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Oh awesome!

I'd like to see http://coinfinance.com/ track blz aswell. I've sent them an email so we'll see.

But yeah, everything we do over at the forum ends up open source. We have an ATM that could easily be forked for anycoin, along with our own type of diff retargeting.. Not to mention the new Algo we're shifting to.

We're litteraly upgrading the 2 halfs of Scrypt..

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Congrats... we have our winner - This was the address that mined the 100,000th Blazecoin block.  http://explorer.blazeco.in:2750/block/79e1f370fb7667bf3e9781b938ea3f4afb200fdeb42cb71d365ac27f17e95bfc


And here is the prize payment of 100,000 BLZ for being the lucky miner.  http://explorer.blazeco.in:2750/block/fc2edd1b77d2a42ea49d387fcbac895c4bc126b447d68eeeaf92c16b262c9dc7

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The new wallet is cuasing the solo bat file to stick the pool bat file still runs normal but the wallet is cuasing the solo mining bat file to stick maybe we need to fix that bug in the wallet?

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I'll have more information tomorrow, but I wanted to let everyone know about several things.

1. We have several merchants who will be announcing their support for Blazecoin soon.  In line with the mission of Blazecoin (using digital currency to support volunteer fire departments), these merchants sell emergency medical equipment, resources AND SURVIVAL gear and bundles.  That's right you'll soon be able to purchase survival boxes using Blazecoin.  

2. The benefit of having these merchants support Blazecoin is that I've been able to do some focused work on the Merchant API for Blazecoin to enable anyone to accept payment with Blazecoin on their own site.  I'm almost done with several WordPress plugins and a PHP script for accepting payment using Blazecoin.  Oh... and did you know.  That because Blazecoin is traded on C-CEX (even though we have MUCH MORE volume over on Coin-Swap) you can use C-CEX to accept payment of Blazecoin on your website RIGHT NOW.  It even includes payment verification.  If you haven't checked it out and while you're waiting for me to release the Official Blazecoin Merchant Public API... see how easy it is here - https://c-cex.com/?id=merch

3. The Android, iOS, and web wallets are almost done.  I ran into a little security issue and I wanted to tighten up the security before I submitted these to the Appstores.

4. We've got fireproof metal wallets coming with custom Blazecoin logos and designs for true "cold" storage options of your Blazecoin.  I hope to be able to share pictures of these tomorrow.

5. And tomorrow I should be announcing our first outreach program with a small volunteer fire department in western North Dakota. (These are the oil field areas, the fire departments are stretched extremely thin due to the massive job growth and population increase due to high paying oil field jobs.

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We will be doing a giveaway in an upcoming live Q&A session 

If you could choose the prize which of the following would you prefer to win

1. Graphics Card - Radeon 7950 GPU  (gets about 630Mhash/Scrypt -- 1.2Mhash/X11)
2. An Android Tablet
3. LARGE sum of Blazecoin
4. GAWMiners Fury Scrypt Asic (1.3Mhash)
5. Or Other?

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