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UPDATES for 3rd Week of October 2014: Added to CRYPTSY, C-CEX and Many More After 30 Days


I -  We are in CRYPTSY now. Yes you read it right! See the link: https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/HTML5_XRP


- We are currently trading in ripple at cryptsy, we aim to be listed in Litecoin and Bitcoin in the nearest future, depending on the volume and our coin's market value. 

-To be in cryptsy is a big step. This will show who determined our community members to make html5 succeed! 

-We are planning to be listed in major trading sites, making html5 visible to the altcoin community.


II - Included in Coinpayments, see: https://www.coinpayments.net


- Payment gateway providing buy now buttons, shopping carts, and more to accept Bitcoinand other altcoins like html5 online.

- Recently, Newnote Financial Corp. acquires equity in Coinpayments Inc. Just imagine where HTML5 is heading!


IV - Added in CoinToPay, see: https://cointopay.com


-Cointopay International B.V. is providing crypto payment and web wallet services.


V -  Relisted in C-Cex.com again, see: https://c-cex.com/?p=html5-doge


-C-cex believes in our coin by relisting. The is another great news. Trading now is expanding there. 

-Like bleutrade. c-cex has the ability to trade in any coin you want. 

-You can also use the merchant app if you want to accept html5, see: https://c-cex.com/?id=merch


VI -  Listed in CoinGecko, see https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/htmlcoin


-CoinGecko aims to collect all the data required to quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of an altcoin. 


VII - Added in CoinToPay, see: https://cointopay.com/


-Enables you to use virtual crypto currencies like BitCoin in an easy way. E.g. buy goods online, receive invoice payments from your customers or enable shopping cart checkouts. 


VIII. One Block Crawler & One Block Explorer: http://www.htmlcoin.com/service


IX. Two Faucets now: http://www.htmlcoin.com/projects


-A place to some coins for free!


X. Verified Proof of Developer, see: http://cryptoasian.com/html-htmlcoin/


-Establishing integrity and trust.



HTMLCOIN… Approximately 30 Days Later


By Take to Task


Ok. So… for those who have been following, htmlcoin went through a transition in a way that most cryptocurrencies have not. I’d even argue, in a way that most stocks have not.


Let’s recap up to the transition to html5coin:


-The original htmlcoin was stupidly easy to acquire *and* in large amounts.

-The original algorithm was flawed.

-The difficulty never rose.

-People in general declared this coin dead.

-The coin mysteriously and confusingly traded *well* for Dogecoin and, on occasion, traded for a small amount of Litecoin.

-The developer never gave up on the coin. Always promoted it.

-The developer announced a new, fixed algorithm, an updated coin name, and a reverse split of 1:15 (depending on when you did the trade) for the new coin.


Now, you have to understand, many of those attributes listed above should have meant htmlcoin’s demise. So many coins have disappeared, and they had far less flawed attributes than what was listed here. Hell, so many stocks in the regular world of Wall Street would have been looked upon unfavorably just for that reverse split alone (especially penny stocks).


Here’s the difference, and this purely opinion.


-Ian, the promoter (and developer, I think) of html5coin, never gave up! He lived up to the title of promoter – he pushed this coin everywhere.

-Ian was not in it for a get-rich-quick-with-bitcoin scheme. If he had been, he’d have given up long ago. Instead, he wanted (and *still* wants) this coin to succeed and become something more.

-The entire html5coin community wants this coin to become something more. And, to clarify, that does not mean it has to supplant bitcoin or even ever be worth more than bitcoin. It just has to thrive and continue to have a use, whether that’s in an exchange, or in a marketplace (or both).


So, how does hmtl5coin appear to me today, just (approximately) 30 days after the transition? More bullet points… :P


-htmlcoin still trades well with Dogecoin.

-htmlcoin trades well with Litecoin.

-htmlcoin trades with Bitcoin (at 1 satoshi, so far), and never did that before.

-htmlcoin is now one of the “premium coins” at Bleutrade. That means, html5coin is grouped with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (although Bleutrade allows any coin they have to be traded with any other coin they have). Now, while we can all argue that Ian may have offered them some money, I don’t think that matters. Why? If I were running an exchange and you offered me what I perceived as “monopoly money,” I would not accept. Instead, they put html5 at the top with the three coins everyone in the crypto world knows. That means the Bleutrade has faith in the coin. And why shouldn’t they, html5coin is actually trading for higher value coins in a way it never did before.


I’ve even heard the conspiracy theories of Bleutrade being behind html5coin, but I don’t believe that. Though, even if that were true, I’m still doing well with html5coin and I’ve lost nothing in the process. Isn’t that what we want – to play in the cryptocurrency world with as little risk as possible? html5coin certainly exemplifies that and has done so since its inception.


I know things can change in a heartbeat, but I wanted to give you a perspective – my perspective – of how html5coin is doing so far.

HTMLCOIN is different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people you meet in the street. Cryptocurrency integration to the public is our core value. We will be releasing android apps to make HTMLCOIN mobile, soon!


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Update: Building the Chinese Market Share, Highest Volume in XRP Cryptsy Market & More Services

1. Paper Wallet Service - The advantage of paper wallets is that they essentially store your coin on a physical piece of paper, removing it from the digital world and safeguarding it in the physical one. This makes them essentially unreachable for spending until they are brought back online, but it is the most secure way to store coin long term (Cointelegraph, 2014) http://goo.gl/4fSu7O
2. HTMLCOIN Highest Volume in Ripple Cryptsy market, see https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/HTML5_XRP - This show confidence among traders, a good indicator of a strong coin in the market. (November 1, 2014).


