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Go Long or Go Short with Hedge Positions & up to 100X Leverage - Introducing PrimeXBT

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Prime XBT is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that offers advanced trading techniques and up to 100X leverage, due to launch Jan-2019.


Inspired by the best industry practices of traditional financial markets and lessons learned from existing crypto markets, PrimeXBT is well adept to provide maximum profit potential with minimal risk.




Leverage is a key feature of PrimeXBT, and an incredibly powerful tool for traders.  It can be vantaged to make capital gains more significant and grow faster by multiplying comparatively small price movements and their profits potential by up to 100.


For example, if you have a PrimeXBT trading account with $1000 in it, you can take advantage of leverage up to $100,000.  


Profit from Market Ups and Downs


PrimeXBT allows crypto traders to profit from markets that are rising, as well as those that are falling.  This is hugely valuable considering that it’s common place for the majority of markets to spend more time in a downward trend than upward swings.   


“Going short”, or to short a crypto-asset, a trader will borrow funds in order to sell high, buy low and keep the difference.  


PrimeXBT Parachute


Trading is a game of risk vs reward, and Prime XBT allows users to limit their loss potential with stop-loss orders.  These are dictated by the trader before placing a position when there’s time to make rational decisions. If the market was to drastically shift in the opposite direction than what was predicted, the stop-loss will automatically liquidate at the pre-set limit to ensure traders lose no more than they can afford to risk.  


Other Features of PrimeXBT


  • Trade and leverage the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash, immediately upon launch.
  • No KYC. It takes few seconds to register and requires no personal information to get the full access to the leveraged trading platform.
  • With the aggregated liquidity from 12 top cryptocurrency exchanges, orders are executed lighting fast - it’s like trading at 12 exchanges at one time.
  • The PrimeXBT platform provides a sophisticated and highly customizable trading terminal with bank-grade technology to provide the most comfortable trading experience.


Sign up for early access and get the first month free, with no fees.  In addition, refer your friends to receive another month free.


Find out more at PrimeXBT.com.  


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Prime XBT

Our platform is up and running! It has tons of exciting features: 100x leverage, beautiful UI, aggregated liquidity, and advanced order type, just to name a few.




Don't forget to give it a try (click here) and let me know what you think.

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