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Blazecoin is a mined and traded digital currency backed by the Blazecoin foundation that supports volunteer fire departments around the world.


BlazeCoin has an exciting future ahead of it. But before I go into the coin, let me tell you a little story. Did you know that a large majority of the fire departments in the United States and around the world are volunteer based. Some of those fire departments raise their operating expenses through bingo, door-to-door fundraising, "fill the boot" campaigns, and other creative ventures. But many fire departments are unable to raise the necessary funds due to zoning regulations and other roadblocks.


The average ambulance/medic unit starts at about $150,000 USD and goes up from there. The average fire engine starts at $400,000 and goes up... many times 3 to 4 times that cost. The Blazecoin foundation, which stands behind the Blazecoin, seeks to raise funds to assist these fire departments through grants for equipment and training opportunities. Blazecoin's launch included a premine of 1% which will be used for "matching-funds" during the fund drives.


Over the next few days, we will be opening up much more of the plan for Blazecoin. Blazecoin officially launched on May 23rd with a direct mailing to the International Fire Chief Association mailing list and was joined at launch with a number of local firefighters and volunteers.


So where does this 413 block reward come from? For many years, one of our developers worked as a volunteer firefighter out of station 413. This number is meaningful to him as a firefighter and we thought this would be the perfect way to honor fellow firefighters and volunteers who risk their lives on a daily basis to save others.




Block Explorer / Crawler



API Library and Mining Stats



  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • Only 2 confirmations needed
  • Difficulty retargets every hour (which means every 120 blocks)
  • Total coins are approximately 2,065,000,000
  • 30 second block targets
  • Block rewards are 413 BLZ per block
  • Block subsidy halves once per year
  • First 100 blocks ONLY receive 13 coins - fair start



1% to support development and matching grants to fire departments





http://blazeco.in/downloads/Blazecoin_qt_final.7z (UPDATED VERSION and includes Runtime error fix)


http://blazeco.in/downloads/Blazecoin-Qt-  (UPDATED VERSION)


None Available.


NEW - Android Devices



Source Code


Paper Wallets



Sample blazecoin.conf



  • RPC Port:  55413
  • P2P Port:  55414











https://c-cex.com/?p=blz-btc (plus tons of other pairings)




Vote for BLZ on Allcoin
Vote for BLZ on SwissCex
Vote for BLZ on Comkort
Vote for BLZ on UseCryptos













#blazecoin (freenode)









- If you want to help out in getting things started, we've got bounties for pools, block explorer, and anything creative you can think of.  Just ask.


25,000 BLZ for the first three pools

10,000 BLZ for next pools after that


UPDATE... Signup for this Blazecoin newsletter with your Blazecoin wallet address and you will receive 500 free BLZ. http://eepurl.com/YukB9

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Sorry folks... doesn't appear to be a windows client yet.  Try using to pool if you're on windows.


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None of the firefighers who showed up for the launch had a windows machine, so that got pushed to the back burner.  I'll get a windows wallet out soon.  Got two or three other things before that so the target of the coin (the fire departments) have their necessary tools to enjoy the launch tonight.


If anyone wants to compile it for me while I'm working on the other aspects of the coin, I'll be glad to pay.

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For those that sent me messages.  Yes, I'm the one who was the firefighter/medic for a number of years at http://dlvfrd.org - It's a hybrid station that staffs both career firefighters and volunteers 24/7 in northern Virginia.  I'll try and get clearance from the captain to post some photos of a bunch of the firefighters "mining" on their engine.


The main goal of this coin is to support firefighters and their stations that are NOT from my area.  Our station is in a location that has a lot of money flowing into the station.  But there are areas like in Oklahoma where a station house must get by with less than $9,000 for the entire year.  They are not allowed to have bingo or other fundraising opportunities because the casinos in the area have control of the zoning.  I'll be posting a lot more about these issues and what the coin will be working to advocate for in the coming days.  For now, I'm just finishing up some of the launch stuff.


But I wanted to quickly address those of you who were asking questions.  And just a few pics of me and my station...



(I'm the third one from the left... we're waiting around for the launch back in our Bingo hall.)



(And a bunch of us in front of one of our engines.... I'm the 5th one from the left/back row.)


Hopefully that gives a little more "reality" to just some guy talking about the fire department and crypto.

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Great pictures!  Looks like some dedicated professionals.  I think it's time to change to batteries in my smoke detectors.  One of them keeps chirping.   :)


Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies.


Support:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/support/

Rules:  https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/guidelines/

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I like the concept and would like to help, but why scrypt? It seems like it opens the network up to attack with the emergence of asics, especially with only 2 confirms.


To be honest, I just feel comfortable with the scrypt algorithm.  I've been helping out a number of coins (leafcoin, bunnycoin, aliencoin, just to name a few) from a code side. And that's why we went with Scrypt out of the box.  There are lots of great options... but at the end of the day sometimes you just have to "do it".

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