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ORB stores services and merchants, spend ORB

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Reply from 

Crusade number, 6

store/serve, http://www.firebox.com/


Email response


Hello there
 Many thanks for getting in touch.
 Unfortunately we don’t accept any of those methods of payment, sorry about that. You can use paypal or any major credit/debit card.
 Hope this helps.
 Kind Regards,
 Kevin Smith
 Firebox Team


My reply


Thank you for the response,

do you know crypto currency goes up in value each year over 100%??
government fiat money goes down in value and buying power each year,, however you can convert the crypto to fiat at the time of payment if you like.
it just gives your customers more options, I beg you to look in to crypto currency, join the future, Coinpayments.net
Best Regards

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Today ORB gains 4 new services

thanks to my friend eXXeZZ for pointing them out


this beats yesterdays total of 3 services gained, however some of these 4 services are of a lesser quality.


ORB copper buying



Mining software 






Crowdfunding online game


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For a limited time, we opened ORB payments in our gold and bullion store - Coaex: https://www.coaex.com

This may be extended indefinitely, depending on community's interest in our products and services.



Coaex Support Team




Good news, one I just got my self some gold, two the site has agreed to support Orbitcoin full time :-)

adding this baby to the stores/services list.

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Just ordered my self some Hemp riz from http://btcpipeshop.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64&product_id=113

it feels good to support Orbitcoin stores/services.


Think it's coming from the other side of the world, but will let everybody know when it gets here.


(Review) My Order got here today came from Australia :D 

I got two free packets of papers along with my order so I'm happy, pure hemp paper as well. 

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Special offer first person to complete 30 crusades + gain one new merchant.

WINS a free shopping spree at our many merchant stores 


please no cheaters, I'll be asking the winner to forward me sent emails,

please if using a submission form on website, take a print screen image and save.


prize worth will be equal to ($100) so if you've been eyeing up some candy on one of our stores get involved.



OrbitCoin (ORB)



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