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☆ Introducing

☆ Future Developments


Popular Coin is only 1/2 a Year into its Chain and Has Come Very Far.

We Plan on Continuing to develop the Product of PopularCoin well into the Future!


"Like Popular Culture we will Always Be Changing and Redefining Ourselves"


The Next Development that we are working towards is a New form of Generating Coins

Yes thats right we have an Innovation Coming




☆POP - Proof of Participation


With Proof of Participation we plan on creating wallets that allow Users to Participate

In Voting for Song of the Day, Movie of the Week and More Which Will Generate Coins for Each Vote


POP wont stop there, that is the only the first Goal Of Wallet Development of our Future

We will also have live Chatting in the Wallet Available and Games that will generate POP coins.



☆ Interactive Virtual Wallet Network


Ultimately the idea is to have an Interactive Virtual Wallet Network

Connected through our website Popularcoin.com


Within the wallets there will be voting, games, chatting, direct messaging,

and then the list goes further into the future, video chat, video/audio streaming,

Reward for Promoting via Twitter, Facebook and other Social Platforms

All of this will Pay out in Popular Coins via PoP


Imagine a Twitter / Reddit / Facebook / Myspace with Snapchat, Skype, Youtube

That is all Connected Through the Wallet/Website and Pays for Participation

The Artists you View Get Coins and You Get Coins

All Participation is Rewarded

Based on a fixed inflation rate of 2% Each Year,.. Right?


All of this is still Being Conceptualized,

We need involvement from everyone in order to make this Work

Please Post in this Thread any Thoughts or Suggestions




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As it goes,


the first thing we will focus on is a wallet that can vote for song of the day


This will generate a certain amount of coins per vote (maybe based on a certain % of inflation)

for example if 100,000 coins are generated per day via PoP then each voter gets a % of that daily inflation based on how many people voted

So if 10 people vote, at 100,000 coins per day, at the end of the day a payout of 10,000 coins per voter, if 100 people vote, then 1,000 coins per voter and so on


Idealy the wallet will also be able to play the song of the day that was voted on the day prior,

we will have a submission form on the website so people can add songs for voting

then the voters just input an address for the song they want to vote for,.. Something along those lines


While we are creating this we might as well add the first versions of talking POP wallets with a live chat


just to give an idea of where we are going and where we will start,..

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How is this idea progressing?

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Thats a good question Flark :)


We have been working on a way to incorporate the POP reward system into PopularCoin.com.


It will be a slow process but the first things that we want to do is have games that pay in POP and Video Viewing, we will have to have a sign in and it will be more part of the next wave of dev after the website.


We are going to try having a payto vote and the winner gets the pot, or "POP" as it will be called,.. along with this we would like to develop a feature for the people that vote for the winner to get a portion of the coins back.


We will have to do some fundraising or just keep growing the market to fund the project, eventually it will happen.

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Still Going Strong! Checkout POPNOMICS.COM

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5 Years and POPNOMICS is Doing Great!

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