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Pump and Dump is a SCAM - Here is why and how to fight it

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With rising popularity of Pump and Dump/P&D or just Pump our team has set a goal of spreading the truth about it and making people aware of this threat.


What is 'PUMP AND DUMP'?

Pump and Dump or P&D in short is said to be a great way to earn some quick cash, with little to no risk, for everyone. - That's what P&D admins want you to think.

In fact P&D is a well thought and developed scam that makes money only to these that host/create these pumps. Most of the P&D happens on TELEGRAM - online communication platform. Admins create channels that post a specific coin for their members to buy low and sell high. In fact only admins buy these coins at low prices, rest of the members buy them high, directly from admins. In this way admins earn cash on members that want to earn some quick money.


How these admins scam you?

All these channels promise quick, big money. They say that they do not 'prepump'(buy coins before you). They show results like 100%, 200% or even 500%. These are all lies and marketing strategies made so you would participate in their scam. In reality it's close to impossible to earn money on pumps unless you are an owner of such channels. Even the VIP/PREMIUM groups that promise you to buy the coin before everyone else, these are all lies.




Members of our team has been scammed many times. We always wanted to get back our money - with no success. But now... Now we know how.

We built a team of coders, traders and former pump admin to go on a WAR against P&D. WE WANT TO STEAL MONEY FROM THESE SCAMMERS - AND YOU CAN TOO.


More information in our channel: PumpStealer on Telegram or contact @JonathanBucks on Telegram. Let's win that war.

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Of course pump & dump is a scam and this is the reason why you should do your own research when you are just starting your journey to find your signals provider. there are many Signals providers out there that they are 100% legit

Let me give you a great advice: Check this Review about Cryptocurrency signals providers and see which group can fit best for your needs. as someone who has been trading for long time I can testify that smartoptions review's are one of the TOP I have seen as a trader and crypto investor


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