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Superblock generation ihas been stuck since Mar. 25th due to a large whale staking on a non-windows node.




Could we get the foundation wallet to stake for a bit so we can get new superblocks in place? Or any other big wallets on windows who can stake for a while to update the neural network?

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Why do a few users stake many of the recent superblocks?  ( 8ed4ce08bfd7cb8a436eef5fc3be322f, 

0b5ef259411ec18e8dac2be0b732fd23, 0390450eff5f5cd6d7a7d95a6d898d8d )

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I am awaiting payout since 7 days: https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/5fbb6520a83d78819f7fb0c9796fe042
My Client is at version v3.7.11.0-unk, running 24/7 and in sync. Yet I have 41 active connections.
Net Weight: 33933887
Coin Weight: 28112
So what is wrong?

Every time I am looking in the client I see: Estimated time to earn reward is 1 day
In the past it shows hours and counts down over the time.

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Posted (edited)

@bibi Two ideas why this could happen:


1. Probability

The estimated time to stake is not like a countdown it's a probability that you will stake the next block and thus get your research reward. Furthermore, it is not very accurate, a better calculation is being tested at the moment. So do not trust this figure too much for the time being. And if the odds are against you, even with a very high probability, it may occur that you are waiting several days. So just be patient, I was in a similar position and had to wait 10 days. Sometimes you will stake more often than expected and sometimes less ☺️ At least there is the relaxing fact that you'll get your reward eventually if you stake in 6 months.


2. UTXOs

But looking at the numbers you are giving here, I see that you have 28k GRC staking. Is your wallet unlocked for staking and do you have lots of UTXOs? You can check this in the coin control section of the wallet (activate: Settings - Options - Display - tick "Display coin control" // Then go to the send section and click on Inputs... to display the UTXOs. If have lots of small UTXOs here, this might be the reason: Every UTXO bigger than 1 GRC is staking separately. So if you have - to give an extreme example - 2800 UTXOs of 10 GRC each, this adds up to your 28k GRC but the probability to stake with one of these 10 GRC-UTXOs is very low. The wallet doesn't display this at the moment.


There is a great post explaining the wallet itself, coin control, staking and much more:



Crossing my fingers that you'll stake soon, pal! 🙃


Edited by Herbert Simpson

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@bibi, my wallet is doing the same thing. If you notice the difficulty, it's been pretty high compared to what it has been, meaning that there are a lot of coins staking right now. This is good for network health, but can be aggravating as staking now takes several days. You'll get one soon. I'm averaging one reward every 3-7 days for roughly the same amount of coins and 1 thread of research running.

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The CBR poll is now live.


"Constant Block Reward (CBR) Value Proposal and Poll"


You can read the proposal on either reddit or steemit. Personally, I like steemit's formatting better (includes images and allows centering of equations).


Reddit Thread

Steemit Thread



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It seems, as if I'm not listed in execute beaconreport anymore, but listed in Neural Network:
list rsa

"RSA Report" : "1523554900"
"CPID" : "cd92b9525a14df746f32ca1f14513ffc",
"Earliest Payment Time" : "10-23-2015 16:36:48",
"Magnitude (Last Superblock)" : 1.00000000,
"Research Payments (14 days)" : 0.00000000,
"Daily Paid" : 0.00000000,
"Expected Earnings (14 days)" : 3.15000000,
"Expected Earnings (Daily)" : 0.22500000,
"Fulfillment %" : 0.00000000,
"CPID Lifetime Interest Paid" : 3751.13712854,
"CPID Lifetime Research Paid" : 13041.58000000,
"CPID Lifetime Avg Magnitude" : 11.31125784,
"CPID Lifetime Payments Per Day" : 14.45763211,
"Last Blockhash Paid" : "27808690ca4885b89f8e2f20ab72f4eb36f1beb91b8f6ff40150bfaf5f944e4d",
"Last Block Paid" : 1147132,
"Tx Count" : 1198
"Magnitude Unit (GRC payment per Magnitude per day)" : 0.22500000

As you can see in https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/cd92b9525a14df746f32ca1f14513ffc , since 2018-01-26, I haven't got any DPoR anymore, only POS.

In getstakinginfo, my NeuralPopularity : -1

"blocks" : 1217423,
"stakeweight" : {
"minimum" : 1026537,
"maximum" : 1030182,
"combined" : 9253152,
"valuesum" : 115664.47445285,
"legacy" : 115664.47445285
"netstakeweight" : 36624494.33820945,
"staking" : true,
"mining-error" : "",
"mining-message" : "Stake Weight 9253152; ",
"time-to-stake_days" : 0.32982639,
"expectedtime" : 28497,
"mining-version" : 9,
"mining-created" : 6,
"mining-accepted" : 6,
"mining-kernels-found" : 6,
"InterestPending" : 64.16046835,
"kernel-diff-best" : 1.65656037,
"kernel-diff-sum" : 0.01683481,
"difficulty" : {
"proof-of-work" : 8.23948943,
"proof-of-stake" : 2.43931930,
"last-search-interval" : 1523554656
"pow_reward" : 30.00000000,
"errors" : "",
"pooledtx" : 4,
"stakeinterest" : 0.01500000,
"testnet" : false,
"PopularNeuralHash" : "",
"NeuralPopularity" : -1.00000000,
"MyNeuralHash" : "d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e",
"CPID" : "cd92b9525a14df746f32ca1f14513ffc",
"RSAWeight" : 0,
"Magnitude Unit" : 0.22500000,
"BoincRewardPending" : 0.00000000,
"MiningProject" : "[email protected]",
"MiningInfo 1" : "Boinc Mining",
"MiningInfo 2" : "Poll: Constant_Block_Reward_(CBR)_Proposal_and_Poll",
"MiningInfo 5" : "",
"MiningInfo 6" : "",
"MiningInfo 7" : "",
"MiningInfo 8" : ""

