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[13 JUNE] KibweeCoin - PoW/PoC/PoS - 0% Premine - New Proof-of-Contribution system - Sources release today !

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KibweeCoin KiB




Coming Soon





Introducing the new Proof-of-Contribution

KiB is the first Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Contribution/Proof-of-Stake coin. The PoS will be activated after the PoW/PoC period, which is expected to last 8 months.

Mining though the Proof-of-Work is about resolving a X11 algorithm. As any PoW system, the block finder win the block reward.
The new Proof-of-Contribution involve no direct mining: every Contributor will earn Coins, in any case, no Contributors will end with a 0 balance.

This new way to earn Coins during the distribution phase (PoW/PoC) do not require any premining from the developers team. Kibweecoin is 0% premined.

The Proof-of-Contribution concept solves a lot of problems than many developers have tried to fix. Unlike CPU mining, or mining though a game, the PoC is immunized against bots or any form of cheat while being fair with all Contributors (100% chance to earn Coins every Roll).


Each Roll, the Contributors sharing a reward.

Kibweecoin is green. Very green. You can turn off your computer and keep receiving the Coins from the PoC: you're a Contributor, your wallet will grow every roll, with you, or without you.

We will provide more details of the PoC. We are working on the scripts at the moment, this is only a Pre-annoucement to start awnser peoples questions about this new concept.





None Available.





email: kibweecoin@gmail.com
Twitter: @kibweecoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005694165617

IRC Freenode: #kibwee





Monetary symbol:

Unicode number: U+A744
HTML-code: Ꝅ

PoW Algorithm: X11

PoC Algorithm: None

PoS Interest: 2% / year


PoW Basic reward per block: 8 KiB
PoW Time target per block: 60 seconds
PoW Distribution: The block finder earn the reward
PoW Difficulty adjustment: Dark Gravity Well

PoW Reward halves: on block 43200 (4 from 8), 129600 (2 from 4) and 259200 (1 from 2)

PoW coins to be mined: 1.019.520 KiB


PoC Time target per Roll: every 60 blocks (60 minutes)

PoC basic reward: 472 KiB

PoC Distribution: shared between all Contributors
PoC total coins: 2.718.720 KiB


PoW + PoC total coins: 3.738.240 KiB
PoW/PoC Block maturity: 220 blocks
End of the PoW/PoC period: on block 345600 (target: 8 months)

Transaction confirmations: 6





Pre-launch operation: 10 June.

Kibwee.com: 11-12 June.

Kibweecoin Source Code: 13 June.
Altcoin Calendar: https://www.altcoincalendar.info/coins/536-KiB
Crypto Launch: http://www.cryptolaunch.net/kibweecoin.html

PoC Console Source Code: no date.




    PoW: 8 KiB / Block, to the Block finder.
    PoC: 472 KiB / Roll, to all Contributors
    PoS: 2% / year








None Available.

None Available.

None Available.

Source Code
None Available.




  • 0.99% Fee
  • Dedicated server
  • DDoS protection



  • Pre-registration open
  • Dedicated server 512 SSD, 32GB RAM, 8 Core Processor
  • 24/7 support at #minerpools freenode channel
  • Block finder bonus
  • 1% Fees


  • Pre-registration open
  • 1% Fee
  • PROP Payout system
  • Dedicated Servers
  • High performance NODE.js backend with MPOS Frontend


  • Pre-registration open
  • 1% Pool fee
  • PROP payout system
  • Stratum with vardiff
  • Stable SSD Server, DDOS protection
  • Cashout are processed every minute
  • Support at #COINMINERS freenode channel


  • Single sign on across all the coins featured on the pool.
  • 1% Fee
  • Proportional Payout



Allcoin: https://www.allcoin.com/

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Hi, thanks for your support Gaycoin ;)

let's explain a little more the Proof-of-Contribution !

The PoC is PoW dependent: it's the Miners who are creating the PoC Reward.

The magic will occur every 60 blocks: on this special block, instead of sending the reward to the Miners, an higher reward (472 KiB) is send to the PoC Console.
On 60 mined Blocks, the Miners earn Coins only on the 59 firsts (59 * 8 = 472 KiB).

Then the PoC Console will share this reward between all the Contributors.

Here a small paper-scheme showing how it's working:


The Proof-of-Contribution part is pretty Centralized, but still require 0% premining from us. The PoC flow follow the PoW rhythm.

The PoC Console is hosted by a server, accessible from any device. A robot will spread the Coins every 60 blocks between all the Contributors.

The Console gonna be Open-Source on the long term. We have still no date of the release.

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Glad to see someone is using the graphs on this forum!  It's nice to see how the progression is coming along.


Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies.


Support:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/support/

Rules:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/guidelines/

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thanks for your support, I'm okay with the design Gaycoin, thank you for your offer ;)

Today I'll explain:
 1. How the PoC Rewards are distributed.
 2. The Share mechanics.
 3. Contributing and Mining, hand-to-hand.
 4. Bounties

1. How the PoC Rewards are distributed

All active Contributors are 100% sure to earn KiB on every Roll.
But the distribution isn't equal. Contributor (1) can receive more KiB than Contributor (2).

A Contributor, to be active, require Shares, and the PoC turned On (you turn it off/on anytime).
The PoC Reward isn't split between each Contributors, but between each Shares.
The more Shares you own, the more KiB will be credited on your account.

