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The need for a comprehensive marketing strategy

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It is in my view that currently, Gridcoin is in need of a unified and comprehensive marketing strategy.


I noticed some time ago that we had entered somewhat of a lull in promotional efforts. It seems that this stems from two main problems: a lack of funding and a lack of direction.


We are in a bear market right now. Considering our recent delisting on Poloniex and Eobit, I think we need to get this stuff sorted out now more than ever. We need to show people that there are compelling reasons to invest in and stay with our coin.


That's why it is crucial to establish some essential foundations on which we can base the direction of our campaigns. These foundations, I believe come in the form of a handful of basic questions we should seek to answer:


What is our ethos/mission statement?


What is our angle? Our coin's appeal seems to fall into these categories:


Appeal to Philanthropy
● Appeal to one’s desire to help others
● Provide actual examples of current projects, and the successes and results of past ones


Appeal to Actual Scientists
● Demonstrate that there is a large computation network readily available to use in a given field of research
● Are there clear steps available which show them how to create BOINC projects?
● Are the whitelisting requirements clear and readily available? What are the hard rules?


Appeal to people who just want to make money
● There are people who will undoubtedly only care about how much money they can make doing this. The sell will likely be:
● Get rich quick by helping to save the planet, rather than calculating useless hashes.


What is our target demographic?
Google and the Facebook app family allow you to select the fine details of exactly who your ads are delivered to. From my understanding, our target audience seems to be:
● Individuals of an academic background.
● Technologically savvy
● Mainly younger. Ages 20-35


What is our competition doing? How do they represent themselves?

Exactly what marketing material are we using on our different platforms and why?
● Do we have enough material to use in a given campaign?
● We have a GitHub marketing repository that could be updated with all of the content we use


In summary, we should be considering the bigger picture when we start to tackle multi-pronged campaigns, and the budgets they require. I hope this thread spurs the necessary discussion to get our level of organization in marketing where it needs to be.

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Very nice and helpful tips and information here I have to say, thank you for sharing this thread here! What do you think about different offline marketing techniques for local businesses these days? I personally would like to try some promotional items for this purpose like Lapel Pins or some other stuff, and I would appreciate some input on it, if you can tell me more. Thank you a lot in advance!

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