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I DARE you to trade UNO on a DEX!

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Centralized exchanges continue to implode without warning.  UNO has been part of more failed exchanges than I care to remember.

I'm here to challenge you to say "No More!!"  No more Uno stolen from exchanges like Cryptsy. No more waiting for 100 or more blocks for coins to be deposited into wallets.  No more delayed withdrawals.  No more account 'lock outs'.  No more KYC.  No more begging and paying to be listed.  Fuck all that.


The past couple of months I've been experimenting with a true decentralized exchange, BlockDX.  A true Dex keeps you in control of your keys. It doesn't swap your valuable Unobtanium for some shit proxy coin. It doesn't allow an exit scam opportunity for the gateway exchanging the real Uno for fake Uno.


UNO has such an exchange available to it right now, and you can start trading on it today.  There are small buy/sell orders for UNO on BlockDX that will let you get started today.  



Take the FK Challenge




I challenge you to make a small UNO trade on BlockDX today so you can experience for yourself what true trading freedom is.

What you will need:

 UNO qt wallet from https://Unobtanium.uno
BLOCK qt wallet (v 3.12.1) https://blocknet.co/block-dx/
BLOCK DX software (1.0.0)  https://blocknet.co/block-dx/


Sync your wallets first.  
Place a little Uno into your Uno wallet.
Put a little Block into your block wallet (if I know you, PM me your Block addy and I'll send you a little dust to get started).

Start BlockDX software and follow the prompts to add Block and Unobtanium as trading coins.


Your UNO and Block wallets must be unlocked to trade or place trades.
To unlock your UNO QT wallet you will need to go to the Console and type:    walletpassphrase  yourPassphrase  1000000

That will unlock your wallet for a million seconds so you don't have to think about it for awhile.

Unlock your Block wallet by clicking the lock and typing the password.


Place your first trade.  If you have any trouble, let me know.

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Posted (edited)

Slowly but surely, trades are happening on BlockDx in the Uno/Block market.

The Unobtanium community now has its own Snode for Blocknet, meaning that we will be able to add interesting UNO trade pairings on BlockDx.  Which pairings would you like to see?


This all begins with you committing to learning how to do atomic swaps. It sounds harder than it is -- its quite simple actually. Several people have already successfully enabled trading on BlockDx. 




Give it a try!



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