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Loading the same wallet from 2 differents computer

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I have no idea how it will work if I do this.

I'm still trying to understand the staking process, how the "randomness" is working, but I was thinking about loading my wallet from my personnal computer (for the coin control stuff), and also from my dedicated server (good connection to the Internet, no reboot or stuffs like this).

So if I'm thinking well (but I'm not sure I am), if I receive some coin, I will see it at the same time on both wallet (depends of the network sync of course), and if I spend some coin, I will see them too (not sure for the last one).


My idea was, if I "connect" to the network two wallets at the same time, I will have less chances to orphan, specially if the wallets are in differents locations (US and Europe for example) because the submission of the staking blocks will be done "everywhere".


So first question: is there a risk ?

Second question: if it's working, does it make senses ?

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I don't think there is much of a risk. Keep a good working backup of your wallet, but otherwise shouldn't cause to many issues.


I don't know how well the software will understand that another peer is using its same keys.  Best guess is you will end up with more orphans, rather then fewer.  But, interesting test nonetheless. Keep us apprised.

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