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BTC "I am your father"

GRC "Nooooooooooooooooo" :D

Jedi master "Join the dark fork you must!" 


Hahahaha.... lmao! XD 

MMmmmm.... we somehow must improve grc on the fork side of life... because we otherwise won't be able to efficiently use it in real life if we are on the forks too often.


Also, I wish that the integrated upgrade function be reinstalled again. Because it improves ease of use which is essential when it comes to common people use. If we have to manually download it from git or other sites, it feels like Windows 95.

While that's Ok for us crunching geeks here, it doesn't help with less involved people. 


Just look at Apple. Ease of use wins it all.


We also need an automated repairwallet option running at the startup of the wallet. Why? Well, my wallet is running smoothly, I did not expect any issues, did "repairwallet" just to check, and loooook at that..... a difference of 38grc showed up!

So, *even* if your wallet runs great, you want to do a "repairwallet" once in a while, just to make sure the displayed amount is right.


Keep on crunching guys! Push it! It's winter! Beside science, crunching keeps our homes nice and warm.... XD Have a great day! 

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1 hour ago, TJ81 said:

Hey guys, 


I deleted a project and now it appears in grcpool as orphan. Can I undo this by reattaching it?


Yes, as long as your client still has the same ids, you can reattach and get it out of orphan.

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Well , the problem is not fixed 100% , until it is fixed this will probably happen, we have to wait and see the results , wish there was a clearer communication though on when that is bound to happen but i am sure it will get sorted out in the end.

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