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Presstab's Staking Journal - 14,428 HYP Start

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I am going to keep track of one of my wallets here and all of the stakes that occur. I am going to start it off with 14,428 HYP and we will see what it turns into.



The trading value for 14,428 HYP on the 16th of July is about 800 sats - so the starting btc value is around 0.1148 btc

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Alright, looks like almost all of my blocks have staked in this wallet. Right now (7/28/14) the balance is 17,432. So I have been able to get a stake reward of about 3,004 HYP.  Still have about 10 smaller blocks attempting to stake.


3,000 HYP is about 0.022 btc at the time of posting this - @ 740 sats.

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Lots of staking action in this wallet. I don't have it open 24/7 so I have a lot of coins with large stake weight that need to stake still. Right now the balance is 25,165 HYP.  Not bad a month and ten days.

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Ok currently my journal wallet has 34,584 HYP. It contains a lot of small blocks that haven't staked yet, and are 40 or so days old. 


The potential stake in the wallet is 8,710 HYP, so if I include the future value of the coins, i will have close to 43,200 HYP!  


So in about 3 months, I have 34.5k of usable HYP, and the exchange rate is currently about 3000 sats, so a total value of 1.035 BTC. Including "future" value of the staked coins it would be worth 1.305 BTC.


Not bad from 0.1148 btc to 1.035 btc in just 3 months!

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