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Hobonickels _pubkeyhash_version_byte

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Fucking long pseudo haha :P

I launch a "presstab" on a really slow server, but it will be case insensitive and should take 73.5 days for 50% chances :/

If you have better materials, the 1st tranz modification work (there is a typo) but work fine:

./vanitygen -X 34 Epresstab -i -k

Difficulty: 402577370400
[39.88 Kkey/s][total 2834432][Prob 0.0%][50% in 81.0d]                         
But really slow one :/ Don't have any more ressources for some days, I'm trying on the biggers one some better results for mine (for now).
My :
./vanitygen -X 34 Emeskahbn -i -k -t 3
Difficulty: 402577370400
[993.90 Kkey/s][total 210736804420][Prob 40.8%][50% in 19.1h]                  
Should finish "soon" 


Wow didn't know this was such a resource hog! I might have to compile it myself then!

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It's not "that ressource hog" (BTW, I have no idea what mean "hog", but in this sentence I guess :P

It's just a shitty server.

For my "meskahbn", it's quite a long string.


I also know there is a version for GPU "mining" the vanity address, I didn't get a lot of chance with the compilation, but because my HBN are "moving" only when I'm "coin controling" my coin, I can leave this running for some days.


Also with the "-i" (insentive) the adress may be ugly, so for know, I'm waiting to find the good stuff to put in the code, as Tranz said, it's not "possible" with a capital letter after the first E o F, I have no idea why yet, I may try to do some tricks in the code.

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Wee I got one. Took about 18 hours, on dual core. 700keys/s



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