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NEW !! 08/24/2014

And NOW we have a NEW SHOP !!! in Amsterdam (for People from US, this is in Europe, Europe is a small village over the great Sea Cheesy)

and what can you buy in amsterdam??? yea you are right


Smartshop, Vaporizer, Cannabis seeds, Headshop, Lifestyle

multilingual shop


but much more, look around


Great new merchant Bitcoinlove,

well done sir updating the list now.

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1 We offer to put your ad on our walking Billboard. 3 hours a day 3 days a week. for 6 days.  

2.we will also print 500 flyers with qr links to the sites you designate,or a tweet to their friends get Orbit here.

3 when they complete this task and as many as you like them you tip them coins and they love you  ,go home spread the word.

4 we do this for $55.00 payable with your favorite traded crypto currency .


[email protected]

So we are  a  Brick and mortar businesses that accept orbit .

With this is also 303 N Gallery @The arts Factory 38 other businesses that with time we will have them all accepting crypto .


Is this one your store 

Coin club

http://dogecoinshop.wix.com/coinclub ???


ORB is fully decentralised so its anybodies add that wishes to place it,

Id consider making the donation, but I need more evidence of what where talking about?


As you can imaging a lot of people want something for nothing, so would be nice to see some links or pictures?

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NEW Service 09/02/2014 accepted ∅RB


Social Network Lead Magnets, Facebook Ads Master Course, Services, Consulting
You know you need to have a presence on social media networks, but are you actually getting new leads and customers?

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Two Swedish Etsy merchants are willing to accept ORB:






No CoinPayments there, manual order processing. Thanks to RedZeppelin at BCT.

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