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Would you please consider taking payment in more crypto currencies via ?

Crypto-currency merchant account as one of your payment options.

Such as Orbitcoin + others, Crypto currency is a growing market as you know.


On a personal note I believe ORB as a space currency should be a payment option in my heart, 

love the work Virgin Galactic is doing.



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doing more stores, this is one massive method to help ORB,

at the end of each month I'll check to see how many stores we've gained and add them to the main list.


please join me in this crusade.

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Crusade number, 23



email response


Thanks for the question Jay! I actually have spoken about this at 

 length with and gocoin ( amongst other processors). 
 The problem is there are not enough altcoin gateways to USD. Our 
 suppliers only take payments in USD therefore we must convert any 
 payments that we received to USD. We have a reporting requirement here 
 in the US that requires us to list every transaction profit or loss on 
 our annual tax return. For instance say you bought $100 USD worth of 
 products and paid in orbit coin. Since no Orbit coin to USD gateway 
 exists, I would have to convert the orbit coin to BTC and then to USD. 
 Well I would have to report all 3 steps of the transaction on my 
 return. This is too burdensome for us as a small business to keep track 
 of. We currently accept BTC as payment through coinbase, because 
 coinbase has a nifty feature that allows them to instantly convert the 
 BTC to USD and deposit to our account in 2 days. This is currently just 
 as fast as my credit card processor and with NO FEE!!! . Unfortunately is only a processor. They have no plans to become a 
 gateway. Gocoin is a gateway however they require a minimum $500 to 
 withdrawal from them which sometimes we cannot meet on a daily basis. I 
 have a feeling that more gateways for altcoins will pop up in the next 
 year and that we will be able to accept any altcoin out there. That's 
 my goal anyway...
 Ampo Firearms


My reply


Thank you for the great response Graham.

Do you know that now has a USD option?? you can get your alt addresses to add to there, and add the option to auto dump for BTC, you can have your BTC set to Auto dump for USD I believe, so it all works as one smooth system.
but also you could just send the BTC to coinbase, I believe with the tax issues you will only need to show the amount in crypto cashed out to fiat but I could be wrong, thanks for the info on gocoin I'll check them out.
hope to see your company taking more crypto in the future.
Best Regards

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Crusade number, 3



Email response


Good Morning Jay Summers


Thank you for your email.







Customer service team


My response 


That was short lol 
clearly you don't no Crypto currency goes up in value more than 100% per year...
fiat currency goes down in value and buying power each year.


But good luck been a fail of a company lmao

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