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[ANN] iVOX Token Investmen center sustetable proyect

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iVOX Token will allow you not only to invest in a Cryptoactive, it is also a business model that will allow you to receive more coins regardless of the value of the asset in the market through the iVOX Token investment funds you can invest your assets in this center. business receiving an exponential monthly rate at 3.5% per month and you will receive your iVOX Tokens in your portfolio once your contract ends each month, when investing in iVOX do not open another investment model more than the monthly rate, if you want to invest them again you should do a new investment to continue multiplying your assets. iVOX is an asset that does not allow mining in its code, so the only way to obtain the asset is by buying it or by investing it in our investment fund.




TokeniVOX (IVOX) Contract: 0x34fbb24940304675694bc2090bee3a655e623fc5

Total created tokens: 35 million

Decimals: 8

Total available tokens for circulation: 28 million

20% of the token (7 million IVOX tokens) will remain as a safeguard for future circulation, when the development team decides that it is a good time to put the assets into circulation.



Investing in New ICOS The 10% of the earnings obtained are invested each month in the purchase of other ICOS, tokens and cryptocurrencies that are due to go to the market, or that are already circulating, will be prioritized in those that have as purpose the scientific research, to the technological development in cryptocurrencies, the sustainable development of communities, the preservation of the environment and humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian aid 10% of the earnings obtained are invested in humanitarian aid.

Development, infrastructure and mining 20% of the profits are invested in sustainable mining of cryptocurrencies and Ethereum to strengthen the development of the ERC technology and development of IVOX token to generate its own peer-to-peer exchange network, active mining and code development for help societies through intelligent contracts.

Administration and operation 10% of the profits are invested in the administration and operation of the network and the IVOX assets sales team.

OWN network development 20% of the profits are invested in the development of a second asset or Criptomoneda with improvements in its code, an own network and contract that allows to give economic sustainability to the investors in the Criptomoneda to obtain a rate of 3.5% monthly.

Marketing 20% of the proceeds will be allocated to all marketing actions to promote the use, purchase of the currency, benefits of acquiring it, Identity creation and brand value. IVOX INVESTMENT CENTER | WORKING FOR CHANGES 5 Reserve funds The rest will go to a reserve fund to combat and prevent any kind of contingency.





IVOX is born from the need to integrate the citizens of Latin American countries to the social and economic development of cryptocurrencies through the Ethereum network, born as a decentralized token with multiple purposes, the main purposes of IVOX Token are: • Generate an investment bag that works as a real asset-saving system, which turn allows to obtain savings returns from the gains obtained by the token and the company IVOX. • To encourage the investment and use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America to improve the quality of life for people with a savings system.


Easy buying with MetaMask










 Assome of these benefits we can mention:

The technology unit and a standard protocol, facilitating the work to the developers. Less complexity in the understanding of each token type implemented, since all will be based on the same principles of functionality.

Greater liquidity of the ERC20 tokens, to be used in a large part of the ICO and as a basis for work for the projects.

Lower risk of breaking contracts, having no impediments or incompatibilities.The uniformity that the standard features of the token bring to the network also generates ease of exchange among users, regardless of the intermediaries in the transactions.

Wallets compatible with ERC20 tokens since most of the ICOs are carried out with the use of this token ERC20 and the Blockchain Ethereum, it is essential to have a compatible and safe portfolio to store them, if at any time we participate in one of them.

There is a wide variety of alternatives in terms of portfolios that support this token, with hardware being the most optimal and secure version, but other free versions are also available on the web.Some of the options that we recommend regarding wallets to store iVOX Token are:



There is currently a large number of ERC20 tokens in the Blockchain of Ethereum, which means that the standard has had a good impact on the development of other tokens and decentralized applications that interact on the network.


On the other hand, in addition to simplifying innovation to developers, creates a space for the possibility of fraud by conducting ICOs through the facility provided by this protocol, so it is convenient to be careful in the future when participating in an offer of some new project, we recommend you read our whitepapper and know our roadmap before investing in this project, you can also verify the existence of our TOKEN in the network www.etherscan.io where you can know our public record and contract in the Ethereum Network You can also go to the following link to go directly to the contract 0x34fbb24940304675694bc2090bee3a655e623fc5 value will be established in time according to the utility that is provided, but until now it has been a great contribution to the Ethereum platform and to the activity of development in the ecosystem as such.






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Dear IVOX  Team

Your coin may be free of listing on Aiodex if the number of votes is large enough.

Let's vote for it ☞ https://aiodex.com/?ref=5b4495a74299aa2deefa031c

Please, Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


Aiodex Team

Discord: https://discord.gg/RvhvdZq

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aiodexofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aiodex_official

Telegram: https://t.me/aiodex_official

Website: https://aiodex.com

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