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500Coin is a free open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties. the idea was to put the power of money in the people’s hands just like bitcoin and many other alternative crypto currencies do.  You will be extremely rewarded to be a early adopter of 500Coin. As a investor, you will be happy knowing that holding your coins will result in great rewards as well.  All coins were freely and fairly distributed to anybody who requested some during the distribution period.

While some coins are mined 500Coin is exclusively redistributed by its users, and block rewards are generated only by network transaction fees.

500Coin is a Scrypt coin. It does not suffer the major flaw of most cryptocurrencies, which is market flooding caused by a large drop in mining difficulty. This inevitably leads to downward pressure on market pricing causing the altcoins you hold to devalue at any given moment. 500Coin is not based on this model and, therefore cannot flood the market in this manner.

All of the coins that ever exist have already been created and have been entirely distributed amongst the community. This distribution has continued ever since on all levels, not just by the developer, but by community members and even the exchanges. We belive in Premine coin and we think that this idea can change the way of see crypto curriencies!

There are 500 coins and they are all in circulation!


Wallet Address for donations
FHC: LRxu4MScijXv2jg6zERdqETcrBeGhxG6SD


None Available.


Block Explorer / Crawler
None Available.


None Available.



  • Scrypt
  • Only 500 coins






None Available.


None Available.


Source Code


Sample 500coin.conf



  • RPC Port:  21009
  • P2P Port:  11009














IRC Channe





None Available.



ANN THREAD:  https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/10283-ann-500coin-fhc-launch-april-30-2014/

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Devs, whats going on?  We are seeing way more than 500 coins on the network?  This is the only place I can find information ... does anyone have additional information?

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Coin suspended on bittrex:

500coin going offline temporarily

Something fishy is going on with the 500Coin wallet. At this time, we have over 2800 coins when there are suppose to be 500 ever in circulation. Suspending markets until we figure out whats going on

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Official statement:


We are really sorry for what happened. it's not a scam coin and we are not thieves or scammers, we have not stolen your money. We are sure that coins were 500 but we were wrong; our dev is fired and now we are not able to update the wallet.


To protect users who bought coins we decide to not make a fresh relaunch, so we asked admin to reopen the market.

500coin is coming back online on Bittrex but TRADE WITH CAUTION.

Now there are around 3000-4000 coins in circulation, if coins will be more than 4000 admin will close the market. We are in direct contact with him so if there will be some news users will be immediately informed.


>>if someone can demonstrate that he bought coins and lost money on exchange contact us.<<


We still have 500 coins and they will be freely distributed. there will not be some classical giveaways because this money does not deserve to get into other exchanges. 200 coins will be distributed random, choosing wallet from facebook page and twitter. 25 coins are devolved to charity, so in this first giveaway we'll donate 225 coins. it's not too much, but it's proportional to our budget. There will be other giveaway soon.


We have to thank exchange’s admin for the help, we can confirm that Bittrex is a reliable and secure site. We also thank Kushed that manages IRC channel and supported us in our worst period.


Obviously we apologize for any inconvenience that we have caused.

thank you!

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good news.

no coins were mined today,block reward was only transactions' fee and we are sure that no one can mine other coins.
number of coins: less than 4000 but more than 3300.
in my opinion the situation is safe and giveaway is proceeding well. so problems are not so critical as before.
now our future aim:
1) exact number of coins
2) a new name and icon
3)update wallet
4)maybe a block explorer and a faucet, as expected before this mess
500Coin is not dead!

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