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How to Trade UNO on Bisq.network Exchange.


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Bisq.network is a decentralized anonymous exchange where Unobtanium (UNO) and other cryptocurrencies may be traded. This article will show you how to install Bisq and trade UNO.


Why should the Unobtanium community care about supporting a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) like Bisq?  In it's 5 years of existence, UNO has experienced close calls with several big exchanges that have gone rogue and been hacked.  Cryptsy and Mintpal are two of the most notable, but not the entire list.   Centralized exchanges pose a particularly big risk to a low inflation, rare issue coin like UNO.  If we want the option to trade UNO in a decentralized way, then lets give BISQ a try.




Bisq works a little differently than centralized altcoin exchanges.   Instead of logging in through a website, Bisq is accessed by installing a client app (Java) on your desktop computer.  The Bisq client connects to the distributed p2p network anonymously over TOR. 


Depending on the trader at the other end,  your Bisq trades could take up to 24 hours to complete, or they could complete within minutes.   Trades happen slower than on centralized exchanges.


Step 1.  Download and install TOR browser bundle.  


Step 2. Download and install Bisq client.  Then, start Bisq and go through the setup process.

Step 2.5  Fund your Bisq account with Bitcoin.  Go to Funds > Receive Funds, and send Bitcoin to one of the addresses. 


Step 3.  Add an Unobtanium address that you'll use to receive UNO that you purchase through Bisq.  Click on   Account > Altcoin Accounts > Add New Account > Altcoin: Unobtanium


To trade Unobtanium, go to Market > Offer Book > Currency: Unobtanium.  This is where you will see all Uno Buy & Sell orders.  You can accept a posted order, or post your own.


Remember that when trading UNO for BTC through Bisq, you guarantee the trade with a small Bitcoin deposit that is returned to you when the trade is successful, but you actually send your UNO directly to the other person's Unobtanium wallet.  


To view all of your posted offers, go to the Portfolio tab.


Should anything happen, such as the buyer fails to acknowledge that you sent them UNO, you can go to the Support tab to open a support ticket.   An arbitrator will examine the UNO blockchain, and if it's determined that you actually did send the UNO to the buyer's Unobtanium address, the arbitrator will release the funds to you.   


You can view the Bisq UNO markets through a web browser, although you can only trade through the Bisq client app.


I encourage  Unobtanium users to give Bisq Network a try!  Post a few Unobtanium buy or sell orders!  With Bisq, you won't have to worry about the exchange going rogue and stealing your funds.  There is no KYC, and your anonymity is ensured through TOR. 












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