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We believe in team work

We are looking forward to make AimCoin more
Challenging and different from others



Due to a lot of requests from most of the Aimers and due to the difficulty to make a fair Auctions in Cryptocurrency world and post a tangible  proves,  we are stopping all Auctions , AimCoin team refunded all sold AIM from the buyers which they thankfully understand the situations and agreed to return back  all 3500 AIM stake , AimCoin team decided to open another AIM IPO  Face Book group ,  3500 stake will be given through Aimcoin face book grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1422991554634431 to the first 3452 AIM wallet post 48 Stake already sent.

Aimcoin team are looking to satisfy all our members and looking to have a fair and square giveaways.

We are looking for long term relationship and supportive community

Official website 

Algorithm scrypt 
(POW is done)
30,000,000 Aimcoin   Max
Yearly interest 3.5%
Stake age 5 days to 100 days
32823RPC port

AimcCoin transactions are more faster than those of other mainstream currencies. AimCoin are secure  by using check point firewalls Tech, AimCoin Dev add a powerful security to the servers against the denial of service attack to protect the AimCoin network.

We are engineering  AimCoin to be a anonymous digital  currency . When sending AimCoin, you'll soon be able to choose whether the transaction is private or public.
Your AimCoin will be stored in a digital wallet that you own and control. Transactions will be anonymous "from the wallet" .

Future feature
Anonym's wallet Technology
sms verifying wallets to add more security to Aimcoin wallet 

Window – Mac – Linux

Block Explorer

How to get Aimcoin
Aimcoin will be distributed as follows : 

25 MAY 0300 pm GMT, 25,000,000 AimCoin check >>  https://www.aimcoin.com/forum/

For the first 5000 members only 

To avoid repetitive receiving, registered before May 25th, 2014. 
Please post your wallet address here >> https://www.aimcoin.com/forum

The rest of AimCoin 5% will go for the future features Development, bounties and marketing, 10% for the security of the AimCoin network, it's staking  24 7 365 Days.

AimCoin exchange

Coming soon

First exchange 50000
Second exchange 40000
Third exchange 30000

Multipool Dev setup that mine other profitable coins auto-swiching/auto-conversion to pay in Aimcoin 50000
Android : 10000
New Block Explorer  3000
Videos: 2000 coins
Merchant Adoptions 5000 coins
Faucets 1000 coins = http://aim.forfree.cc
Translates: 500 coins

How do I POS mint?
You just need to open your wallet for 5 days and if it is encrypted you need to unlock

How do I encrypt wallet?
Go to Settings -> encrypt wallet -> make password wallet passphrase and it will close the wallet.

How to I unlock my wallet for minting?
If your wallet encrypted, you will see unlock button. Click unlock button 

Why should we trust AimCoin
Because AimCoin team understands the main concept of the community. Community is one of the most important reasons to any cryptocyranccy success, therefore we'll make sure that all our work is trustworthy. Farther more AimCoin dedicated Dev are working day and night to improve AimCoin features to meet the highest standard  out there.

Get involve  now with AimCoin cummunty.  

A kindly Aimcoin team requests the cooperation from all AimCoin communities to make Aimcoin a wonderful experience, Please feel free to contact us though AimCoin site or PM here For any ideas.



Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1422991554634431/
Twitter    : https://twitter.com/aimcoin
Fourm     : https://www.aimcoin.com/forum/

Security Advice 

As Aimcoin team we have put all the efforts to secure the network of AimCoin. but remmber that 
Fundamentally POS requires users to stake their coins in order to secure the blockchain. If not enough people staked their coins, and they left them in exchanges. This caused the blockchain to become vulnerable to attacks. 

NEVER  leave your AimCoin on exchanges.



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Show me the tittle :))


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http://webcoin.me:8080/  i started pool for this coin, you dont need to register, just enter your wallet address and mine :) 

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