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Opal is a rebrand of OnyxCoin V2


Opal – X13 CryptoCurrency
  • RPC Port: 51990
  • P2P Port: 50990
  • Algorithm: X13 POW/POS starts on block 15,000
  • Ticker: OPAL
  • Max PoW Coins: Approximately 15 million
  • 5% PoS Annual Interest
Block Reward Schedule
  • 90 second blocks
  • No Pre-Mine
  • Block 0-50 are low reward (15)
  • Block 50-15,000 are 1,000
  • PoW Ends on Block 15,000 (approx. 15 days)
  • MinStakeAge: 24 hours
  • Max: Unlimited
Opal is a re-brand, and entire re-release of OnyxCoin V2. (for more info see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=724186.0)
OnyxCoin V2 was a completely new coin – 100% detached from the original OnyxCoin – in everything except the name. The launch was successful, as was the mining period – and also the transition to PoS. Sadly, the Onyx name was too far tarnished by the original scam, and interest in the coin has faded. It is at this point that Opal was born…
Opal uses the OnyxCoin V2 blockchain, which has always been a fresh new chain, but has been completely re-branded and is now backed by a team of committed members who wish to see the coin succeed. We liked what we saw in the codebase, and the wallet, and felt this was a great foundation from which we could build on - the first task being to detach it completely from the original name.
The Opal team consists of several, experienced members of the alt-coin community with skills ranging from coin development and programming, to website development and marketing. The team is committed to seeing Opal succeed and will work hard to ensure this happens.
New Rebranded Wallet
-Rebranding the old onyx wallet with the new logo and releasing up launch of Opal
ETA: Complete
Opacity Encrypted Messaging
-Implement in wallet encrypted messaging and release new wallet update
Currently in development 
ETA: 1 Week
Multipool and Market stability
-Create and host multipool for scrypt/x11 algorithms with daily payouts in order to set market stability and allow users to acquire Opal through mining. Will hold vote on which algorithms are preferred by community
Proof of Developer
-Contact Cryptoasian and set a date and time to acquire ranking for POD.
ETA: Emailed waiting for response
Anonymous Transactions
Implement wallet upgrade to feature Anonymous transactions
More coming soon..
Opal is currently trading at the following exchanges:
http://explorah.net/opal (the richlist on this explorer needs updating - please see: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=761791.msg8774323#msg8774323)
Mac wallet released later today
Follow us for the latest news and progress updates on:
Bounties for logo entries:
Logo Contest Complete: Winner (Maximuss) receives 100,000 Opal - Everyone who participated receives 1,000 Opal - If you submitted an entry please PM us your Opal address
Bounties for translations (not auto generated!):
Bounty: 1,000 Opal per language
About Onyx
For those that don't know the history of OnyxV2 please see the original thread:

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looks interesting, i tweeted for you , ill keep an eye on this one :)


Thank you :)


Currently we are 2nd in volume on C-Cex.. hoping we can hit 1st today!

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How to Re-sync Blockchain from the Start

by RCan06

The first step before touching any file in your Opalcoin folder is to backup your wallet.dat file.
Under the file header, select backup wallet. It's smart to backup to another disk in case of hard drive failure.

After backing up your wallet, close it and go to your C:\ drive then navigate to the following:
C:/ > Users > Your Username > App Data > Roaming > Opalcoin
In the Opalcoin folder you will see the above files which are created after first starting your wallet. The most important file is your wallet.dat file, storing your balance information. The other files highlighted in red can be deleted and will be recreated fresh when your wallet is started. If you also delete your wallet.dat file replace it with your backup you will have created.

Note: If you can't see your App Data folder you will need to set your folder preferences in Windows to view normally hidden folders and files.
Open to 'my computer' and click Organize and Folder and Search Options

Then click Show hidden files, folders and drives.

On windows 8 : Just open a File Explorer window and click the "View" tab and tick "File name extensions" (on your top-right).


Finally, once contents are deleted except your wallet.dat, restart your Opalcoin wallet and it will begin to re-sync from the start of the chain. Your balance will appear as zero and will rise as the blockchain downloads and confirms your transactions.

Hope this helps out!

Edited by Voidlord (see edit history)

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Gemlock-dns is the first part of our gemlock security suite, and is the result of an outstanding partnership with altcoin.center.

Gemlock is a decisive tools in our security roadmap, soon, Opal user will check, directly inside his wallet if this one is the good one (the last and certified one) and if it is not corrupted !

How it works ?
by comparing the SHA1 checksums of your Opal wallet and the official Opal wallet.

Does it work ?
yes, but it is not yet automated.

Let's get checking our last wallet, (here is the tuto):

For WINDOWS users:

1. Go to C: create a new folder and name it FCIV
2. Download the File Checksum Integrity verifier : http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/f/4/cf454ae0-a4bb-4123-8333-a1b6737712f7/Windows-KB841290-x86-ENU.exe
3. In the file download box, click Save and save the file in the FCIV folder
4. Go to your FCIV folder and double-click on Windows-KB841290-x86-ENU.exe  then click ok
5. Click ok to extract the file (if asked, extract the file in the FCIV folder)

6. Click start, on the search field type

Press enter, then click cmd.exe
7. On this black command prompt, type
set path=%path%;c:\fciv
Press Enter

8. Download your favorite wallet on www.opal-coin.com at the Download Wallets  
9. Type (and replace the .zip file with the wallet you downloaded, as there are 3 different wallets).
fciv.exe -sha1 c:\the full path\where you downloaded\Opalcoin-Qt-exchange.zip
the SHA1 checksum is the 40 numbers and letters, after File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05,
example: 4c56186623bbaa7c2fea980b042270beafd3b53f c:\the full path\where you downloaded\Opalcoin-Qt-exchange.zip

