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Vote for BitRaam




Vote for any or all of these Exchanges and receive 50 BitRaam coins for each Vote.


Please post your BitRaam address accompanied by the number of your Vote with the respective Exchange Voted on and you will receive 50 BRM directly to your wallet.


You can Vote as many times as you would like in a day, and as many times as the Exchange allows you to Vote without any fees required by that particular Exchange.


As long as the number of your Vote will coincide with the number on the site, you will be paid your 50 BRM's for your effort promptly.


Trust me, we will be fair and will keep track, therefore you will be able to receive more than 50 BRM in one day.


Wallet Download



Per example, at l_s.png https://c-cex.com/?id=vote, you can only vote once

at 9164598.jpg?160https://coin-swap.net/newcoin you can only vote once

at 5706069.jpg?170 https://www.usecryptos.com/voting you can only vote every half hour


at allcoin.jpg https://www.allcoin.com/vote you can only vote every hour


at, 7712889.png?157 https://www.swaphole.com/#!voting, you can only vote once every 12 hours


At 378813.jpg?158  https://comkort.com/vote  you can vote 5 times in 1 hour, every hour.


At  Kincoiny -BRM # 64 https://www.kingcoiny.com/index.php?page=voting


50,000 BitRaam will be Given Away in Total !!!!!!!


 This Giveaway will be open until the entire amount will be exhausted.


Thank you, for your participation.



This Giveaway is Officially Closed.

50,000 BitRaam Coins have already been exausted succesfuly!

I want to Thank You All for your support, and even though this Giveaway was successfully executed, it would be smart to continue supporting your investment further.

The more exchanges BitRaam trades  the better it is for your personal balance of BitRaam coins.

I want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July!!!!

And keep posted with new developments we have in progress, God Bless, In Digital Currency We Trust.

P.S. If you vote on Comkort while Logged In, you can vote 3 times for free, after that Log Off, and you can vote once more for free, for a total of 4 times.


Any questions, suggestions or just following up on new events, please visit this thread 




BitRaam is Certified and Approved by the Association for Digital Currency 






Tomahawkcoin, buy it once, it will pay you twice.


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1 - C-Cex.com  Vote#2 

2 - useCryptos.com  Vote# 147

3 - AllCoin.com  Vote# 335

4 - Swaphole.com  Vote# 12 







Thank You 

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AllCoin.com - 349

useCryptos.com - 155




Doing great , you are on point, thanks for your support.

Tomahawkcoin, buy it once, it will pay you twice.


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Mutar05 was paid 200 Bitraam at bitcointalk.org


Net amount: -200.00 BRM
Transaction ID: 41a2dfd24870af5ba7418a5e55335f46cd12360684b7e4b21b11dfd4608f680d

Tomahawkcoin, buy it once, it will pay you twice.


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They locked the page at Bitcointalk.org for the Giveaway as they have changed their rules, that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard, so i hope that all from Bitcointalk.org will use this site from now on and this thread to continue and claim BRM's, thank you all.


Below are the rules from Bitcointalk.org


"Most giveaway threads are no longer allowed in the Alternate cryptocurrencies sections. From now on, posting or replying to such threads could result in being banned. Existing threads will be locked.

Specifically, you are not allowed to give people any incentive to post insubstantial posts in your threads. You can't offer to pay people who post their addresses, usernames, etc. You can do giveaways off-site and link to the giveaway page in a thread, but you can't give people any bonus for replying to your thread.

Similar threads are already restricted to Games and Rounds in the non-altcoin sections, but the giveaway-related post volume is so high in the altcoin sections that I've decided to just ban them entirely here."



Tomahawkcoin, buy it once, it will pay you twice.


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