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Today we have another interesting video-review of the Noah Project.


Noah Project seeks to bring about social innovation and work to solve economic disparities around the world. Industries that benefit from Noah Coin include but not limited to, Agriculture, Hospitality, Retail and Trading, the Noah Project aims to develop both public and private business in Southeast Asia, along with providing a solution to so many unbanked individuals.    


Watch and enjoy! https://youtu.be/QxGSdJY141s

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Top 4 Cryptocurrency Hacks of All Time and What to Learn from Them




Sometimes, it’s not good when cryptocurrencies attract a lot of attention from the public. Because of their high financial value, these companies become attractive for illegal exploits.

Take the cases of hacking which have become widespread. Hackers see the extreme popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to capitalize on what has already become a global phenomenon.

In fact, news.Bitcoin.com reports that hacking represents 22% of scams proliferating in the crypto market. The total amount of money lost to crypto hackers stands at approximately $15 billion, according to related reports.

Some hacking cases stand out from the rest because of the magnitude of losses to contributors and users of cryptocurrency mining.

We've made the list of the most notorious cryptocurrency hacks that have rocked the crypto world. Check it out on the website. 


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The power of Noah Project: solving real-life problems with blockchain


Noah Coin is one of those cryptocurrencies aimed to deliver real value and solve existing problems of millions of people with the cutting-edge blockchain technology. It will be used in the unique and robust projects between Japan and the Philippines implemented in the field of tourism, real estate, and remittance. These projects will include a resort development in Mindanao and a mix-use real estate city in Metro Manila.

Check the full article here.

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Noah Project partners with the large payment gateway PayRemit to expand its payment options


Today the Noah Project is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines — PayRemit. This company enables Filipino workers residing overseas to pay for various products and services via the Internet — either using their online wallet or with the help of PayRemit agents — through over-the-counter transactions.

Pursuing the same mission of empowering migrant workers and supporting economic growth via digital technologies, the Noah Project and PayRemit see a huge step forward for both companies in their alliance.

While the Noah Project gives its users more ways to utilize Noah Coins in real life, the payment gateway company expands its payment channels providing a seamless and fast alternative to traditional methods.

With this payment gateway, Filipinos and overseas workers who own Noah Coin will have access to a wide range of merchants and vendors on PayRemit. They can shop online on such popular platforms as Sendah — a gift remittance & payment platform; Goldilocks — a bakeshop chain based in the Philippines, BeamAndGo — a service offering purchasing groceries, medicine and other life’s essentials online; Sarisari — an e-gift platform with flowers toys, gifts and food package delivery.

Moreover, it will be possible to pay with Noah Coin for telecommunications services (PLDT, Globe), electricity bills (Meralco) and even purchase flight tickets of the Philippines’ leading airline — Cebu Pacific Air. Besides, Noah Coin users will have access to the various Philippine government services that PayRemit has partnered with.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Noah Project and PayRemit, millions of Filipino migrant workers will have a fast and hassle-free option to buy necessary goods and services for their loved ones at home, while Noah Coin users can pay for their online purchases in any of PayRemit’s partner outlets.

For the current and future holders of Noah Coin, the ability to use their assets through PayRemit opens the doors to the wide range of more than 100 partner online shops and service outlets. The Noah Project expects this would help to erase geographical borders and create a solution for easier financial transactions and remittances between the Filipino overseas workers and their loved ones living at home.

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Noah Wallet is available for Android!

The Noah Wallet application makes it easy for anyone to easily manage their Noah Coins on their mobile device.

● Wallet Features ●

- Noah Wallet is free.
- Noah Wallet is available on most Android smartphones and tablet-type devices.
- There is no need to register personal information, making it fast and easy to create an account.
- A private key will be created and stored on your mobile device.
- The sending and receiving of NOAH are made simple through the use of QR codes.
*Sending Noah Coin requires a small amount of gas (Ether).

Check the link on our website and get the wallet on Google Play now! https://noahcoin.org

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Countries Approving Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies were the hottest topic in 2017 when Bitcoin shot up to USD 20,000.00. This significant rise excited people and everyone began to speak about cryptocurrencies. Startups threw themselves to conduct cryptocurrency ICOs in order to attract money for their projects.

Of course, governments could not stay away from all these changes and took some added measures. Some countries (China, India) immediately banned ICOs and even announced severe penalties for conducting them. The authorities of these countries are worried about high financial risks associated with the cryptocurrency market. The others tried to think of ways they can to control this market and developed some rules. Generally, countries are usually divided into three categories. Some are welcoming cryptocurrencies, others are cautious, and the rest are absolutely antagonistic.

Let's learn about the most crypto-friendly countries on our blog.

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How to use Mercatox exchange. Full guide!


Dear friends, we have some good news for you! We have expanded a list of cryptocurrency exchanges, on which you can trade your Noah Coins. NOAH is now listed on Mercatox, too. We have prepared a detailed and useful guide for you. Get on with it on our Medium blog.


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Breaking news: Noah Project unveils its Noah Wallet to the public


It was just recently when the Noah Project announced a close partnership with PayRemit — one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines, and now the project’s team is proud to show the crypto community its new achievement — the launch of long-anticipated Noah Wallet.