3. We got listed at Cryptex https://cryptex.biz/market/112 - Another addition to our trading market!
4. Our Facebook Group exploded to 1000 plus membership. This organic growth is vital in our community. Members are the bloodline any community, see https://www.facebook.com/groups/htmlcoin/
5. Solo Mining Instruction - We develop an instructiona material, see http://goo.gl/IkKe9G
6. Bleutrade.Com - Is the official home of HTMLCOIN!
7. HTMLCOIN China Campaign - We are building organically our China market share. By embracing big markets like China and attracting new users of digital currency HTML5 Coin will withstand the stiff competition within the cryptocurrency markets. The stakeholders of our community will be handling this effort. Please say hi to our Chinese Team, use Google Translator to communicate, see: goo.gl/uX9NIE
8. In this coming weeks we will be using MailChamp to manage our increasing membership email communications.
9. HTMLCOIN was feature in video, showing the most recent development of our community and the team, see: http://goo.gl/jnkO1F
10. Last November 1, 2014:  HTMLCOIN is up 51.18 % Increase CONGRATS to the team! 


HTMLCOIN is different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people you meet in the street. Cryptocurrency integration to the public is our core value. We will be releasing android apps to make HTMLCOIN mobile, soon!


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Updates (November 10, 2014): Cryptsy LTC Market, China Expansion, & Celebration!


1. We are happy to announce that HTMLCOIN HTML5 is named as the one of the “BEST ALTCOINS AND CRYPTOS TO MINE AND INVEST IN FOR HIGH PROFITS,” see: http://fuk.io/november-2014-report-best-altcoins-and-cryptos-to-mine-and-invest-in-for-high-profits/


2. Cryptsy added us in the LTC Market, creating more trading volume in our currency. We are hopeful that Cryptsy will continue to add us in BTC and USD market in the future. To be added in these markets (BTC & USD) would mean community expansion, see:



3. We are listed in World Coin Index. It onlys shows that we are making significant progress in the altcoin community, see: http://worldcoinindex.com/


4. We continue our effort in establishing our “China Market Share” by forging alliance to our Chinese friends and counterpart using social media (QQ: group is 1771376738). (image from Christopher DiSanto)



5. To celebrate our progress as a community, pls watch this videos:


http://goo.gl/YFB5Rg (Charleston)


6. Why you should start buying HTML5 coin at Bleutrade

By KitCoinH


Hi all,


This is my new post at Altcoin forum. To start with, I want to tell you a bit about my experience at BleuTrade, specifically, the HTML5 community at Bleutrade. When I first started on BleuTrade, the first impression was that most of the traders there are talking about and trading other coin with HTML5. That`s make me wonder why people are so much into HTML5. After one week of being on BleuTrade I found out why:



-HTML5 is the fifth coin that can be traded commonly on BleuTrade

alongside with all the other coins like BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin

and BleuTrade share. You actually have a button on top to

quickly trade HTML5 with any of the 90+ coins on BleuTrade.



BleuTrade has a large population of senior HTML5 holders online

almost 24/7 to support new users and push the coin`s further

development. When I first started at BleuTrade, I was given 10,000

HTML5 just as a “hello” (sweet right!)



-HTML5 has just finish its swap to X15, and the coin difficulty will increase very quickly,

which make the coin much more valuable within the next few months.

Early adopters with large amount of HTM5 will, for sure, be looking at

big ROI. 

-BleuTrade also allows you to own BleuTrade shares which

will give the owners dividend payout every 4 hours. Thus, anyone can

participates in BleuTrade development and growth. The more

Bleutrade shares you own the higher payout you will get every 4


-Last but not least, your dividend payout will increase if

there is more people trading and buying BleuTrade share. So, spread the word about BleuTrade and HTML5 and see your money growing everyday.



So far, BleuTrade is one of the most transparent Exchange site that I have ever used. 

Start going on to BleuTrade and say hello to the devs through the link here, they will be more than happy to give you some HTML5 for free at BleuTrade.

HTMLCOIN is different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people you meet in the street. Cryptocurrency integration to the public is our core value. We will be releasing android apps to make HTMLCOIN mobile, soon!


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i have HTML coin how to change to the HTML5 coin ?


my HTML coin wallet  can't sync. and don't get connection. node please



thank you

Unfortunatly the old HTMLCoin Swap is Over. We appoligize we are no longer able to exchange coins from the previous HTMLCOIN.

We appreciate your support during the conversion process and again appoligize for any inconvience it has caused.

HTML5 is a strong coin with a strong community. It's not too late to mine the new HTML5COIN as well,

as utilize the HTML5 Faucets that our members have made for us.

You can find information for both of these topics on htmlcoin.com.

There are many HTML5COIN GIVEAWAYS that go on in various exchanges and social media sites constantly.

Again we would like to appoligize for any inconvience and Thank you for your continued support for HTML5Coin

Edited by Marlena Carver

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I don't get why you guys keep locking the BCT thread!  It makes this coin look very bad in my opinion and is VERY annoying to keep getting notifications from the thread but cannot post there!!  Puts the coin and the project in a very bad light.  If you have a problem with trolls, use a moderated thread but to have one there and keep EVERYONE locked out of a discussion does NO good at all, in fact it is just pissing people off and turning them away.

HTML5 Coin Does opperate a current BTC the link for that can be located at htmlcoin.com

Thanks for your support :)

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