On a Roll, the Console calculate the value of 1 Share.
The math is simple:
472 / Total Active Shares = 1 Share value.
(example: 472 / 8 = 59)

If you own 3 Shares, you'll receive 3x the Share value:
Your Shares * (472 / Total Active Shares) = Your KiB for this Roll.
(example: 3 * (472 / 8) = 177 KiB)

Here the paper-work example:


2. The Share mechanics

Why you can't cheat the PoC ? Why multi-accounts, bots, etc ... are going to be inefficient ?

To acquire a Share, you have to buy it.
The price will be fair and accessible to all, the goal for us isn't to extort the Contributors, but to protect the PoC/PoW eco-system and keep the both balanced (read (3.) for more details).
We think 0.0001 BTC (atm $0.065c) per Share is right, making 1 day of Contribution costing 0.0024 BTC.

Every-time a Roll is over, all the active Contributors losing 1 Share (except if your Contribution is turned off).

3. Contributing and Mining, hand-to-hand

We need to keep the PoW and PoC balanced. All Miners will leave the PoW if the PoC is too cheap or if the PoW become not profitable. And all Contributors will leave the PoC if too expensive or not profitable.

Let's summarize !
Mining require:
 - Hardware (-$)
 - Electricity (-$)
 - Find the 'best' mining pool (-time)
 - Check if the Mining is profitable and turn off/on miners in consequent (-time)
 - Find the best setup (-time)
 - Occasional maintenance (-time)
Contribution require:
 - Shares (-$)
 - Check if the Contribution is profitable and turn off/on PoC in consequent (-time)

Both, PoW and PoC, require management to reach the ROI.

We want the PoC easy, secure against bots, very green, and to be the best distribution system, while not overkilling the PoW.

4. Bounties

As the Kibweecoin isn't premined, we won't deliver directly any KiB for your work.
Instead, on the release, we will give Shares as bounty.

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I'm setting up the first bounties:

Available Bounties:
 - Translations: 72 Shares (3 days of PoC)
 - Promoting on other forums/website: between 24-48 Shares (1-2 days of PoC)
 - MAC/Windows Wallet: 168 Shares (7 days of PoC)
 - Fixing the PoC Console English: between 1-48 Shares, depending of the work
 - Fixing the English in this thread: between 1-48 Shares, depending of the work
 - First Blockchain explorer: 168 Shares (7 days of PoC)
 - 2 firsts mining pools: 168 Shares (7 days of PoC)
 - Finding bugs on the PoC Console: depend of the work/bug

Also the coin is available on Altcoincalendar.info: https://www.altcoincalendar.info/coins/536-KiB
Be aware the launch date isn't exact at the moment and we may decay it more in the futur. I'll keep you updated.

As the coin isn't release yet, most of the Boutnies here aren't accessible yet.

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Pre-launch Operation

Here the 3 steps of the launch:

1. 10 June: Pre-launch free Shares giveaway
2. 11 June: Kibwee.com release
3. 13 June: Source code release (more details coming tomorrow)



We are going to distribute for free 72 Shares (3 days of Contributions) to 10 peoples. So a total of 720 free Shares are about to be distributed.

You can subscribe from now to claim the 72 Shares by sending me a Private Message.
Your Private Message must contain your email address (this is mandatory). When you'll register on kibwee.com, we will recognize you with your email.

The 11 June at 4PM (GMT+1), the subscriptions will be over.
I'll pick-up, randomly, 10 users in the list to get the free Shares. If you're selected, I'll send you back a Private Message with the instructions to follow.

To subscribe, your CryptoCoinTalk account must be minimum 5 days old. Don't forget your email !

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Glad to see someone is using the graphs on this forum!  It's nice to see how the progression is coming along.


Jimmy, I promise I will use it on my next giveaway. May even be this coin. Ready to pounce on it like my daughter with Hello Kitty.

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Kibwee.com is now live !

We are entering in the 2nd step of the pre-launch.

You can now connect to kibwee.com and use all the functionality and start to discover the console.
The website is live, but the coin isn't release yet, so no Rolls will happens.

If you won the free Shares giveaway, you must register before the coin launch, so I'll credit your account. Same for peoples with bounties pending (I'll contact you all by PM).
Else you can create an account right now.

It's up to you to buy Shares to be ready for the coin source code release. As soon as the Miners will start to work on the PoW, the PoC will follow the move naturally.
Don't forget to Activate the Contribution, it's disabled by default (you'll lose no Shares as no Rolls will happen).

What will happen on the Coin release ?

The first Roll will occur on block 280 only.
It's because the Coins need to reach the Maturity (220 blocks) and because the first sending happen on block 60.
After the block 280, we will have 1 Roll every 60 blocks during the 8 months of distribution.

The pages are updating by themselves, so you can stay online on "Account" and watch the progression.

If you have any questions, it's maybe better for you to ask them before the coin release !

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For today launch


today is the Coin source code launch, and by the way, the PoW will start with the PoC.

To get the release hours please check here:

In no cases the coin will release before the hours above.
Even if we should be on the right time, it may happen that the coin will release with a decay of maximum 1 hour.

The link to get the sources is here:

For the Contributors:
don't forget to enabled your Contribution from the website if you want to be in the firsts Contributors.
The first Roll will happen on Block 280, after this Block, every 60th Block will generate a Roll.

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