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3 hours ago, GrinZ said:

26ab.png We had a hardware failure on the main server.
26ab.png Block explorers databases restored from backup.
26ab.png All faucets data are lost.
26ab.png Most users accounts data restored fom backup.
26ab.png If you can not login - register again, with the old data.

all working great thanks. sorry to hear about the hardware failure. hope you get some more faucets :)

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@GrinZ @GrinZ 

Pleaseadd ssl encryption to the website. I don't feel comfortable registering on a site that is not encrypted. Love it otherwise even as a guest user. It has so many coins to claim. 


There is a free version from 'Let's Encrypt' that is simple to add via #ZeroSSLt, it's easy to do and no cost involved to help protect user info.



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10 hours ago, baguspri said:

Please help me already claim PACcoin but no one gets into my wallet


Last PAC faucet transactions is confirmed.

I need more details.  Send me: username/date/address.

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5 hours ago, drrecordscompany said:

hi are you doing dnotes coin swap at DNotesVault.com i received email from the cryptopia saying they are delisting it



Thanks for the info.

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⚫ The system of premium users is being simplified.
⚫ Access to the block explorers is now open to all users.
⚫ The difference between premium and free currencies:
The block explorer for premium currencies updates its data every 5 minutes.
The block explorer for free currencies updates its data every few days.
⚫ To get/renew the premium subscription for currencies - please contact the administrator.
⚫ Support for the faucets is terminated.
The remaining faucets will be disabled when all coins are sent.

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