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I used to mine at ispace pool. it has problem. sometimes it stopped mining for some reason. That's why I'm trying to find out way to solo mine this coin.


PM me what problems you have as we are always trying to improve things .... thanks.

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anyone know how to mine this with a Asic cube?

Not sure what drivers are needed for an ASIC Cube but if it operates similarly to the block erupters you could use MultiMiner. Thats the program I use for my asic block erupters mining sha-256 coins. 


An example setup once multiminer is installed would be:

Open Miner


Click the down arrow on "Settings"


Select "Coins"


Click "Add Coin"


Select Unobtanium


Now under "Host" enter a pool of your choosing, (make sure to sign up and create a worker and setup wallet payments) will look something like "stratum+tcp://ca1.miningpool.co"


To the right enter the port number for select pool. The port for the above mentioned pool is "10702"


Enter Worker name in the "Worker Name" box.


Enter your password for your worker, if no password is used you can leave it blank or type anything.


Make sure "Coin Configuration Enabled" is checked above the big box displaying the order of pools entered. (To add another pool just select "Add" and your miner will work starting with the first pool on the list; if that one goes down your miner will automatically switch to your second pool and so on.


Click OK


If multiminer recognizes the Cube device, right click the device and set it to "Unobtanium" then everything should be all set. The final step is click "Start"


Sometimes Ive noticed the miner will be unresponsive or may crash but this rarely happens and all one needs to do is close the program and try it again. It'll take a few seconds before you notice your cube hashing and it may take up to a minute for you to see its actual hashrate.


Sit back and let your worker do its job!



If this helped at all feel free, or not, to donate to any of the following ;)


Unobtanium - ucyarFcJUF7TLUSPzTEVGAAnw1TiwrrLoj

42 Coin - 4R64j9E1hDexVr8yzQXuwaAg76TRXYrN3n

Smartcoin - SbETGsnT5WSZJnWf63Vxpt3jufNPVTmKH1

Dogecoin - DSqYUn7sQK1XnjUD82uD1BUFH7vEstxFU7

Mooncoin - 2aLekEHiPvfamAnFbk3aUWa1JUysDwoYzP

Litecoin - LUAXZ9eCQskdYqd1z4XP8koS5hNbAaGZMi

Bitcoin - 1PXU8CLNF77VT1jvJaRrwz7K22hwyFqAto

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What the heck? The price doubled in no time. Is this because of the halve?

Someone's spotted that there aren't many left, around 100,000. 

Unobtanium up +163.65% on Cryptsy.

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Just found this new addnode.  Add this to the conf file and restart the client:



Two Thumbs Up! It's Synching now.

I wonder why these nodes isn't included into the release, so the damn things works out of the box.

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For now UNO is not available at Coinswap. I already sent a request to include it - but probably more people have to request it in order to be included. In case you can help, it would be appreciated.







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please donate for dev.

BTC: 13MVMftimCmpQEsryo47pTs97ubmwkT31Y
LTC: Lh9ChfS1X3YWXmapr66nQjj3qZmys3qkNw

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The new windows wallet is an installer. It will just install the new files to the folder you specify. You then either move those files to where you want to open the wallet software (aka storage vault) or run the unobtanium-qt.exe file from where you extracted it to.


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