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[PRE-ANN]RhinoCoin - A Decentralized Record Label - XRC

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RHINO COIN – A Decentralized Record Label - XRC




Rhino Coin is unlike any other crypto-currency, each Rhino Coin represents an equal share in Rhino Records; the first decentralized record label and recording studio, all of its assets, productions, licenses and profits.


Rhino Coin is a decentralized music label that owns its very own recording studio.  On the first of each month all Rhino Coin holders will be paid a dividend equal to the previous months earnings of Rhino Records.  The real world business fiat earnings will be converted to BTC then to Rhino Coin and paid out to it’s corresponding shareholders.  Dividends will be paid out in Rhino Coin on the first of each month and divided based on the balances of each Rhino Address.  An eventual update will allow users to request a Bitcoin dividend option.


Rhino Coin is not just a recording studio and record label but also so much more.  Every month the Rhino community will vote on an artist that will be completely backed by the Rhino Coin Community, from pre-production to recording and release of their songs.  These artists will have their tracks available for download at RhinoCoin.org or iTunes (or similar) under the Rhino Coin Records umbrella where all proceeds generated will be returned to the community. 


In reality the Rhino Coin Community will be the first decentralized record label with its own professional recording studio capable of signing, funding and releasing artists as well as running the recording studio to profit the Rhino community.


While Rhino Recording will operate on a daily basis to generate income for the Rhino Coin Community each monthly artist will have access to the studio facilities and engineer during off hours to work on their project free of charge.  These works will then be sold to profit the community.  In effect this will be a great opportunity for the best music to rise to the top by Rhino Coin Community Votes.  It will offer a great opportunity and exposure to new talent while at the same time stimulating value and growth to the




Rhino Recording Studio Description & Layout



Rhino Recording is an all in one premier recording facility in the heart of downtown Montreal, Canada.  Created to provide a high quality, comfortable recording, mixing and mastering environment for artists, musicians and producers.  The studio features various acoustic spaces capable of endless creative possibilities.  Rhino Recording is proud to offer at the heart of the facility a Solid State Logic 4040G+ recording & mixing console.  The studios are also equipped with both vintage and the latest high-end digital audio equipment configured to offer the most flexibility to its users.  The facility currently houses two recording studios with adjacent isolation booths, a large live tracking room and a lounge with vending machine.


Rhino Studio Assets – Studio A & B



-        Solid State Logic 4040G+ Recording and Mixing Console

-        Digidesign Pro Tools C-1

-        Tascam US-2400 Remote Control Surface



Monitoring & Amplification


-        Dynaudio M2 Main Monitors

-        Dynaudio BM15 Near Field Monitors

-        Yamaha NS-10 Near Field Monitors

-        Bryston 4B Power Amplifier

-        MC2 750 Power Amplifier


Audio Interfaces, Software and Computers


-        Lynx: Aurora 16 Mastering quality digital converters

-        Lynx: AES16 -16 channels of aes/ebu

-        Steinberg Nuendo 6 Media Production System

-        UAD digital processing card

-        Mac Pro 8-core Power PC

-        Dual 19” LCD Monitors

-       Three 17” LCD Monitors

-        42” LG Plasma Display



Outboard Gear & Processors


-        Amek 9098 (2)

-        Focusrite ISA220 (2)

-        Vintech X73i  (2)

-        TL Audio C-1

-        Urei 1176

-        Urei LA4

-        Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

-        Evantide Harmonizer H3000SE

-        Lexicon PCM 70 digital effects processor

-        Lexicon PCM 60 digital reverb unit

-        Lexicon PCM 42 digital delay and effects processor





-        ADK A51

-        AKG D112 (2)

-        AKG 414 (2) Stereo Pair

-        Audio Technica 4033a

-        Audio Technica 4050

-        Geffel M930 (2) Stereo Pair

-        Shure SM57 (4)

-        Shure SM58

-        Shure SM81 (2)

-        Sennheiser MD-421 (6)

-        Sennheiser MD-441

-        Rhode Classic II Tube Micophone

-        Neumann TLM 147 Tube Micophone

-        Yamaha Sub-Kick



Musical Equipment


-        Marshal JCM 800

-        Marshal JCM 900

-        Pearl Masters Custom 6-Piece Drum Set

-        Kurzwel 88-Key Digital Piano

-        M-Audio 88-Key controller

-        Takamine Accoustic

-        Many More… …


List of Services


-       Mixing & Mastering

-       EP Live Recordings

-       Full Album Production

-       Voiceover & audio book

-       Synchronization to Video

-       Foley Recording

-       Composition & Arrangements

-       Audio Optimization and restoration

-       CD and DVD duplication



Client List and Credits

Note: clients are not affiliated with Rhino Coin or do they represent or own any Rhino Coin but have used the studio’s services in the past


