMLCOIN Foundation strived in getting the best technology in place to secure the future of the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and gain broad adoption of secure distributed ledger technology. No one from the Foundation will discuss the value of HTMLCOIN or encourage its purchase on exchanges. Any comments that may be construed this way are private views and not those of the Foundation.


Information Releases:
For the next few weeks, we expect misleading information and spoofing. The only authoritative source of information are the HTML Foundation social feeds, websites and GITHUB. If in doubt, confirm with at least two officers of the Foundation at www.htmlcoin.com/meet-the-team/


Chat with us here: https://t.me/htmlcoinofficial


To Life,


The Htmlcoin Foundation
332 S Michigan AveSuite 1032-H694
Chicago IL 60604-4434

[email protected]
[email protected]


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