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Don't leave your Mining Console non-modal dialog window open. I just found two blocks with the console open, and BOINC at full blast in the background. Result: 10GRC total. Solution: After closing the mining console, relaunching grc-qt and  BOINC, and not leaving the console open, with BOINC at same settings grc-qt reads 100 utilization properly.

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got it, thanks very much. so it takes around 7 mins?

It should show up in the unconfirmed right away, but takes 6 confirms to be available to spend (2.5 mins * 6 = 18 mins) could be faster depending on how fast people find blocks.  Some services do not require as many confirms.

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New version available:

v1030 (MSI v3.1) is available for download on www.gridcoin.us.  The MSI and the ZIP have been updated.  


Please update your clients.  


Note:  This is not the much anticipated pool mining production version, but it contains the feature that will let you test pool mining.


It is also critical that we go through this exercise to upgrade each clients block chain to the new expanded gridcoin version, which stores the boinchash in the chain, the boinc credits over time, and the avg user trend.


It is important that these values start to propogate to all gridcoin users so we can move forward with a standard chain across all clients that will let us finish the development of the pool mining credit algorithm and let the block explorer see the boinc utilization, md5, and other security information in case anyone asks why the user received > 5 subsidy.


There are 2 major issues you have to overcome to successfully upgrade.  One, please backup your wallet and your gridcoin.conf file (you can make a backup folder in your usersyournameappdataroaminggridcoin folder if you want to dump your entire folder in there.  Then delete the Blocks and the ChainState folder--  the Blocks and ChainState must be wiped out in order for the database to expand.


Download the new version to your machine, before running it:


The second issue is you must delete your c:program files (x86)gridcoin folder contents (as the MSI installer will not kill the old gridcoin-qt.exe file or the dll files by itself, working on a fix for that to see if the installer will listen to upgrade commands eventually), so please erase your program directory and then re-install the new MSI.  Launch it, and verify the client syncs up to the current block.


To test that you are running the newest version, you can go into the gridcoin-qt Help | Debug | Console and type listminers.

You should receive a pool mining report (v1.3).  The boinc information will show up under "boinchash".  Going forward, the information will be stored in the chain and propogated to other users automatically.


Have a good one.



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It would also be good if we could get the word out. I don't think enough people know about this coin. "GridCoin" doesn't really say much about what it does, something "CureCoin" is capitalizing on. I understand the rationale behind its current name and don't disagree with it, but I haven't seen much buzz around it. Getting listed on an exchange (I signed the Cryptsy thread), getting some vendors to accept it, getting the word out on twitter, facebook, etc. would be a good start.


Having someone that could do a sort of PR blitz would be good, but it'd need to be someone that knows where the big parts are.


One thing I think CureCoin is doing well in that regard that would probably help GridCoin a lot would be to have a singular listing in the various BOINC projects. I don't even know if that's feasible with this coin the way that it's structured (this one is decentralized, whereas curecoin is centralized), but it makes CureCoin visible on the charts for [email protected] which results in additional exposure.


I've mentioned GridCoin in several places as I truly believe in this coin and what it's trying to do. We'd get years of research done in a day even with just 1% of the hashing power that's dedicated to BTC/LTC, across multiple fields instead of just one. Not knocking CureCoin here, but I think their devs saw what you're trying to do and brought some big guns to bear with a centralized BTC clone (which is really all it is) and figured taking 10% off the top was reasonable. I expect they're going to manage to get listed on an exchange or three relatively quickly as there seems to be a lot of buzz around it.


I want to see this coin succeed, but it's going to need a significant jump in interest before that happens. I think some form of pooled mining will help in that regard, and maybe that should be the only real option, with everyone assigned as a "worker" in BOINC projects so that a singular 'group' shows up in the BOINC rankings with all of our total computational power on display. Then GRC will have more exposure and be able to point to real tangible benefit easily.


GridCoin is, imo, the best idea for a crypto currency to come along since BitCoin.

Like my posts or find them helpful? Help me out! Use my referral links or send me some goodies!


GRC: S6JofjgPdub5RoyAweheqF6F1TnmudAhCJ


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Oh OK, well you are close then.  Check your config file to make sure your mining against  If you arent it only pays you 5.


Good luck Tweaq.

It's all set to but it seems theres some kind of breakdown between bionic, because it doesn't show any ulitilization.

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IS you qt running in server mode? try launching the qt from .bat file and then try mining.


qt-client.exe -server - this is what should be in bat file.

Still no luck. tried lodctr /r. Mining locally, using rosetta and worlwide community. When I got back and checked I had "mined" another coin according to the notification. But still nothing in the wallet. This is at least 2 +5 GRC i've seen but still nothing in the wallet.

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Hmmm, the only thing I can think of here is trying different projects, and let us know if Seti is the one that isnt working (along with Asteroids, we'll have to work on those if thats the case).

Also, try the beta version if that doesnt work.  

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The -d then the #2 in my example points to nVidia device #2 on your machine (it might be zero, or not, depends on your machine).  If you go the guiminer route, you will see a drop down containing the device #s.  You should probably do that to work all this out.


To use the guiminer version of gridcoin: Remove gridcoin.  Install the MSI from the -beta (Email) link here http://www.gridcoin.us:90/gridcoinorg.htm from this location: http://www.gridcoin.us:90/download/gridcoin-beta.msi.  Install guiminer.  Copy it to the gridcoin directory.


Run it, and then you can use the gui to configure the cudaminer.


Blank screen:  When you issue the above telnet command from a dos prompt, you should receive a blank screen if gridcoin is running.


Good luck,

Rob Halford


PS You can also look at litecoins thread on "solo" cudamining litecoin as the help is exactly the same, except your configuration files.

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Gridcoin will always have a forum on CryptoCoinTalk.  Having a dedicated forum, which many coins do, is against the Hosted Forum Rules.  Meaning, any coins which has a dedicated forum can't he a Hosted Forum which Gridcoin is currently.  There is a difference between a hosted forum and a regular forum.  Every coin regardless if it has a dedicated forum or not has a regular forum on CryptoCoinTalk.


Gridcoin isn't even close to being a mature coin.  There are coins which are 6 months old which I wouldn't consider mature.  Bitcoin is just starting to gain popularity and it has been around for years.  


In the end, it's up to Rob what he wants to do with Gridcoin.  Having it where it is on CryptoCoinTalk.com is going to give it way more exposure then having its own dedicated forum.  I can guarantee that.


@mirrax - Girdcoin has more then one thread on CryptoCoinTalk.  Click on the actual forum name and not just the ANN listed in the Latest Posts.  https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/464-gridcoin-grc/


Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies.


Support:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/support/

Rules:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/guidelines/

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