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$150,000 Mixin Network first online developer competition

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Mixin Network, with the meaning of“Mix all blockchains in one network”, is a free and lightning-fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets that offers solutions for investors who need instant transaction with all kinds of tokens. Mixin is dedicated to building a stable and efficient transaction ecosystem starting with its Mixin network, Mixin Messenger and OceanOne.
On Nov.14, 2018, Mixin hosted its first global developer competition that will run for almost two months for all blockchain enthusiasts and developers a platform to show their talent. All participants, either individuals or joint team, can make use of Mixin Network technologies to turn their innovate ideas into excellent works. The qualified entries should be applicable to 
1.   Mixin network, a publicly distributed ledger aims to help other publicly distributed ledgers gain trillions of TPS, achieve sub second final confirmation, zero transaction fees, enhanced privacy and unlimited extensibility.
2.   Mixin Messenger, the first wallet of Mixin Network that supports 13 main chains and over 50000 cryptocurrencies for transactions with end-to-end encryption on the grounds of signal protocols.
3.   OceanOne, a decentralized exchange built on Mixin Network that provides the same user experience as a centralized one.


How-to Guide:
Step 1: Learn more about Mixin
               API referencegithub of Mixingitbook of Mixinguide for developers
               Download from App Store or Google Play, and try it out
               Check out the sample from others: https://diceos.com/en/dice

Step 2: Registration before Jan.3, 2019
Register as a participant in Mixin Network Developer Competition at the upper part of the related page, and submit your proposal with details in the description (plus the attachment of proposal document will be better) at the registration page.

Step 3: Develop after Proposal Get Approved
Start to develop after receiving the confirmation latter regarding registration from Mixin Network that notices you your proposal get approved.

Step 4: Submit Your Entry before Jan.4, 2019
Submit your entry to the page shown in your confirmation letter.


Nov.14, 2018 to Jan.3, 2019                             Registration and submitting entries
Jan.4, 2019.                                                    Deadline of submitting entries
Jan.10, 2019.                                                  Announcement of result

1.   Participants should submit proposals with detailed description (plus the attachments of the proposal documents will be better) when signing up, and submit the entries before Jan.4, 2019 after the proposal get approved by receiving the confirmation letter form Mixin Network
2.   Entries including apps, bots, exntension, etc. should be based on and compatible with Mixin Network
3.   Participants could join this competition as individuals or join teams, each team consists of up to 5 members.
4.   Participants are empowered to communicate with each other. however, the entries must be free of copyright disrepute, features & function plagiarism, or the entries will be invalid.


Part 1: Rewards pool (1000XIN, around $150,00)

1st prize (1 team):                  300XIN (around $45,000)
2nd prize (2 teams):                100XIN (around $15,000)
3rd prize (3 teams):                  50XIN (around $7,500)
Excellent prize (14 teams):        25XIN (around $3,750)

Part 2: Tremendous public media exposure

Part 3: Exclusive guide from world's first-tier developers, serial entrepreneurs, investor, senior lecturers of cyber security 

Cedric Fung, CEO&founder of Mixin Network, founder of SHOU.TV, VItamio, etc.
Li Lin, Director of Mixin Labs powered by Mixin Network, co-founder of b.network
Huo Ju, CTO of PRESS.one, co-founder of GinkgoTek,
Jeffrey Wernick, famous investor of Airbnb, Uber and Bitcoin
Dr.Joseph.Liu, god father of Monero, lead researcher of Hcash, senior lecturer of cyber security in Monash University
Dr.Jiangshan.Yu, lecturer, scholar of Monash University, honorary research fellow in the Centre for Cyber Security and Privacy , University of Birmingham, UK

Judging Criteria:
1.   Value Applicable to Mixin Network.                    32%
Entries must be based on and compatible with Mixin Network
2.   Technical Realization.                                          18%
Entries should be aligned with the proposal submit when signing up, all technology targets must be achieved in the entres. 
3.   Innovation of project.                                           38%
The more innovative the entry is, the more likely It will stand out
4.   Commercial value                                                12%
Commercial value should be a part of entry, the high commercial value the entry is, the more valuable the project it

More info:
1.   Mixin Network will begin the evaluation within 24 hours after receiving the proposal from participant, and contact the participant for entry deliver with the confirmation letter regarding registration when the proposal get approved.
2.   Developers can fix and improve the applications and resubmit them again in the Registration window before Jan.4, 2019. Notice that the theme and proposal couldn’t be changed and the final version will be regarded as the entry for this competition.
3.   Mixin Network performs the project assessment following the judge criteria strictly, and there will not be prize for unqualified projects.
4.   The winners will be announced in the official website of Mixin Network on Jan.10, 2019, keep your eyes on the newsletter from Mixin Network.

1. Mixin Network reserves the final explanation rights for this campaign;
2. Entries in this competition belong to developers, while Mixin Network has the right to utilize, publish and distribute the entries if needed after the winner receive the rewards.

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