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missing coins

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hello i'm real new to this coin mining stuff and i don't know alot of stuuf but i love your pool i'm staying with you but i seem to missing some hours of coins to this address CcnWFszDfdPtKefWGfrfpBsSSV7P14UkbS and i turned off my computer for that time the coins didn't hit so i'm wondering do i have to leave my coins connected to the internet to get them i thought they would just catch up with me later hope thats not the case that was abunch of coins thanks to whoever answers

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Hi seanmcevers!


You do not have to keep the wallet open to receive payments. I see that you are mining Casinocoin. That coin has been having some problems with the Kimoto Gravity Wall exploit. It's blockchain has been getting stuck for hours or even days with high diff blocks. That is most likely what happened.


Casinocoin devs are aware of the problem and working to resolve it. Expect a fork to fix the KGW "timewarp" attack at block 445000. You will need to download a new version of the wallet. They are about to release binaries for it anytime now.


BTW, nice rig! Excellent setup for p2pool.



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