It is already available for download on Android, and soon the team will add an application for iOS owners as well. Always putting the crypto community in focus, the project has made Noah Wallet absolutely free for users.

For the team and all Noah’s supporters, the application release is a vivid indicator of the rapid and progressive development of the project, which is now ready to open a new page in its history.

Several months of hard work resulted in a user-friendly and safe crypto Noah Wallet that makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone to manage their Noah Coins on mobile devices and tablets. The Wallet boasts an intuitive design, understandable for both newcomers in cryptocurrency and tech-savvy users. Moreover, the team has paid a particular attention to security measures ensuring that the crypto assets are stored and transacted safely.


The feature-rich Noah Wallet allows users to create a new wallet almost instantly, store, send and receive Noah Coins and restore the wallet if necessary.

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Noah Project Surges Ahead With Strong Support for Ambitious Agenda




Led by an experienced and dedicated team, the Noah Project continues to gain support, attention, and real-world adoption. With an emphasis on using blockchain technology as a driver of social change, the project has issued its own token, Noah Coin, as part of a financial infrastructure that has both local and international applications. The project has already entered into major partnerships, and support continues to grow.


Noah City is poised to become a paradise for crypto enthusiasts, offering a unique and disruptive model that leads the way for blockchain integration into the smart cities of the future.


Jump to our blog to learn more!


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Why crypto is already changing the world of tomorrow

While some countries still don’t see that others are actively adapting to this new reality

By Josef Werker, spokesperson at the Noah Foundation




Since appearing in 2009, Bitcoin has become the poster child of a new economic reality that is attracting greater attention from financiers, journalists, and state authorities. It is clear that both cryptocurrencies and blockchain that made their creation possible are about to revolutionize the world.


Initially, Bitcoin’s arrival was met with a certain distrust and plenty of questions, but within a few years it became the most profitable investment, gaining 1,300% in value during 2017. The growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular forces us to rethink financial and economic systems. Blockchain has evidently become the “runway” and Bitcoin “the leap” into a new digital economy.

That new economy is here. The era of traditional economic and financial systems is coming to a close. This has not yet been fully understood by most of the world’s governmental institutions, but the most developed economies clearly see that this is an inevitable step forward and that they have to adapt to this new economic reality.


The Noah City is the world’s first experiment in implementing a real digital economy. It can become a model for the entire world, demonstrating what the future can look like. More in our blog. 

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Posted (edited)

Noah Project Partners with Dakak Beach Resort




Blockchain throws down a challenge to the traditional methods of payment, and the most tech-savvy companies are actively adapting to the new realities. Doubtless, the technology makes a big difference in financial transfers. It facilitates international payments so that travelers don’t need to exchange currencies multiple times, thus saving their time and cutting off additional commission expenditures.

No less importantly, the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment provides a significant competitive advantage to the whole tourist region, making it attractive to millions of virtual coin holders around the world. This market niche is still vacant and those who occupy it will definitely become innovation drivers with a bright future.


The Noah Project is among these “the first”. Since its start in 2016, the company has been developing the Noah Ecosystem, where its own infrastructural token – Noah Coin – will be used. The Noah Resort aims to open a whole new travel experience where people won’t need to worry about currency exchanges – all they need is the wireless connection and a blockchain wallet.


Read more on BITCOIN.COM



Edited by NOAHCOINOfficial

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Noah Project Promotes Blockchain Technology to Build international Partnerships and Support Economic Growth




The high-tech company supports economic growth through blockchain aiming to fill the gap between the Philippines and Japan, and facilitate the global economy.

The Noah Project, a blockchain cryptocurrency company focused on enhancing the trade market between the Philippines and Japan, is promoting economic growth through its flagship — the nonprofit Noah Foundation.


Although the Noah Project was founded in 2016 with an initial purpose to further develop the social and economic progress between the two countries, it opens up a different spectrum of strengthening the communication and relationship means, as well as finding new and creative ways to helping each other. This is a whole new ecosystem designed to eventually benefit the citizens, businesses and tourism of the nations.


The Noah Project’s approach to cryptocurrency is unlike others in the industry. Instead of a focus on the purely financial aspects of cryptocurrency, it pushes forward with a commitment to providing real life solutions. Noah Coin is the first blockchain technology cryptocurrency that is truly designed for people. 


Read more on our MEDIUM BLOG

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A Step Closer to a Borderless World: Noah Wallet is now available on iOS



This week the Noah Project has released a new mobile version of its Noah Wallet — this time for iOS users. Since the launch of the Android application 2 weeks ago, the team has been developing the app for Apple devices. And now with both versions of the cryptocurrency wallet unveiled, everyone can take advantage of its features.

The Noah Wallet application is designed for both iPhones and iPads and has a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Every person, regardless of his or her experience in dealing with cryptocurrency software, will easily understand how to use it.

Want to learn more about Noah Wallet? Visit our blog - https://medium.com/@noahcoinofficial/a-step-closer-to-a-borderless-world-noah-wallet-is-now-available-on-ios-97175051b883

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