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[ANN] AdCoin Click - Reach a massive crypto audience in minutes

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On May 1st AdCoin has released their brand-new advertising platform: AdCoin.Click. After already releasing Wordpress, Woocommerce and Drupal integrations this platform is AdCoin’s first BIG step to reinvent advertising. The AdCoin team managed to build the unique platform within just 2 months and it is already packed with AMAZING USP’s!


5-minute launch
Benefit form fast payments with almost ZERO-fee on the advertising platform that welcomes cryptocurrency advertising!

A-Tier publishers
Promote your ICO or roadmap at hyper targeted websites. We DON’T do spammy traffic that doesn’t convert into direct business. All advertising spaces are manually checked by AdCoin.Click staff.

Instant crypto audience
Create awareness for your next ‘big thing’. We know how to get crypto enthusiasts to LOVE your project.

Precise targeting
80% of your ad spend is a WASTE of money. Spread your budget across the best converting websites and maximize your results so you can CUT the 80%!


Show relevant ads
Show relevant ads to your visitors and be part of a high-quality publisher network. AdCoin.click focusses on your niche and there are different categories within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to make sure both the advertiser and publisher reach the full potential of the ad-space.

No competitive restrictions
The publisher is free to add AdCoin.click ads next to other advertising networks spaces. Choose between a wide variety of sizes to create an extra space for AdCoin.Click ads.

Passive & automated income
AdCoin.Click offers a great CPM (you can set your own minimum!) and the setup only requires a couple of minutes.

AdCoin pay-out
Get direct pay outs to your AdCoin wallet without transactional costs. Enjoy the fast transactions and ZERO FEE micro-transaction withdrawals. Convert your AdCoin for other cryptocurrencies or hold your AdCoin to benefit from its upward potential!


User friendly platform and personal support

We build our platform so that it’s user friendly and easy for every user! Also, every platform user will get a personal account manager that can help you when you have problems or questions. They are almost 24/7 AVAILABLE and with a personal phone number you can call them whenever you want

In short, our platform is THE SOLUTION for the advertising market and now it’s possible to advertise your projects or make money with your site through ADCOIN.CLICK.

Join us now at: https://www.adcoin.click

More information?

For more information about AdCoin or AdCoin.click please have a look at our site: www.getadcoin.com or join our telegram group: https://t.me/adcoinacc and ask for an admin!

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🚀 ADCOIN CLICK 2.0 IS NOW LIVE! 🚀After weeks of hard work we released our new advertising platform!💪🤟

 Join us today! https://www.adcoin.click/ 

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38 minutes ago, ACCadcoin said:

1f680.png ADCOIN CLICK 2.0 IS NOW LIVE! 1f680.pngAfter weeks of hard work we released our new advertising platform!1f4aa.png🤟

 Join us today! https://www.adcoin.click/ 




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