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Wallet Feature Requests

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Please leave all bug finds and feature requests for the wallet here.


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OK, I have two new ideas. The first one is to have your daily wallet balance posted to transactions list every midnight. This way you know what you had on what day. Can be used to compile history charts, rate of return, etc.. I think it would be very useful. Maybe a tab in wallet for history, graph info?


Second can you please have an option to make Coin Control full screen. When I am looking at it I really need to expand it every time to do what I need to do in there.



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Option for deleting an address. Two uses:

  • Deleting these new addresses created because the instruction for splitting addresses were poorly understood
  • Following the principle of using an address only once (like Satoshi proposed initially)


I've considered adding this as well. But I am not sure it is a great idea. If you remove the private key from the wallet you could lose coins.


Better to just rename the address to "LOCKED" and move coins out of it and never use it again.

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