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BlockNet DEX Lists Unobtanium

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#BlockDX decentralized exchange now supports $UNO!  Trade #Unobtanium on BlockDX, and never again put your rare UNO at risk of centralized exchange failure.


The first trades occurred this week in the UNO/DASH pair on BlockDX.



There is a bit of a learning curve because these are still early days for DEX's, but you can do it!   At this time BlockDX has a requirement to sync the chain of the coins you want to trade. For example, to trade $UNO/$DASH,  I need a UNO client,  DASH client, BLOCK client (with a couple of block to cover fees), and the BlockDX software.  That's four pieces of software.  


The good news is that you can directly trade UNO with any of the 80+ supported altcoins.  There is no requirement to go through #Bitcoin.


In the near future, Block developers will overcome this inconvenience, but even so, it's manageable.  Kudos to the Blocknet team for their hard work and innovation.  

I'm glad that UNO is an early adopter of DEX exchanges like Blocknet.  UNO has dodged disaster several times (Cryptsy and Mintpal come to mind).  Even while today, nothing beats the convenience of an honest centralised crypto exchange, it's important to support UNO's viable decentralized options like Blocknet and Bisq.nework.


Click here and give it a try.


You can follow Blocknet team's progress on their Discord server, https://discord.gg/2e6s7H8

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