10. Now, type:
And press Enter
it will displays your DNS sometime we encounter surprise here so you can check if they are yours, or if you have a box: if they are those of your ISP, type "Your ISP name DNS" in google to know them, and... anyway we need to type it ;)

10. Type:
set querytype=TXT
Press Enter

11. Type:
Press Enter
This order displays the genuine Opalcoin SHA1 checksums (the 40 numbers and letters).

12. Compare this guenuine SHA1 with the checksum fciv.exe gave you: they MUST be the same.
(beware to check the SHA1 of the good wallet as there are three Opalcoin client, to check it, just look at the name of your Opalcoin-Qt-Folder. Now in the command prompt look at the one which match with your Opalcoin-Qt)

 If the SHA1s are not the same: Close your wallet, save the wallet.dat in a easy retrievable folder (but not into your Opalcoin-Qt folder and not into in C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Opalcoin), go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\ and delete the folder Opalcoin, go to your Opalcoin-Qt folder you use to launch your wallet, delete the Opalcoin-Qt folder.

Press Enter to quit the nslookup utility.

Go to www.opal-coin.com and click wallet download, choose the walllet you need.
Now it is simple and cool, if you want to test again your last download from this simili-trusted pseudo-true opal-coin.com  (maybe you were not on the right official website :))

Type (and replace the .zip file with the wallet you downloaded, as there are 3 different wallets)
fciv.exe -sha1 c:\the full path\where you downloaded\Opalcoin-Qt-exchange.zip
Enter, check.

If the SHA1s are the same: Well done you have a certified official Opal wallet !
You can now run it, let it sync, (1 to several hours, depends on your bandwidth) and close it.
Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Opalcoin
and put your saved wallet.dat into the folder. now start again your wallet: and stake cool ! ;)


For LINUX users:

1. Start a shell / terminal, i.e. a text based command line utility

2. Go to the directory to which you downloaded the wallet software by typing the following command to the terminal, followed by enter, replacing “ /path/to/download folder ” by the actual location of the folder where you downloaded the wallet software. cd “ /path/to/download folder ”.

3. Type the following command to the terminal window, followed by enter, replacing “ Opal-Qt-opaque.zip ” with the name of the file you downloaded: sha1sum Opal-Qt-opaque.zip The sha1sum command outputs a line similar to this: 3a099ff6e8831885b00431bee693ea40b3ff9e39 Opal-Qt-opaque.zip Take note of the random-looking 40 character string. It is the SHA1 checksum of the file you have downloaded. Now compare it to the checksum provided by the DNS system at step 7.

4. Start the DNS lookup utility by typing the below command, followed by enter: nslookup

5. At the nslookup utility prompt (>), type the below command, followed by enter: set querytype=TXT

6. Make a DNS query by typing the address provided by the wallet developers to the nslookup utility prompt, followed by enter: checksums.opal-coin.com You can also use DNS checksum service provided by a trusted third party, such as Altcoin.Center: opal.signatures.altcoin.center Take note of the 40 character SHA1 checksums returned by the above command: checksums.opal-coin.com text = "Opal-Qt-opaque.zip 3a099ff6e8831885b00431bee693ea40b3ff9e39"

7. Compare the SHA1 checksum created at step 3 to the one provided for the same file by the DNS service at step 6. If the 40 characters checksums are identical, it means the wallet software file you downloaded is genuine. If the checksums are different, make sure the version of the wallet software you have downloaded is the latest one, and repeat all of the above steps. If the checksums provided by the DNS remain different after couple of hours have passed, please contact the Opal developers for advice


APPLE users, we cant forget you, i am just a little bit completly rusty with Apple file managment and prompts, so it takes me times... Camargh !

1. Open a Terminal (located in: /Applications/Utilities).
2. InsideTerminal prompt, type:

openssl sha1 /Your_full/path_to_file/Opaque-Final-Mac.zip
Press Enter

It dipslays the SHA1 checksum you will have to compare: 40 numbers and letters, here in red:
SHA1(/Your_full/path_to_file/Opaque-Final-Mac.zip) =3eb807b340d4e57aa79bb5422b94d556888bba60
with the SHA1 checksum of the official and certified opal wallets in the nslookup utility:

Press Enter

4. After (>) type 
set querytype=TXT
Press Enter

5. Type:
Press Enter

6. Compare the SHA1 checksum returned (still 40 numbers and letters), here in red with your wallet checksum, above:
something like: checksums.opal-coin.com text = "Opaque-Final-Mac.zip 3eb807b340d4e57aa79bb5422b94d556888bba60"

Press Enter to quit the nslookup utility.

If SHA1 checksums are the same, it means the wallet software file you downloaded is genuine. If the checksums are different, close your wallet, save the wallet.dat in another well known folder. then uninstall your Opalcoin-QT and download the latest version at www.opal-coin.com

Obviously, you can now quickly check your brand new latest download:
in the terminal type:
openssl sha1 /Your_full/path_to_file/Opaque-Final-Mac.zip
Press Enter and compare with the Opaque-Final-Mac.zip checksum of your last nslookup. if it is still different, call a developper on IRC.

If the SHA1s are the same: Well done you have a certified official Opal wallet !

The next step into security is to automate these processes, stay tuned ;)...

(P.S: thanks to Jyri from altcoin.center for the linux tutorial)
(P.S #2: the checksums written here are not real, these are just example)

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