execute beaconstatus

"Command" : "beaconstatus"
"CPID" : "cd92b9525a14df746f32ca1f14513ffc",
"Beacon Exists" : "Yes",
"Beacon Timestamp" : "11-23-2017 20:14:26",
"Public Key" : "04a0f9a97ce8569fad103ed788b7626fae56f478460de1d43d1ccb98d31b65e0a36d13743ee0e2415e36d6d7a86dadb97f8d97e993a7bc1d45fbc111f46612073f",
"Private Key" : "xxx",
"Local Configuration Public Key" : "04a0f9a97ce8569fad103ed788b7626fae56f478460de1d43d1ccb98d31b65e0a36d13743ee0e2415e36d6d7a86dadb97f8d97e993a7bc1d45fbc111f46612073f",
"Magnitude (As of last superblock)" : 1.00000000,
"Block Signing Test Results" : true,
"Configuration Status" : "SUCCESSFUL"

My last stake:

Transaction Stake Data

Height: 1216964
Block Version: 9
Difficulty: 4.34339771
CPID: cd92b9525a14df746f32ca1f14513ffc
Interest: 14.89045258
Boinc Reward: 0.00000000
Magnitude: 1.00000000
Average Magnitude: 4.44000000
Research Age: 75.56944400
Is Superblock: No

Why can't I stake no POR anymore?

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I am solo staking almost every day, already earned pow_reward, but do not get any. Why do I get only interest, but no research reward? My Average Magnitude: 4.44000000 and Research Age: 75.56944400, my "pow_reward" : 30.0, so what happened since 2018-01-26, as you can see: https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/cd92b9525a14df746f32ca1f14513ffc

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Gridcoin Community Hangout #054

Hope to see you all at the Hangout tomorrow!

CBR! Whitepapers! Polls! We have a lot of stuff to talk about, and I don't think I've ever posted about it on this thread... so, reminder for everyone to join. Open invite.


Come to our Discord, and join the #hangout room for more information on how to get in on the action: https://discord.me/gridcoin/

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Dear GRC community,

I am currently working on a Uscore newsletter.

We would obviously like to link gridcoin.us, but we can't according to German laws. We will eventually also need to erase the links from the website. The reason: a missing imprint. We would need to have a liable entity putting real contact data there. We think that nobody should do it with their personal info. 

I think we all agree that we as a community want Gridcoin to grow. We want it to be standing right next to currencies like Ethereum.

Thus, we propose to go the long way: forming a non-profit organization run mostly by members of the community. An example would be the Ethereum Foundation, but bigger decisions would base on community consensus (according to the yet-to-be-written company agreement - obviously also voted upon).

This organization could 
+ eventually handle the foundation funds - sure, with e.g a 2 of 3 multisig system until we have a better solution
+ pay developers
+ handle requests for partnerships (this already happened and could nearly not be handled!)
+ become a liable institution for situations stated above
+ bring Gridcoin the professional face it needs to keep up with all the fancy currencies out there (IMO)

The organization would pay itself from the foundation funds where necessary (initial costs, setting up contracts, running it, tax accountant, ...) and outsource work to community members where possible (maybe we have a tax accountant in the community doing it for free or at least for lower rates).

If there are any volunteers willing to help setting this up, I am all for it! I do not intend to do this, much more important, I do not intend to do this alone if I had to be part in it.

If nobody else WOULD volunteer, I COULD do it.
I could take my small company (Quezolutions UG :o) that I never used much and convert it to a German Stiftung (= non-profit organization), well or start from scratch.
I'd want the foundation to pay all related costs the non-profit organization will have due to lawyers (for setting up contracts), possible lawsuits, insurances (especially against lawsuits), tax office, and to reimburse me for the time that I can't work in a usual job. Therefore I would add a poll some day to vote upon that. This poll result must be honored and not changed at any time as I could, in theory, face personal liability without the foundation funds backing me. Also my company/the non-profit organization should be able to employ people, if necessary, to decrease the time I have to put into it (I am thinking about a part time secretary, taking care of the daily business/paperwork) - again, if necessary - e.g. once 1 GRC = 10 USD I'd probably have a hell of a day answering to requests etc.

I'd like to invite interested people in the channel #non-profit-org on Slack or on https://chat.gridcoin.io (we have a bridge linking both channels) to discuss about this, and maybe we even find a team there to do it! Important decisions will be announced here.

Kind Regards, Quez

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