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Hello and welcome to Crypto Database's CryptoCoinTalk thread.
About Crypto Database
Our overall goal is to create the largest list and collection of crypto currencies out there, and we have done it! No other site contains more coins than ours as of this moment and we are still adding in more information.
Coins Found
Multiple Faucets
Multiple fun games to play
Multiple coin categories
Faucet Features
1 hour claim times
1% reward bonus added to the current payout for MoonCoins  for each referral you have. Max of 100% bonus.
MoonCoin, DogeCoin, and MetalCoin faucets.
Payments every 24-48 hours.
Random rewards that change every minute for our MoonCoin faucet.
Quick Claim from our faucets from anywhere on our website when logged in.
Very simple and easy to use.
Quick Info
Why did you do this?
I love categorizing things and working on websites, so in my spare time I constantly insert and update information. Always looking for improvements to add.
My coin is not listed, why not?
If your coin has not been listed on our website or is missing information please post below so that we can update/fix this.
I would like you to add something to the site, how do I do that?
All suggestions and opinions are welcome, websites do not grow otherwise. If you are wanting to suggest something feel free to post it below or post it on our forums and we will decide if it can/will be done.
I think your website is great/bad, how do I leave feedback?
All opinions are respected and welcomed here in this thread. Please leave a review below and it could be added to our reviews page.
Visit our website today! https://cryptodatabase.net



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There is a lot of potential in all this data! is the data manually collected or a combination between automation and personal additions? 


It is a mixture of both, I manually search for each coin and list them and my api will display the pricing for it.

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