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Good question... eventually it will migrate to only the "fire logo"... but because part of the coin's purpose is to reach out to people who are unfamiliar with crypto-digital currency.  I felt we needed a "coin feel" (with a phoenix rising from the 'fire ashes').  In future promotions and moving forward (and a really cool fire-proof cold storage wallet that is coming soon) the logo will be focused on the flaming shield logo.


I wonder if you could incorporate the flame logo with the traditional circle logo.  Maybe a combination would work out best.  I do love the fire logo the best, it looks very modern.


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Remember that if you want options of trading Blazecoin on larger exchanges you need to vote to show your support.


Comkort - https://comkort.com/vote#BLZ - Currently at 249 votes (Top vote getter is at 1957) (you can vote 3 times an hour)


AllCoin - https://www.allcoin.com/vote/#BLZ - Currently we are in 18th place with 363 votes (you can vote once an hour)


SwissCex - https://www.swisscex.com/voting - Currently we have 574 votes and moving up quickly (you can vote 3 times every hour)


UseCryptos - https://www.usecryptos.com/voting - Currently we are in 32nd place with 10 votes (you can vote here every 30 minutes)


I've sent additional inquiries to Mintpal and Bittrex and they are considering the situation.


PLUS... we need to encourage more large pools to support Blazecoin by hosting a pool for miners.  I've sent requests to a number of larger pools that have ability to generate some traffic and noise, but if any of you know of any pool or even want help setting up your own pool, let me know and I'll help you.

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C-CEX just let me know that Blazecoin is now on their trading floor.


Welcome to trade Blazecoin at C-CEX.com exchange!

Easy registration, no delays in deposits and withdrawals, very responsive interface, strong security.
You can trade BLZ to BTC, USD (Visa/MC, Payeer (0% dep, withdr.), EgoPay (0% withdr.) available, PayPal withdrawals and many other options).


Also it is tradable to any other coin we have (90+):


Trading fee is 0.2%, 0% fee on crypto deposit. Our referral system is paying 5% of our earning from Your referrals.
We have very responsive support team available in Skype, via support tickets and chat on exchange.

Our exchange is convenient and secure place to trade Your coins with fastest deposit and withdrawal system on market.

Sincerely, https://c-cex.com exchange!

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n case anyone missed @blazecoin's last two tweets...

Can anyone find the new Blazecoin merchant gateway payment button on http://blazeco.in? - (Hint - look for donation button)

That's right, now you can accept payments on your website using Blazecoin. Tomorrow we will be doing a live webinar on how to set it up.

It's now super easy to accept Blazecoin payments (and verify receipt of payment) on your website.

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Be careful if you smell burning near your rig..

I've lost a mainboard to my old friend fire..


Love the coin btw. I'm becoming somewhat of a fan.


If you ever need a hand with anything, come over to the ftc forum and we could help you out.

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Yeah, I was initially afraid I fried my whole rig.  But was happy it was just the PSU -> GPU power cable.


Thanks for the thoughts and info about the feathercoin community.  This is one of the cool things I like about the crypto-world... devs and communities seek to help each other out.  

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