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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Analytic Reports | CORindex

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Chain Open Research (Corindex), is a deep analytics platform for cryptoassets. Offers absolutely free a collection of market data reports and financial instruments for conducting primary analysis.

We have created unique algorithms and developed a platform that analyzes real-time data on cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and blockchains.

Our task is to provide information and data for free for all cryptocommunity.

All our Reports and Research will be constantly added here as they are released.

1. Crypto Exchange Monthly Reports:

October 2018 - https://corindex.com/report/2018/October
November 2018 - https://corindex.com/report/2018/November
December 2018 - https://corindex.com/report/2018/December
January 2019 - https://corindex.com/report/2019/January
February 2019 - https://corindex.com/report/2019/February
March 2019 - https://corindex.com/report/2019/March
April 2019 - https://corindex.com/report/2019/April

2. Transactions and Activity Monthly Reports:

January 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/January/22
February 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/February/22

March 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/March/22
April 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/April/22

3. Key Cryptocurrency Exchange Data Monthly Reports:

February 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/February/07
March 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/March/07
April 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/April/07
May 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/May/07

4. Crypto Exchange Market Activity Reports:

January 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportMarkets/2019/January
February 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportMarkets/2019/February
March 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportMarkets/2019/March
April 2019 - https://corindex.com/reportMarkets/2019/April


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Blog News: Chain Open Research (Corindex) Accumulates and Systematizes Data on Crypto assets

CORINDEX INC (NEW YORK, US), an analytical research company that has launched a platform for financial and economic activity in the crypto space has started amassing and systemizing significant and relevant crypto data.

CORindex is not only a financial instrument and a source for unique analytical information, but an educational portal for crypto.

For this purpose, COR created a detailed guide for key data on the cryptocurrencies it analyzes in real time. Beside numbers on cost, emission, and market cap, the guide contains active links to official resources. A description of the projects’s concept is given as well as links to key team members and a white paper, if available.

One of the key resources COR provides access to in its guide is a link to the blockchain supply, which allows to track the given blockchain’s transactions.

The Key Cryptocurrency Exchange Data report was published earlier in March 2019. This report shows data about key cryptocurrency exchange data. Indicators are formed and calculated when analyzing the network of blockchain cryptoassets. That report shows data on the top cryptoassets with the largest changes in the analyzed period of time.

The full swath of analyzed data is available in the Ratings section on Corindex platform.

Corindex publishes the most interesting data and statistics on its Twitter page, Telegram channel, and Facebook page. Follow to get updates on the platform’s reports.

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Update: March 2019 Cryptocurrencies Market Activity Report

Full Version: https://corindex.com/reportMarkets/2019/March/ 
PDF: https://corindex.com/uploads/March_2019_Crypto_Market_Activity.pdf

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Updated: April 2019 Cryptocurrencies Transactions and Activity

Platform: https://corindex.com/reportRating/2019/April/22
PDF: https://corindex.com/uploads/Apr_2019_Crypto_Transactions_and_Activity.pdf

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Our latest report: May 2019 Key Cryptocurrency Exchange Data.

On Platform: https://corindex.com/report/2019/April/
PDF File: https://corindex.com/uploads/April_2019_Crypto_Exchange_Analytics.pdf

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