-       The Brains

-       The Planet Smashers

-       Ellie Goulding

-       Kesha

-       Billboard “the producer”

-       The Mahones

-       The Rip Chords

-       Jon Lajoie

-       The Rising Few

-       Mitch Joel



One hundred percent of the profits of Rhino Recoding Studio and Record Label will be paid in equal portion to all respective Rhino coin holders.  This option to pay the dividend in Rhino Coin will aggregate the studio profits into buying power increasing the value, stability and longevity of your Rhino Coins.  All profits generated by Rhino Recording including but not limited to productions, works, recordings, bookings and rentals will be converted to BTC and then Rhino Coin which will be paid as a dividend on the 1st of each month.


The goal of Rhino Coin is to create a Decentralized Record Label, driven and backed by a community where Artists that can thrive, be developed and release projects funded by the Rhino Coin Holders where all proceeds will go back to the community. 


The Community will decide which projects and or artists to develop fund and release.  The community will also be able to use the services to help promote the longevity and future goals of RhinoCoin holders.


As part of the IPO to guarantee payouts and longevity of Rhino Coin all operating costs, rent, electricity, Internet and business taxes have been paid for a period of one year starting August 1st 2014 and ending July 31st 2015.  During this period the Rhino Recording will operate cost free as a true non-profit and 100% of gross income will be paid to the respective coin holders. 


As part of the launch of the RhinoCoinIPO we have successfully already made a partnership with “The Brain” and “Paris & Simo” both are working already successful artists who will donate some of their new works to the Rhino Coin Community.


The Brains

Take What I Want - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxfxO8QzKxk

Misery - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr3wKkebrN8


Paris N Simo

Escape - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fGn_nXX7Uw

Nova - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYkFSkuLtfo


Rhino Coin MultiPool – rhinocoin.org/pool


Even though you can’t mine RhinoCoin directly as a miner you will be able to mine on our RhinoCoin profit switching multipool.  Miners will mine other profitable alt-coins and all proceeds will go towards the purchase Rhino Coin.  Payouts to miners will be received in Rhino Coin.  


This pool will have 0% mining fee


The Dividend


The dividend is calculated and paid on the 1st of the month.  In order to receive your Rhino dividend you must enter your rhino address on rhinocoin.org/dividend where dividend payments will be processed and tracked.  The confirmed balance of each RhinoCoin address, as of 12:00am UTC will be used for dividend calculation.  Paying out the dividend to the registered RhinoCoin Addresses will eliminate payouts to exchanges, casinos, or unique transaction address, keeping the dividend payout within the investor community.  Each address will receive its respective share of the Monthly Profits generated by the Rhino Recording Studio and Record Label paid out in RhinoCoin.  All dividend payments will be public as will the total dividend payout.


Payment Options


Rhino Coin holders will first receive their dividend in RhinoCoin paid to their respective Rhino wallet address.  We are working on options to be paid out in BTC, which we will have the community vote on.


Voting Process


After the IPO www.rhinocoin.org will integrate a voting page where the community will be able to vote on a variety of topics, from monthly sponsored artists to the record label’s structure, management and/or marketing strategy.


Online Store


RhinoCoin.org will feature an online store where artists will be able to sell their music or productions for XRC or BTC.  RhinoCoin Records will look to form partnerships and/or licensing agreements with other music labels, allowing users logged into rhinocoin.org, to listen to a song or watch a video for a small fee (example: 100 satoshis).  This fee, which is nominal to the user, will be significant when all plays summed together.  This will ensure the content (music or video) remains free of 3rd party advertisement while rewarding the community and content creator at the same time.   RhinoCoin.org will be the new place for artist to feature and showcase their music or videos, reap benefits while eliminating annoying ads on many other sites.  All proceeds will be added to the dividend.







Algorithm:                  100% Proof of Stake with dividend

Total Rhino Coins:     20 000 000 RhinoCoin - XRC

Dividend:                   Paid MonthlyWallettw




RhinoCoin offered at 10 000 Rhino per BTC  (1 XRC = 0.000100 btc)


Week 1 Incentive – 20% Rhino Bonus

Week 2 Incentive – 10% Rhino Bonus

Week 3 Incentive –   5% Rhino Bonus


Feel free to email any questions or comments to rhinocoinipo@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @RhinoCoinXRC

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This coin came out last year in July, I am not even sure it is going anymore.


Yea, last tweet was in Sept 2014.  Too bad, the site looks great.


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Seems we missed out.


Looks like we didn't miss anything.   ;)


Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies.


Support:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/support/

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